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: Whatever its your OCD or its really not in the center I think its intensional... Look at googles logo. Its not a perfect circle either. And I dont want to promote anyone, I just found this Video random and thought its good to understand :3
yeah i thought it was intentional because if soraka was centered her staff/rod or whatever would not be in the splsart,nut imma wastch this vid anyway
: the skin is already on live, so this feedback doesn't belong on the pbe boards. try posting on the live boards ([euw]( / [na]( ) or [reddit](
ohh thank you i din't know that {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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: 10/18 PBE STATUS & FAQ
i don't want to come of as annoying or something like those kids who just get pbe for the skins, skins in my store are available for 1be?I don't know if this is a prevention so we would try out new death sworn skins or just a lag?If it is a prevention,that is completely fine,i just want to know what is going on,thank you in advance.And sorry for trash english!

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