: The skins of Cassiopeia should be 1 IP :(
I'll second this request and would like to extent it to Renekton as well, since he has some upgrades skins as well. I'd like to test them, but having had PBE access for a while all my RP ran out a while ago.
: HUD Animations make FPS drop abnormally
HUD animations being on have always resulted in a significant FPS drop. I don't think this is so much a PBE issue as a live issue.
: Vandal Twitch missing his cheese.
The bolt that he uses as a bow during his taunt is missing too. The Vandal patch on the back of his jacket (like the other Vandal skins) is still MIA too.
: Is it possible for his Vandal skin to have the "The Vandals" Logo that is on the other Vandal skins {{champion:63}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=63&skin=2 {{champion:79}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=79&skin=5 {{champion:8}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=8&skin=4 Please. For continuity's sake. Unless that little patch on his right arm is the skull and guns that is on the other Vandal skins
I came to the board for both of these and I'm glad to see they're already mentioned. Both the shades and the logo would be great additions to the skin that also preserve what people like about it.
: Rumble is one of my mains and SG Rumble doesn't seem to talk anymore than normal Rumble. I enjoy the new quotes so it hasn't annoyed me yet, I'll keep an ear out and see if the chatter really has increased for ya.
The quotes when he uses his abilities can also be heard by everyone else. That's what causes the chatter. It's not really that annoying when playing Rumble because you are used to constantly hearing him talk when moving and attacking. I kinda agree with the original poster. Rumble is a champion with short cooldowns and the heat management leads to you frequently using abilities just to keep yourself in the Danger Zone. I can see how that is incredibly grating to someone laning against you. So I wouldn't mind it if ability quotes occurred less frequently. The ultimate should always play a quote though, being a high cooldown and (hopefully) high impact ability.
: [FEEDBACK] Super Mega Galaxy Rumbles's E...
That is how it's supposed to be. Just like with original Rumble (and the other skins) the harpoon launcher is positioned beneath the cockpit. Also that simply wouldn't work since Rumble can use his harpoons and flamespitter at the same time.
: Rumble Skin Legs Are Akward
If you look at the original Rumble model you'll see it has those arched, bendy legs as well. Even though SG Rumble is a completely new model with new animations, I think it's good they preserved that. It add lots of character to the mech and the animations too (have you seen those idle poses? they're magnificent).
: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
A quick thank you for making Morellonomicon and Aegis of the Legion less awkward to build. I think I've barely bought them on SR in the past year, just on Howling Abyss (where you frequently have enough gold to buy them in one or two steps).
: [Suggestion] PBE Skins Kit
Please enlighten us by explaining what an PBE Skins Kit would be.
: [Planned 4.5 or 4.6] Summoner Spell and Enchantment Changes
I was hoping you'd give {{summoner:2}} Clairvoyance the persistent/lingering vision of the season 3 Summoner's Insight mastery. It's still not a popular summoner spell so if you're not removing it, it might as well get a buff! A buff like that also rewards effective usage: if I guess the enemy jungler is at their red and I actually "catch them in the act" our team gets longer vision as a reward. The Scrying Orb trinket is slowly becoming a situational pick, but at the same time it's still a different beast from good ol' Clairvoyance (and with a higher trade-off since you sacrifice a more powerful summoner spell for it's place).
: Title: [Heimerdinger] – Turret Placement Bug Body: On every other death, Heimerdinger will not be able to craft any more turret kits after placing his initial spawn stockpile. Repro step 1. Choose Heimerdinger 2. Take a point 3 in Q (You should have now 2 turrets you can stockpile) 3. Generate 2 turret kits 4. Place them, you should be able to craft more turrets 5. Die, weather the turrets die or not doesn't seem to matter 6. Try to replace your turrets 7. You should not be able to generate more turrets after placing your initial spawn pile. 8. Die. 9. The bug seems to fix, turret kits can be recrafted. 10. Repeat steps 3-9 as seen necessary Picture Evidence: http://imgur.com/muKAA4Q <---- Notice how there is no cooldown timer on the passive, meaning no turrets are being made Edit: It seems ulting his turret makes no difference on the kit generation. Maybe possible however Edit2: Video Of Steps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqfgb8XfNZ4 Edit3: Noticing that there are many possible problems, 2 deaths needed to fix, not breaking until 4th death, etc. Main point still remains
Bug confirmed. I haven't tried these reproduction steps myself, but it matches up with how I experienced the bug.
