: Not exactly a bug. They were for the 8.18 cycle, whereas PBE is now in 8.19. They should become available sometime eventually, it's just not important now because they no longer need testing. The 8.19 cycle focuses on Malzahar and Kha'Zix skin, the new VFX and SFX for 4 champs, and how the new profile looks.
> it definitely needed testing I'm playing the Odyssey gamemode on live servers and it's full of bugs. Augment slots not unlocking Augments don't even work etc. Like he said, it wasn't accessible for the past week since it was announced. However, they allowed us to test it just recently today so it's alright. Edit: It's still unavailable actually.
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If you can try to post a screenshot of it. That'd make it more easier to direct to what the bug may be specifically.
Yeah, I've tried looking into it but all there has been is just; "wait for it to be fixed." Which was a long time ago, and It's been well over four days and I haven't got a single thing. I did my Victory reward the first time, and then was never able to get the rewards from it afterwards. I don't know if it's because I registered as a new account off of my original or something, but this still shouldn't break the fact it should be resetting the RP and BE daily, if not weekly.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Edit: Actually, they stated giving of RP is no longer happening. They'll just make us get BE and make all new content 1 BE. At least for now, until they can fix it. > With our adjustment to the Champion Blue Essence price, we will be discontinuing the granting of RP by player support. -- The team is still working toward a fix for RP, however, we don't have an exact timing as to when they'll be done. This is a temporary fix that can unblock most players to ensure they can test the champion interactions, most skins and other content types.

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