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: Are Punishments for leaving/intentional feeding not a thing in PBE?
i believe afking isn't bannable due to how unstable the PBE can be , all though sending in a ticket to riot will result in them getting punished if you have chat proof saying they are afking , i know you arent supposed to bother their support team with it but ive reported 100+ players sense they opened the flood gates and only one got banned and it was cause i sent them a ticket with picture proof. it seems their system never works for anyone on PBE , so sadly i would say screen shot and send tickets in.
: Store does not open ( An unexpected error has occurred. Error Code: 1)
same issue here , its possible its down while they implement the new champion and her skin into the store.
: Regarding Swain's Dragonmaster Splash
MS paint summoners rift please rito.
: I agree this idea would be awesome, but it would take SO much time, making splash arts in MS paint for like 850skins and 120 other champs
tbh it wouldn't take more then 10 minutes for them to design an ms paint splash , its just a joke like the swain one , and its probably easier then designing new skins or a game mode XD
: Sounds Error
i noticed this as well. i was playing an aram and sometimes i would hear summoner spells , other times i would , sometimes i wouldn't hear certain abilities and i couldn't hear towers attacking or falling. weird.
the amount of bugs you've listed vs the amount i have encountered are 100 to 0 i have seen non of these bugs and i play on PBE daily. there might be something wrong with your installation tbh. also you have to remember , its PBE , its not supposed to be stable , its riots playing ground , your gonna get bugs your gonna get crashes your gonna get lag and things aren't going to work. LAG is a big issue on PBE because they have _ONE_ server located in i believe central united states. and anyone from around the world can sign up now , and the demand on the server has significantly increased as well with it being shockingly easy to get onto PBE now. over all , bugs and lag and glitches are a part of the PBE , and no one is forcing you to play on PBE and riot has said multiple times you will get bugs and crashes. if you don't want to deal with it the live servers are the place to play. if you want to use skins you don't have on live but do on the PBE then you run the risk of all the bugs crashes and glitches that come with a TESTING server.
: Gamebreaking rengar bug
it doesn't look like a bug to me its the way rengars Q used to function and i just went on PBE and did it and it feels the way it used to. you use your first normal Q , which gives you the 4 stacks for an empowered ability , this makes all his abilities available , you use your empowered Q , which then refreshes your normal abilities again for a third Q. i don't think its a bug . but i could be wrong
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: So is there any reason as to why toxic players are still roaming PBE?
cause riot used to review reports of PBE reports before they opened the flood gates now they use the same system as on livee and sense then we all know that the tribunal system looks to bann someone who says " guys i gtg wife is in labour " vs someone who says " useless feeding fucking team " and rage quits , its not surprising to me that no one is getting banned off the pbe sadly :/ ive reported people for saying " stupid nig_er " " kill your self you worthless fag_ot " etc , its been weeks of this garbage and NOTHING. i got one player banned cause i sent a screen shot directly to riot games. it seems to be the only way to get a player banned sadly. i know people say not to do it. but the only way you're gonna get justice for these toxic trolls is if you send proof directly to riot and skip their automated system that doesn't work.
: Vlad and Undying grasp allows invulnerability
still not as bad as the old vlad with will of the ancients tbh.
: Dark Harvest
i played thresh with dark harvest on aram on top of his soul passive the dark harvest passive and a statik shiv , i was whipping 700-900 magic damage and 200-300 physical damage off of one enchanted auto attack. taking out any adc/mage i felt the need to erase. defiantly not well balanced XD the soul drop rate should be decreased on aram.
: Is this gap between Champion icon and outer circle intended?
its been happening to me for months , i do think think there's suppose to be a blue / red outline around friendly and enemy icons. not this half moon thing.
: Skin's Collection Tab: Feedback and Bug Report Thread~
scrolling through the skins tab seeing all the category's and factions was amazing some made me laugh like " culinary masters" its even so accurate that they have star guardian season's and world championship seasons instead of just making it one giant section which is great. but i noticed a certian ultimate section was missing. the greatest section of them all. the pax section RIOT come on! PAX sivir PAX jax Pax twisted fate. also there could be a tab for like " retired " it could include rusty blizcrank , king rammus , UFO corki , black alistar. what do you guys think?
: PBE is the toxiciest server i have ever played on
send riot a support ticket with a screenshot of the chat ( some computers may need you to change your display to window for this to work ) they say not to do this. but i have reported well over 50 players for saying ruthless things like " shut the fuck up faggot " " useless bastard " "i fucked your mother " it goes on and on , and no matter how many players report him i never get or got that message that tells me a player i reported has been punished. but the one time i sent them in a support ticket i got the message within an hour of sending the just goes to show their automated banning system is a completely failure and the only way to really do it is to send it to them manually and hope for the best. i also agree with the fact it has no resaulting action to their live account , accounts should be linked together.
