: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
will a {{champion:26}} be able to proc the stun if they land a bomb on a target that already has a time bomb from another{{champion:26}} on them? Or do the bombs have to originate from the same{{champion:26}} to take the stun affect?
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: [Lux] You cant pop Lux's E early if you have no mana to cast the spell again
: [Summoner's Rift Beta] Shaco Q can disable the laser of the enemy base as long as the Q is active
Confirmed with {{champion:35}} also tried{{champion:62}} 's W and it also produced said result
: [Azir Dominion Bug] - Able to w+e out of bounds
Riot has said this bug is known but the fix wont come out until 4.19 or 4.20 can remeber wich
: udyr bug
already reported here http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/v1oAUrlV-udyr-bug
: Udyr Bug
Confirmed. Killing a champ with any of his stances, Except his E, causes his old splash to show up in death announcement and death recap, killing with E stance will cause his new splash to appear, Re-pro 1. choose Udyr 2. level up to 4 as to test all stances. 3. kill any champ with his Q,W, or R stances 4. notice his old splash art is displayed in the death announcement and death recap Note, switching between the stances while killing the champ has no affect and only the final stance you are in when you kill will cause said effect. Killing someone with no skill points placed or killing with E stance active will cause his new splash to be displayed. EDIT - when changing into his Q,W, and R stances his icon in the mini map will change to his old splash, but will revert when he enters into his E stance
: [BUG] - Anivia hates casting her Q while turning
Confirmed. When casting Q with no movement command given, in the other direction Anivia is facing, sometimes the buff icon telling you that you can re-activate your Q will stay on and the skill wont go on cooldown until you recast it. Other times, Anivia will move as if the command was out of range, she would stop after a short distance and the skill would go on cool down, after the cooldown finishes she would then auto cast Q in the opposite direction you are facing.
: Not a bug. He was always named like that, because he is Monkey King, even in game files.
I have never seen Wukong called Monkey King bot when at champ select screen during cutsom games
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: [Visual] - Very important Syndra Bug
just played a game with my cousin who chose atlantean syndra and they too got the Skeletal sphere issue but from my end it looked like her original skin spheres maxed out or not
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: [Kog'Maw] Portrait/Icon is a blue square
Played with Batgirl this game and the issue is the same on my end
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: [Item Auras] Range Indicators not appearing
Confirmed no range indicators on the passives of the items, not only on PBE but also live.
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