: Feedback?? i have some feedback about his Alien Invader skin. Like, really?? did you even tried?? it is a legendary skin after all, no particles for the turrets?? no new rockets?? no alien-like voice over?? no nothing? just a remodel? this is very disappointing, Riot.
The last two times they opened the Legacy Skin vault it was on sale for 975 RP. They refunded RP to people who originally bought the skin prior to the first time that happened. So really it should just be treated as any 975 RP skin these days. Edit: See also The Magnificent Twisted Fate.
: I agree, these over kill nerfs on Teemo is highly unjust. He suffers from many problems already and unlike other op champions has reasonable counter play. First off, I agree on making him a bit more bulky, he is so squishy atm that he can be easily burned to cinders by any strong burst like Annie or Brand. But this is his counter play,like all adc's. They are squishy, burst able targets that have to play smart. But unlike adc's Teemo is built commonly AP and has no sustain, life steal, and doesn't do well with spell vamp. Giving him sustain wouldn't be amazing since he is not made to take hits. Next off, I, for the love of Suwako, want his range increased as compensation for this nerf to his mushrooms. Giving him 575 attack range like Ziggs would be nice, but I would without a doubt take 550 like Lulu as well. But in doing so, his blind's range has to be increased, like in the live game, out ranges his basic attack. He is too auto attack reliant that he need's this because his self peel is nonexistent. He is reliant on his W and sh-rooms for escape. Lastly, if you are still adamant on killing off Teemo's mushrooms, make his W stronger. So far, it is weak and only good for speed. Make it something like {{champion:119}} blood rush. Give him some attack speed and movement for a prolonged time so he can do more damage in return for his ultimate lacking it. His passive as well is only good for a sneak attack and has varying use in escapes. No one ever really has a chance to use his passive for it's attack speed bonus. So why not make his W give attack speed when activated or make his passive give you attack speed that scales per level. From 10-20-30-40% per level 1-6-11-16 and double it when he is in his passive state and leaves it for 3 seconds. Doing a nerf to any single champions skill, ultimate no less and not spreading some more power in different arias makes no sense. It lowers the overall game play and power of champs.
> I agree, these over kill nerfs on Teemo is highly unjust. He suffers from many problems already and unlike other op champions has reasonable counter play. I don't see how there is reasonable counter play. Currently there are the Sweeper trinkets and pink wards, but they all have considerable limitations (cooldown and range/gold investment). The thing that provided reasonable counter play to shrooms was Oracle's Elixer and it's gone. Other maps than Summoner's Rift have Hextech Sweeper, but I can't see that be added to SR in it's current form. On a whole items like that seem to get completely ignored by players (when was the last time you saw Executioner's Calling being bought or a AP mid buy Morellonomicon over Athene's Unholy Grail?) and I don't think it's because people don't know about them (still talking about SR here). Really, shrooms are absurd. Base damage + AP scaling + slow + vision. They have an incredibly long duration (seriously, it makes Shaco cry). Is there even a hard limit to the amount of shrooms you can place? Added to that it synergizes with the passive of Liandri's Torment incredibly well. Now if do you the math on them with this nerfed AP scaling you'll see that they will still do a lot of damage. **Teemo got buffed through vision being reworked (Oracle's Elixer being removed and pink wards becoming visible). It's only fair that he loses something in return.** Remember when they reworked movement speed and Nunu's Blood Boil got nerfed? It's just like that. Teemo needs no compensation and you should be thrilled that he lost nothing in utility with this nerf.
: Rumble bug, particles(?)
Confirmed. I'm currently repairing my client to see if that fixes it, but your post makes me assume that it's a widespread issue. Oh well, guess it redownloaded all those gigs for nothing :o Edit: For clarification, it involves the particles of Q and E when they hit something. Rumble's W and R are not affected.
