: It’s not a bug. Though it shows in shop, [the files aren’t actually on PBE yet](https://twitter.com/skinspotlights/status/1184778942374391808?s=21)
Still it's kinda weird for it to show up on the store I guess, that's why I posted this in the first place. But still thanks for the heads up! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Can we have blind pick on pbe?
since they are testing a modified version of draft pick, I dont really know when they are planning to revert it. [Link](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6RxFPQdr-were-launching-an-experimental-pbe-only-modified-version-of-draft-pick) I do think it will reduce the amount of quitters. Only not by a lot though. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: that not my problem i dont have 100 ms to say its nice you are closer to the ocean not like the other country dude
Neither is it riot their concern to make the latency on PBE comparable to live. Before the PBE opened up again the latency was much higher, so at least you can keep in mind you could've had worse. Not to bash you, but the suggestion has been made a lot.
: i dont mean another server with different database, with the same database so all people stay together but just the server not in na this can happens im developer and i know this can work , and ping 120 not playable how 170 can be playable. why not change the na server to europe and since 170 playable you can play with it lol
I play with 100 ms from the Netherlands and 110 from Spain. You just have to adapt to the higher ping if you play with like 15 ms on live.
: That champ can flash twice in 3 sec {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
https://media.giphy.com/media/c7PcKQlOqZ8Ws/giphy-facebook_s.jpg Pro plays incoming.
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: Loot crashes the client
Happened to me after buying a mystery skin.
: You mean like [this](https://imgur.com/a/RrsZc)?
Yeah, I overlooked it... I'm really blind sometimes {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Health bar bug on Kled
Since the sign-ups were opened most games have a few toxic people. But at least more people playing means no more waiting for 6-10 minutes to find a game. H-hurray? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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: [Store] - Βuying with RP
Have you tried restarting your client? Worked out for me whenever I bought something.
: Bought the same skin 4 times and it's still not available in champ select
Have you tried restarting the client? That seems to fix most things that don't show up. (No promises, so far it worked for me every time)
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: You're completely wrong, it ends even when you aren't in combat, as already discussed.
Seems to be random then, I watched a replay from a week ago and didn't get that at all. Sorry in advance.
: What do you think that tooltip explains, exactly? Nowhere does it say "effect ends 1-2 seconds after leaving a wall"
Sorry for the late reply; It's because you are either in combat, or you are engaging in combat (by doing abilities/basic attacks). It's stated on the bottom of the tooltip (in light grayish text, which can be hard to read for me sometimes). When I played him a week ago it seemed to be any form of combat (minions, monsters etc.) even though it's stated that its with enemy champions only (I don't know if they changed it by now). And I didn't get the problem you had ingame (I made sure I wasn't in combat) and could move trough multiple walls without problems. Edit: If I'm completely wrong please add a video of the problem you're having (thanks :D).
: Didn't see this thread until I made a post, but here's a kayn E bug: "If Kayn uses his E, enters terrain (giving him the extended duration), and then leaves the wall, the effect will end after 1-2 seconds regardless of remaining duration. This happens consistently, so it seems intentional. But I don't see it listed on any of the tooltips or accompanying champion information. This seems like an unnecessary limit since attacking or entering combat already cancel the wall walk." While we're on the E, it would be much more natural/readable/organic if you were quickly displaced out of the wall when the effect ended. At present, you're teleported out of the wall and it's incredibly jarring. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/AoEJ1lZ4-kayn-e-bug
It's listed in the tooltip just in case u missed it. Here's an example; https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-llf0n3uZzCs/WVLxeCwSwrI/AAAAAAABEOI/u85MS8ZsAZwXLpdBfjGIntoZWVE6wRHvwCEwYBhgL/s1600/kayne.jpg
: Rakan & Xayah Bug Thread
When you get knocked/pulled away from your W as Rakan you still deal damage and can knock people up
: Sometimes W is applied to minions, Once i used W and it marked a bot and minions.
The attack speed is still granted from every enemy (including scuttle) that is below 50% hp. The movement speed is only towards champs that are low. Edit:~~ also the attack speed is granted after the first AA (if you start attacking them when they are below 50% hp)~~ Seems I was mistaken with that. It actually starts when you do the attack command.
: Warwick Pupdate Bug Thread!
WW bot makes makes "attempting to reconnect" pop up. He has no summs either.