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the penalties are pretty long ( i believe 15 minutes ? ) the problem isn't the penalties , its the amount of people in general doing it. even with a small 5 minute delay , it ensures you wont get the same person who dodged for 2-3 more que's. but like i said , when 1000+ people want to play her and only 2/10 can per game , theres an 80% chance of a dodge each game XD.
: When can we expect custom games and practice tool back?
i'm guessing you're fairly new to the PBE so here the reasoning behind the custom game and practice tool restrictions. every time a new champion comes out the demand for custom games & practice tool connections become's overwhelming for the server. everyone wants to try out the new hero , and to many people are cry baby's and dodge PvP games when they don't get the new champion. so they try to create their own custom game or practice tool to use it. creating as i mentioned above an insane amount of requests for the server. to keep the PBE up and running stable they have to put these restrictions in place. normaly after 2-3 weeks of the new champion being released and everyone has gotten their fix. the demand calms down and they unrestrict the custom games and practice tool. of course this COULD be prevented if people just went into PvP and played regardless of if they got the champion or not. but thats sadly never the case Tl;DR , yes we can except it back after 2-3 weeks of zoe's release when the demand for her dies down and everyone has had their turns with her.
: I want infinite rune pages.
the only thing with this is , not everyone makes rune pages specific to champions , some people make generic ap , ad , tank etc pages i have pages like ad vs ad mid ad vs ap mid ap vs ad mid ap vs ap mic ad vs ad top etc etc etc etc so we dont need endless pages.
: I want infinite rune pages.
with the new rune system a lot of champions rune pages would be surprisingly similar regardless.
: Ragequitting
pbe is a lot more strict , there are no mutes or temporary banns or que penalty. if you're toxic and reported and its true your pbe account is **deleted** that being said however. before the pbe was just opened to anyone honor level 3+ ( which lets be honest took a week maybe two to get ) on the odd time i reported someone , the next day or two i would get a notification saying someone i reported has been punished. sense the doors opened i report at least two people a game , usually one on my team one the enemy team, in about a week - 2 week span i have gotten zero notifications saying someone i reported has been punished i have reported people for saying " all BR players are complete shit , they suck , they always feed " etc. i have reported people for saying " gg open mid " after dieing once and afking in base, i have reported people for saying " shut the fuck up nigger " and NO ban for any of them in over a week lol so...TL:DR , the pbe is more strict , but riot doesn't seem to be banning people off it as often as they used to...kind of like live.
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: considering the amount of new users that haven't had the opportunity to achieve this much BE yet, I think it'd be nice for them
it doesn't matter how long you have been here , i have been on the pbe for 2-3 years , everyone had their BE reset to 20,000 when the new players joined to prevent spamming the store with purchases sense it caused a major crash. now everyday if you have below 20,000 or plus 20,000 its reset to 20,000 so theres no way to actually get that number.
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: I personally think that if someone does anything that would normally result in a chat restriction or suspension, they should be perma'd on PBE. I know I am new to the PBE, but ive even noticed how toxic it is compared to my games on the regular servers and being able to play on PBE should be a privilege and being toxic should take away that privilege.
that is exactly what happens, if you're toxic on pbe and the report is recieved and confirmed as toxic then your pbe account is deleted.
: How is it hard to keep an eye out for smaller bugs? If someone is flaming, you mute them and report them at the end of the game. If someone is trolling you do the same thing. Somebody trolling has nothing to do with you not paying attention
i understand that concept , and clearly you do as well , but there are some people who cant just let someone flame them and troll them all game. and they shouldn't have to worry about that happening in the first place if they are trying to help riot perfect sometime to push to live. does that make sense?
: I agree, it should maybe be honor 5 tho but have a requirement of like little to no behavior reports against a certain account
honor level 4-5 is fine. or even just scrap the honor thing all together , ive seen toxic players at honor level 5 due to the tribunal system failing 9/10 times tbh. go back to the old sign up list , that also requires you to be honor level 5 before even applying , then check the account then allow access. the pbe shouldn't be a toxic place were players are trying to test things out. its hard enough playing out a game and finding a bug , trying to finish it with that bug and have a player screaming fuck you all game.
: So, what exactly are you suggesting, increasing the honor level requirement to level 5? By the way the point of the PBE is testing content, not winning games, if you find someone toxic just report them in the ending game screen and there's a chance they'll get permanently banned.
i'm aware of the point of pbe , what i'm saying it its hard to keep an eye out for the smaller bugs , or weird interactions runes might have with items , if i have someone flaming afk'ing or trolling. i do report ANY toxic player i see but i haven't gotten that notification i use to sense the door's open. and im not suggesting increases the honor level. im saying it needs a new system besides next to free entry.
