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: just to clarify, is this a common issue atm? :) didnt reveice anything yet aswell. Probably because of the loads of people just accessing pbe, i guess.
: Known issue, you need to buy all the champs bundles and then relog.
I havent gotten ip rp
: Please understand that a lot of people are trying to get in PBE, so the server and the script may be overloaded.
anyone else having the braum glitch?
: Couple of known problems: If you are... * A player who hasn't logged in to your main linked account since the release of Honor * A player who just created a main linked account and has never logged in you will receive an unclear error message ("Please try again"). The messaging needs to be fixed, however, ** if the account you are linking is below honor level 3, you will not be able to sign-up. **
Also there is a braum glitch where the only champ you can select is braum
: Takes about up to an hour to fulfill. The blue essence is heavy and takes a while to move through the pipes.
I have waited about 3 hours and i still havent got it


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