: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
The colours of Katas new ability icons need to be tweaked; right now it looks really odd with two bright red icons in the middle. Before, her kit would gradually get more and more red from P to R - please tweak this!
: games with Aurelion sol wont start
i played a custom with him just now and it took longer than usual to load a game
: Store Visual Update Incoming to PBE
Really like the new store update- MF's icon is old however and still has her blood red hair post VU patch. (when you click to go to her page, the splash and everything else is fine)
: So I understand that the gist of these marksmen changes aren't to make a champion better or worse but to give them identity, correct? So MF's identity is being changed from generic auto attacker that moves fast to the ADC you switch targets with? I play MF often enough and I think that without impure shots she is going to be in a worse spot. I hardly see MF at all right now and I think it's just one of those situations where players haven't realized she's pretty good (maybe you guys see her as overtuned? late game you can literally 2 shot other adc's) Now we won't see her because she actually won't be good. I know it's premature without seeing numbers and playing with Love Tap to think she wont be "as good or nearly" as Rito likes to say
IMO Love tap is just as good as Impure shots- the damage late game from a fully stacked IP was around 150 magic damage, I've played a game of MF and her love tap matches her old IP damage; to me it's a good change as you get to apply the damage instantly between targets without stacking
: Please don't change MF's attack animations. You changed MF's attack animations. Why you change MF's attack animations? Please change it back. EDIT: OK, maybe it's not that bad
I noticed they were changed but I don't think they're fully complete yet as they look a bit wonky. But I like them as it's less crazy flailing on casting Bullet Time
: Does W retain the recent buff where the active turns on Strut if it's not active?
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
I love the update on her, her ultimate is insanely strong and love tap is very fun to use- especially when you reset it :) I think love taps damage is a bit low, but i guess it all adds up when you get the refresh off. {{champion:21}}
: MF sees a marker when she applies Love Tap to the target (which also conveniently marks her last hit target). Attacking anyone else will "bounce" that mark to the new target.
Thank you for answering- I appreciate the changes to MF alot
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Will there be an indicator for Love Tap or will it be like how Impure shots used to be? (just seeing the extra damage on top)
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
I like these changes alot, will strut only be active for the duration of Impure shots now? (im guessing?)


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