: > "Tag Team now has no cooldown, and its Movement Speed bonus is now very dramatic." Does this mean the first cast of Tag Team, or the entire spell (including Skystrike)?
It looks like the whole spell... but with it having a 2 second channel time, and no combat ability outside of the transform if the text is to be believed.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Oh I can't wait, making the kit more synergistic [and hopefully less buggy] :D
: I hope we're not looking at a 2015 Season where junglers are gone for days, only to emerge mid or endgame in their final form... Yi already does this. It's not fun (for the lanes).
Don't forget Udyr getting his feral at 12 minutes and soloing dragon at spawn and afk pushing side lanes :D I would really be interested in items that increase the gank potential of junglers, I was really influenced by the crazy Chinese dive strats at S3 worlds in my jungling style early this season, who needs farm when you can farm champions? Being able to increase that power, and like they noted give weakness to counterjungling or jungle clear speed [neutral objective control perhaps as well] to compensate would make for a fun dichotomy
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Are these new jungle items going to be more scaling/stacking focused like the Feral Flare, or more trending to static and immediate power like the current line? Also will they be deployed on the Treeline or kept as Rift Specific?


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