: Ivern Bug Report Thread
Sometimes there is a bug with his passive. Blue in my case. When you use your Q on the monster that was attacked by anyone else than Ivern. And travel towards it and walk away. It will start to follow you (like aggro). If you use your passive on it when it is not near its stationary position. Your passive will go off instantly (no smite needed) ( https://youtu.be/4ku4aTtaHdI Video demonstration) Note : I edited the part out where I thought it was because of Daisy. And I later found out it wasn't because of her
: You can't make that excuse. Morellonomicon(20% CDR, 2200 Gold), Sheen (10% CDR, 1050 Gold), Fiendish Codex (10% CDR, 900 Gold). Total: ~4k Gold. Take CDR runes if you want it faster. Everyone gets free gold so there's no excuse not buying CDR AP items.
That is true. I will try that out later and come back then. Edit : So after playing Sona with 45% cdr and her ult maxed out. You still deal a lot of damage. and barely need to go base if you have a {{item:3073}} and a {{item:3165}}. And you can have your passive ready if you button mash E W so you have two stacks ready for the poor victim. to finish it all up you can build {{item:3100}}. and have no trouble at all (champions like {{champion:17}} can still cause you to deal less damage because blinds)
: Well try playing sona with 45% CDR on Nexus Siege and see if it's op. Literally no mana concerns giving the extreme gold generation/level gain/fast recalls and teleports.
I have. And in most situations I could not even get the 45% because of those games/halves ending too fast for it. You do however deal tons of damage* (*results may vary). Sona mid might become a viable thing (if it already wasn't that is) [unnecessary video but yeah](https://youtu.be/Tp-J2M7c4TY) (I asked a friend of mine if he could upload the footage on this channel)
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: I agree to Amy Sery, Also i dont see many toxic peope in PBE. Most people that have PBE acces are happy to have it and play to test things out and have fun.
I do understand him though. I made a similar post maybe around a month ago, also on this topic. It is not as bad as the normal servers though. But still quite noticeable. It might be hard for some people not to understand the circumstances some people have (for example : ping, frame rate or just some people are not that good in general)
: PBE is less toxic now. As you can see from his own [admission ](http://postimg.org/image/bkcqr2j5t/) not just one...multiple accounts are perma banned. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Ecln2VH6-final-moments It sets an example that people can't make personal attacks, abuse and think that they can getaway with it or they can get another account. I am sure this will cheer you up and give you confidence that PBE is not the place for toxicity but right place for testers like you. I don't see a reason why people gave so many negative votes for your post expressing a genuine concern. I am giving you an upvote.
Yeah it does. Thank you and @Catman for your support! :D {{item:2052}} Here, have this
: I don't think auras are really healthy for the game, but if you're going to have one, it has to be a decent size or it's truly not impactful in team fights. A smaller aura works in lane, but past the 15 minute mark she's left as a gutted version of herself with smaller auras because she has contradictory positioning requirements. One, her ult requires her to be more toward the front of a fight to stun both the front and backline of the enemy, but having a smaller aura requires her to be at the back of a team fight right beside her carries, augmenting them. It really pigeon holes her into either going for a good ult or empowering her allies. Either way she's forced out of making the most of her kit.
What if they try to make the aura bigger with leveling? In the beginning you are really close to your teammate so you are in a bigger rist of being caught with him. In the mid/late game you can spread out a little bit more so you can help the rest of your teammates without having too much of a risk to attract more attention.
: Hey FF20x! Good suggestion, and I've thought about this in the past too and I think it'd be pretty awesome if we did start level 3.. however, I had to vote "no" just because I can see this being A LOT more beneficial for certain champions (a bit different than ARAM, as there is no mana/ lower CDR) than others creating an unbalance for sure. Thanks!
That is true. I'd guess that some champions should be disabled too if they decide to test that. For example : {{champion:90}} It is too overpowered and it feels like he does not even have any limitations (as far as i know). You can walk towards him with two of your teammates and still get screwed by him (that might be more because of the delay most of us have on the pbe {{item:3070}} )
: Insane lag, for seemingly no reason :/
I think it might be because of more people logging onto the servers. When not many people are online i have 160 ms. And when more people are starting to log in it is mostly between 200 and 230
: Report them. It works.
I did. Thanks though :D
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