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: Rp drop :(
yes its normal , they made an entire post on why they had to drop the RP and blue essense of every player on the PBE to shorten it up when they opened the pbe again to many players flooded it with 100k rp and IP and it caused that store and loot crash that lasted a week. too many purchases to quickly were preventing it from working. so now everyone gets 8k RP and 20k blue essence and this refreshes back to 8k/20k each time they go down for maintenance ( so basically once a day ) they have said the values may change , but its simply to prevent everyone from flooding the store and buying EVERYTHING at once causing the crash.
: In it for free stuff.
i will give you some comfort as i have been on PBE for a couple year's now and have reported multiple people. and gotten the notification time & time again saying someone i reported has been punished. riot takes reports on the PBE VERY seriously , so much so that there is no chat restrictions no temporary bann's no tribunal system. they review the report , if its accurate and they did flame or afk or troll etc. their PBE accounts are deleted and they are banned off the PBE. the PBE's main goal is to let players play games with new skins & champions , the new rune system and fine bugs , unusual interactions , overpowered or under powered abilities / items etc. people flaming or afking gets in the way of this and can sometimes distract players from achieving this task. TL;DR if someone is being toxic do report them. if it is a real report & they were flaming like " fuck your mom " etc their PBE accounts are banned forever and you wont see them on the PBE again.
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: Client is black screen when clicking Launch
: Disconnect bug
multiple people on a thread i made nearly 3 hours ago are having the same issue , ive had the problem for the entire 3 hours now.
: anyone else DC?
WHAT THE HELL , has riot taken the day off? two hours now close to 3 , been an hour and a half sense i tried to log in , surely the game is over now ? NOPE i'm still being told to check MY connection. riot are you ok !? the game doesn't even exist , your servers are trying to route me to a game that doesn't even exist now. literally i logged in it black screen and gave me the same connection error message it gave me nearly 3 hours ago and told me to retry. the worst part about it is i did retry like 4 times and still nothing. and their server status still say's okay?
: Unable to connect to the server Error
same here , i made a thread a few minutes ago on the same thing XD we aren't the only ones
: anyone else DC?
ive hit reconnect about 100 times now and still nothing has happend , i know my internet is perfectly fine im watching youtube and my brother is playing GTA V online , its just the riot servers but it will be an hour before they say anything
: Website For Signup Does Not Work
: after the latest update (as of july 29th 2017) my frames are horrendous
i run everything on very high , maxed out graphics and i get 140-160FPS , when the arcade map came out it dropped to 40 , once i disabled the Arcade map my frames where fine , so maybe try that.
: anyone else DC?
so i'm not the only one who can't connect, well that makes me feel better.
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: (ARURF) Garen should not be able to STACK his E
the point of urf was never to have balance , its why they tossed in the all random feature and removed perma banns.
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: Hmm, well it's worth a shot. If they fix so that builds stay over patches it would be very awesome and I would have actively used the feature to get a better experience of the game. :)
an option to say like "save build and build path " after game is a great idea , i support it 100% , take this to the live server boards and see were it goes :) we are only the PBE , we are a small fraction we would need the live servers calling for it to get it implemented.
: [SUGGESTION] An option to save build / build order at post-game screen
i think that its a very unpopular thing in the game , i used it a couple times when it came out but it always resets every patch so i stopped along with countless others i believe. having a post game save button for your build at the end of the game seems complicated to make , and also not profitable for riot. i like the general idea. but i don't see riot investing time into something that doesn't involve profit.
: When will the rotating Gamemodes be released?
i think it should be placed on PBE regardless , seems kind of weird to have it on only live? and it allows us to test new items / champions when they are released and see how the behave in certain game modes so riot knows if they function well with it or need to be banned from it like ryze and kass were from urf.
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: Aurlion's Stars visible while he is in a bush
i feel like if we can not hide in the bush with this champion he should have a serious buff while in a brush. not simple movement speed , not stealth , a good damage bonus.
: It is intentional. You cant hide them in a bush, that would be game breaking and op af. If they got hid in a bush in passive state, then they would have to stay hidden when he activates w too if you wanna get technical about it. Since both expanded w and just regular passive are the same entities they either have to remain visible or both be unseen. If you hide his small circle in a bush, his large one would be hidden too, which would be op af. Sit in a bush and hit people with stuff they cant see. It looks like Aurelion Sol will just be a champ who can never use bushes. What I think could fix this, especially with fog of war, since you can see him across the map. Just make it so that the stars are entities and only load if they are within range of you. So you cant see if he is still in base or not. Edit: I forgot about nunu ult. With that in mind, anything is game I guess. I don't know anymore lol.
yeah like i said in my comment they hide nunu ult , i feel like if a champion can not hide in bushes he is at a very big disadvantage.
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