: Riot Pls!
http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates It's one of the threads stickied at the top of the forum.
: [Rumble] Harpoon does not pass through friendly minion
I was not able to confirm this bug. For now I assume the latest PBE patch (18-2-2014) resolved it.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
I just had a game where {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw bot died while fleeing and kept fleeing during his passive, even though I was probably just a little bit outside of his AA range. It was humorous, I'll give you that. I don't think the Kog bot on live has this issue.
: When Miss Fortune uses Q on jungle monsters they (mostly) stop attacking her. However, if Miss Fortune walks into melee range of the neutral monsters they will sometimes continue to attack her. This is inconsistent though, as sometimes neutral monsters will stop attacking Miss Fortune regardless of if she is in melee range or not. As well, neutral monsters never lose aggro on Miss Fortune and thus never regenerate their health. Miss Fortune also never loses vision of neutral monsters after attacking them with Q. I found this effect to work on all neutral monsters except Baron. *** After more testing it seems that the melee neutral monsters can't attack Miss Fortune if they are in close proximity to other neutral monsters from the same camp. As well, the dragon and the wight are ranged and single monster camps but seem to entirely lose their ability to attack. On the contrary, the young lizards at red and blue buff seem to never lose their ability to attack Miss Fortune if she is in melee range of them, which is strange as they are ranged attackers. Baron is able to attack, but like the other neutral monsters Miss Fortune never loses vision of Baron and Baron never loses aggro on Miss Fortune. Baron also continues to regenerate health whereas the other neutral monsters do not. Reproduction steps: * Choose Miss Fortune * Level up Q * Attack neutral monster with Q * Neutral monster starts behaving strangely
Confirmed. I haven't tested it as thoroughly as you, but I have been able to take elder lizard camps with the monsters just setting there. In a recent game I started a Dragon and even though two people helped me it did nothing... except rotating slightly in the direction of mid lane. No actual movement, no attacks whatsoever. I assume I drew aggro the whole time since I had finished a BT at that point.
: Vel´koz death bug
I had no such problem in a custom game. Did it spit up a specific error message upon crashing?
: Well given none of his team helped him clear blue and he got insanely low clearing that camp - he kinda had to wait for smite to be sure he'd clear the next camp. I don't know, I didn't watch much more - it's possible it's a clan or a naming bug? All my smurfs all have the same root name.
I think I got matched with a 4 man premade of accounts with these kind of names once. When I asked jokingly what happened to the fifth robot, I got an actual reply from several of them so I kind of dropped the matter there. I've encountered an actual bot on the live server and I definitely didn't get a reaction out of that one.
: **UPDATE 2: Due to issues, all players listed are leveled back up to 30, until testing on Summoner's Rift can resume.** UPDATE: Please reply directly to THIS POST (to me!) if you'd like your account leveled down. I've removed a bunch of the requests to try to clean up the thread a bit. The current list of level 1 testers I've taken care of already is below. Ctrl-F yourself to confirm whether you're on this list or not! *Deaf lee Sin, brunoais, Voilak, Sohleks, instinx1, Syta, Sundried Tomato, Combo Break, xSapphireRain, Flamesilocks, Miho Nishizumi , Rias Gremory Pls, Turrets Syndrome, Shufy, Jerry9, Nautìlus, warjacob, Dicath, MrPotatoMinhja, many otters, PBEpaine, A PositivePlayer, gaoler, SteveKB, Kuneho, Mega Farfetchd, choel, broslow, RIP Paul Walker, sutoyanosuki, JuniorFisherman, GonnaGetYou2, Eevolution, Specter7, Lollerskates, Pwnography, Arkadian, xLegitz, Wolf Akela, Simburgur, Outfox, xonu, inveidah, moobeatrules, xrelentless, jafar ironclad, flyskyhigh777, good afternoon, noexcuseallow, sharky8u2, 1kr0m0vt, I like beer * When your account is leveled down, you'll notice some weird stuff. Your runes won't display any more (since you only have 1 slot available) BUT you'll still get the full in-game benefit of the runes. However, I think your masteries will not work at all until you level up again. On the live server, we won't level people down, so no need to freak out about this type of issue :)
I would like to test these features for new players. Thanks in advance.
