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: New Audio Engine Activated On PBE - Round 2!
I just played Pantheon using the new Dragonslayer skin and any attack from him had no sound. This includes his aa and all his spells. As well as all game sounds were higher pitch. ie chipmunk announcer.
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: Riot can we get a masteries reset or something since about 50% of us can't log in? We can't exactly test things if we can't play. This turn around time for a fix is really sort of unacceptable.
I really hope it gets reset soon since theres nothing we can do to fix the problem. Just waiting for riot to fix this issue.
: [Client] [Major] Client not logging account in
Its now 19:57 PST and I'm still getting the error message It says the PBE is online which is why this is frustrating.
: [Bug][Major] Unexpected Platform Error
Having the same problem here. I repaired my client and am still getting the error message at the same stage of logging in.


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