: Yeah, I agree with that. with everything but i think it's enjoyable to do a combo with maximum efficiency on the spell cooldown refund. In S5 Ryze i used to use a combo that I haven't ever seen anyone else usying. it was "The Surprize Combo" Get 1 Passive Stack then: QWERQEQWQE When they nerfed the passive to only reset the cooldown 5 times this was the greatest combo possible With the QWE you would reach the 4 stacks Then R would activate the passive and reset Q then you would proceed with QEQW then after the passive has ended you finish with QE 10 skill in 2 seconds or something. Not even a tank could survive that and since it started with 1 stack only it was just too unpredictable because all player used to engage with 4 stacks. Another good thing about old Ryze was that his R used to give 50% AoE on all spells. It's a good thing with the PBE one now becuase since the E aways spreads you can proc Q on every hero all the time, it's almost like the old Ryze, just without the high movement speed and spell lifesteal. still i think that's a great aproach. The current Ryze may be the most complex one in history with the different combos. But I think they are all disappointing. I want Ryze to be the exact Damage Monster he used to be. I sincerely don't what these fancy combo variations, they are boring. I miss my old Ryze. Maybe they could please to everyone if they release a new champion to fill both gaps. I know that the current Ryze is a great concept with changing combos depending on the situation but i miss the Monster too much.
Glad we've come to an understanding. Personally I feel like the current combos are fine but I didn't realize that there are still people out there that recognize that this is using code from one of the original ryze designs. It just looks a little lackluster, though I haven't really played it yet so I can't say too much about that. It just looks like it doesn't refund enough to get out multiple spell rotations quickly; if they were able to flesh out combos that can be performed at most times with this new rework, I would be fine with it. I do like the set in stone combos. And trust me when I say this, I miss 2nd rework ryze as well. I liked how he could turn around a 1v1 instantly with his ult if you do the right combos and you know your CDR for the most efficient stuff. He was a monster and it looked like they ruined him with the 3rd rework. I left it alone for a while, though I picked up the 3rd rework and it grew on me. Maybe that's why I'm afraid that they're gonna gut the character, that it'll make him completely different, or even bad.
: The Ryze Changes are Pretty Disgusting
I haven't played him yet though I have seen some people play him on youtube so far. It looks like it speeds up his damage in teamfights a bit and adding a bit more damage though it removes most of the fun in my opinion. The passive cooldown refund on the PBE puts him back into a state before the live ryze, where his ult gave him spellvamp. A single rotation that you do for maximum efficiency, starting and ending the same every time, though they did add an option for damage or cc in this kit. Doesn't seem like it has much depth to me.
: Ryze is the machinegun where you just punch the keyboard and get's a penta, that's his concept since the beggining, I main S5 Ryze before this shitty rework he's in live now, he used to be much more fun to play. I love the new changes, i hope they go live.
The machinegun aspect of him is fine and I like that. I agree that he's pretty bad right now. Just looks like they're removing the wackjob combos that you're able to do live now and putting him into a specific combo with only two directions to take, cc or damage. It's kind of how he used to be, which is do the same spell rotation for maximum efficiency on the spell cooldown refund. Looks like a burst in one combo as well. Haven't seen too much of it but I'll have to keep looking for more stuff about it, though I dislike it as of currently
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: Ryze: Gameplay Changes Feedback
I strongly dislike this change. I looked at a video for about 3 minutes and read through the comments. I haven't seen anyone that thinks this change is any good. This removes most, if not all of the thinking involved in his combos. He needs some work for sure, he's only seen in higher elo, but I feel like this is not the way to go. Sure, it makes his combos completely braindead now so that someone can pick him up and do well on him. This doesn't make the character fun though. Push this back for further testing in my opinion, keep the combos but maybe add other elements to his kit that make him easier to pick up but keep the skill ceiling. Don't do this, there's no skill or fun in this kit being shown to me. The shields were pretty nice too, they could be nerfed or something but don't entirely remove them. None of this looks like good changes to me.

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