: It works but, unfortunately, it is slow. All reports that would be sent to tribunal are reviewed by riot so the process can take time. Anyway, just keep on reporting... There's hope at the end of the tunnel.
...and since a PBE account is linked to the 'regular' account, you can be certain they won't be back. Also, I'm guessing Riot isn't going to be that lenient when it concerns the PBE. It's a privilege that you've got PBE access, not a right.
: Well sorry that I do not read them when it's urgent. I can't play until this is fixed, but my friend can, kind of unfair.
It's a big bug, I agree, but threads like these clutter up the forum and push down posts that feature unique bugs/discussions. There is a reason they ask to search for existing posts first in the bug reporting guidelines. In this case you didn't even have to search, an answer was right in front of you.
: [MAJOR] [GAME] Camera Lock doesn't work - Cannot move camera with edge of screen
You somehow seem to have missed both threads stickied at the top of the forums.
: [suggetstion]chrystaline flask
I agree, although in the oddball situation that you buy a second one there's nothing stopping you from undo-ing your purchase, is there?
Rioter Comments
: If you kill Malzahar, you get gold for his Voidling dying (maybe not a bug?)
I think it's intentional that they stick around, otherwise I think they would have coded the Voidlings to die upon Malzahar's death (like old Heimer's turrets and Tibber).
: [minor][bug]Tristana different splashes
I'm guessing they updated the original artwork with the Chinese art at some point AFTER the skin was no longer for sale. So they never updated the store art because it was pointless at that time. Good catch though.
: I agree, it's a bit disconcerting to have such a serious and mature face on her when the rest of her is so spirited and childlike.
I don't think it's all that much different from Dragon Trainer Lulu to be honest, but that skin has warmer colours and no hair obscuring the face (so the eyes really pop out).
: Optimal on windows 8.1
I think this really is a Windows 8.1 issue instead of something LoL specific, since it affected the Steam client for me as well. Here's a way to fix it though: 1. Right-click your LoL shortcut or lol.launcher.exe and select properties 2. Go to the Compatibility tab 3. Tick the box that says something about adjusting your screen to DPI-settings. Now the client should look like it did before you installed 8.1
: [Major bug] Lucian Q and W skills not working
Just played a game with a Lucian who had the same issue. This was versus intermediate bots on Summoner's Rift. The animations play, but there's no (visible) effect of Q and W.
: [Recall particle] Recall effect clips through ramps on SR
Not sure if bumping this post will have any effect, but here goes nothing. This graphical bug is still in the game. I've updated the original posts with two screenshots. I've also since tested the stairs near the fountain and the inhibitor turrets and they seem to be fine, unaffected by this bug.
: I cant log in in PBE
There is nothing that can be done about this. The PBE server goes down from time to time, usually for maintenance or patches. At those times the server is "unavailable" and the only thing you can do is to be patient and wait for it to come back up.
: Was able to use a skin I didn't own in a All for 1 game.
I found out what causes this bug and posted about it in the stickied All For One thread a couple days ago. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/g2AUF7rJ-one-for-all-enabled-on-pbe?comment=0054 Vote it up if you want to give this bug more exposure.
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I had a **bug** where I ended up **using a skin I had not selected AND did not own**. I put Heimerdinger up for vote, several others chose Lux. The game automatically picks Lux for me after the vote and the highlighted skin is Steel Legion Lux (what I used the last time I played her) so I just change masteries, runepage and summoners. When arriving at the loading screen, I notice I suddenly am using Commando Lux. Two others do have Steel Legion Lux, the remaining two players are Classic Lux. Yet I have not bought Commando Lux on the PBE. The only skin I unlocked for her is Steel Legion Lux. Now, I originally voted for Heimerdinger. I have unlocked three skins for him. The skin I used for him the last time I played is Piltover Customs, which is displayed third (after Alien Invader and Blast Zone). Commando Lux is listed third by default (after Sorceress and Spellthief). So basically what happened: **the game picked a skin based on what I voted for, the skin selection was not based on the champion that ended up winning the vote**.
