: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
{{champion:69}} Miasma is a good zoning tool on live, the new one does so little damage that its too weak to discourage people from just walking though it to gank or chase you. Also I don't particularly like the new voice lines, live cassio sinks her fangs into the S's and the new VO lines just roll past them.
: [Critical Minion/Monster Bug] Some Jungle Camps Do Not Attack or Regenerate.
i got this two, with both sides red buffs, i was able to trigger it with {{champion:21}} but our {{champion:157}} was able to draw agro as normal
: Team Builder Bugs!
If you are send a group invite you cant accept it if your looking for a group as a solo
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
I feel that Scarner runs out of mana to quickly late game, and i find myself having to back out of fight while having almost full hp because im out of mana and cant do anything. I also am unable To hear any of his voicelines, I dont know if this is the audio upgrade or the rework.
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: Mmmmmm, hopefully the new jungle camp is getting patched in as well.
Yes, Feral pony said the new camp would be up.
: won't teemo shrooms already be a huge problem from the lack of oracles elixir to constantly deal with them? The whole stealth thing seems to be one of the biggest questions do to a lower amount of countering it.
The Fully upgrade sweeper lens Trinket gives a Mini Oracles for about 10 seconds, you can use it see if hes trying to have you chase him into a his minefield. And you can use pinks to clean up choke points before a fight, But i Agree that a more practical solution would make him less infuriating.
: And yes 11 minute Teemo traps. We'll need to get some testing to see if this mastery is actually fun or just simply abusive on some characters - Yorick I'm watching you. o_o I'm okay with pulling it if it becomes a problem.
Yorick Ghouls would only gain an extra .5 seconds, This seems to be more valuable to champions like Annie, Shaco and Teemo who already have long summon times. (also does this effect syndra spheres and Ghost Wraiths from the Twin Shadows item?)
: Server Down?
Its being patched, They are adding the new mastery pages.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Does this mean that teemo traps will last..... 11 MINTUNES?!?! ROIT PLS. Joking aside I find it odd that Bandit rewards kills/assist for melee champions but works like pickpocket for ranged champions, and i feel this may hurt defensive melee supports who will want to benefit from scavenger but need to go through it. Also How will to work on champions like {{champion:76}} {{champion:10}} or {{champion:60}} who can swicth there range type?
: Any items in particular? Or is this happening at random?
Seem to be at random, for me it was the item in slot number 2(my boots). all the others where clear.
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
I am Interested if you guys are going to add utility scaling to some of the other more uncommon supports like {{champion:20}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:143}} or {{champion:3}} ?
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: [Bug] [Major] Nexus and Inhibs.
: New Vision Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
the warding totem is broken, you cant place wards with it.
: Why does Quinn's ult not reset cooldowns when going into bird form like Nid or Jayce?
Jayce and Nids ult doesnt reset there cooldowns, it gives them access to a different skill set with cooldowns that are not tied to there other skillset.
: Thanks for reporting this. Was this right after the captain had entered your group into matchmaking (hit play)?
yea, as soon our captain hit play it dropped us.
: UX of Team Builder discussion
1. The que time esimate seems to be way off 2. if your in a party, you cant swicth your champion
: Combat Text, Ceremony, and Particle Changes!
I like the new potions particle, it makes it easier to see when the enemy is using one
: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
Who would you like to see Relaunched? Evelynn. If you could change one thing about a prior Relaunch (sans balance stuff), what would you change? Karmas not having her fans is a bugbear of mine. I also would like more insight on why you guys changed what you changed.
: [Bug] - Turret 'item' text overlap
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: UX of Team Builder discussion
It would be nice to see the summoner spells of the champions that you are considering when you are captain. For example you may want a toplaner with teleport instead ignite because of the gameplan your organizing.
: We definitely have work to do to bring this new community site up to our needs for PBE (like being able to upload logs or larger .rofl files, etc). If you can think of additional things PBE testers may need on this new community site, suggest them here!
.r3d log uploading is the only main thing i can think of, I had some for bugs i wanted to report, but without upload funcionality all i can do is sit on them. Thank you for the reply
: PBE Forum Switchover
How do we upload our .r3d logs on the community site?


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