: [Crash] Zac again
I too had a bugsplat with Zac before wednesday's patch. It was a custom game with no other players or bots, so it definitely is linked to Zac. No idea what was the exact cause, since I was spamming my abilities (I had 40% CDR) and right-clicking on the red buff lizard like crazy. Not very useful information, but another conformation that a problem still exists.
: [ Mastery ] Fleet of foot & Wanderer grant you extra movement speed (MS)
I haven't done thorough testing like the original poster did, but I was amazed about how much movespeed I got from both masteries. Again, I didn't crunch the numbers, but it kind of feels like you've got Mobility boots even if you haven't upgraded your Boots of Speed yet. I really like this and I feel rewarded for putting so much points into the Utility tree, but at the same time I wonder if it's not a bit too much.
: The Sweeper trinket breaks minion AI
I just tested this and I can confirm the bug.
: "Spell not found : Eye of the Storm"
I'm pretty sure it's caused by the new mastery Runic Shield (Defense tree, tier 5).
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
A display bug here: the gold pop-up from the Scavenger mastery overlaps with the gold pop-up from the Philosopher's Pebble "Harvest" passive (or the other way round, it's hard to tell).
: [Store] PAX Sivir available?
It was made available so it could be tested after Sivir's visual remake which of course also effected the PAX Sivir skin.
: Infernal Nasus Voiceover Bug
I had the same thing just happen to me in a custom game. I think it's tied to using either his dance or laugh emote while his ultimate is active. The problem resolved itself for me after using his laugh emote in ultimate form a second time.
: [HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE
Hey there Riot, I think you should rework this thread and find some way to make it mandatory reading for every PBE user. The amount of people currently making threads about not being able to attack the inhibitors and Ward trinkets not working is _astounding_. It's a sign that no one seems to search before posting (and most of them aren't even detailed bug reports!) It's waste of everyone's time and it will cause serious and unique bug reports to get lost in the chaos.
: [BUG] Co-op vs. AI Bots Don't Move Bug
Yes, as of the latest PBE patch the bots have become quite suicidal. At first I thought them barely moving was the result of creepblocking, but that's definitely not the case. I had a situation similar to the original poster where a bot whom I died attacking under a turret was still waiting there when I respawned. I guess something broke their "fight or flee" code. I've seen it happen with the Lux, Shen and Jarvan IV bots but I wouldn't be surprised if it effects more if not all of them. This is on Summoner's Rift against intermediate bots, I haven't played versus the AI on other game modes.
: Skins Missing Under Champion Filter
They, alongside Sultan Gangplank, are currently labelled as "Miscellaneous" under the filter. They appear correctly on the live servers though, so this is probably just a PBE quirk (except Sultan GP because he has not been released yet).
: Clipping (Dreadknight Nasus)
The cloth/bandana on the back of his head also seems to clip frequently.
: Avarice Blade and Gold Items in General.
It's something that applies to Twin Shadows as well since it builds out of Kage's (Lucky) Pick but it loses the gold income on completion. If you want Shurelya's and Twin Shadows it is possible, but it requires: A) finishing Twin Shadows before purchasing a Philosopher's Pebble. B) finishing Shurelya's and buying Twin Shadows in one or two steps, both requiring quite some gold.
: This is due to the fact that we're updating many of those item icons - thus it's likely that they'll have some temporary flux while we're updating them.
I noticed the icon for Youmuu's Ghostblade not showing up on the scoreboard. I assume this is related to the same issue? (before I turn it into a separate bug report)
: Items Concerning Gold income
Yeah, this is something I noticed on Nocturne. Recommended items for him are Avarice Blade, Youmuu's and Statikk Shiv. Yet finishing a Spirit Stone item will make purchasing those quite tricky for the reason mentioned above.
: Fifth Age Taric graphical bug
I tried to reproduce it just now but I didn't see any difference from how he looks on the live servers, even with the glow from his reworked passive. Perhaps you could try repairing your client? That way you would be sure if it's a bug that could effect everyone, because sometimes things go wrong when downloading a patch.
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