: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Cassiopeia!
I agree wiwth what that's being said above about the ult. It feels too simple/Not scary. It feels like a Kassadin E. Mythic Cassiopeia should be taken as an exemple for an ult with a powerful feeling. Also, I think the Blue rings on the Skin's W are hiding too much the Red Poison Effect. There should be more Red ''smoke'' than blue rings indicator. It clashes too much while the ''Classic W'' is well visible without obvious blue rings. I think it's just a color balance work that's needed.
: > I don't see why you wouldn't want her healing. The difference in the builds would result in more of the following archetypes of healer being possible for her builds. Glass Healer - who is squishy but has the highest heal impact - AKA - my heals are huge - my health pool is small and I am very careful. Tanky Healer - who is harder to take down - whose healing output is more moderate - I have high regeneration and decent heals + some utility to downplay the necessity of healing constantly. For example, Rylai's Slow in the right circumstance can reduce as much damage as a healing someone for 100 more. If that type of distinction is possible - that'd be pretty interesting. There's also the more worrisome facet that inflexible narrow champions tend to be very very hard to support - we've traditionally had the most trouble with these types of champions as what they do has to be super reliable and then it leads to a lack of play - it's a long term maintainability concern for this.
What if building armor/MR or Bonus HP made Soraka heals less effective by some % to narrow her out in the Glass VS Tanky healer. There would have to be other changes of course to balance it out... but it might be a good start even if losing power by building some stats seem counter-intuitive at first.
: It'd be worthwhile decreasing death timers for urf
Yes please, death timers are fun-killer past the 20-25 min mark and Urf games usually last 25-30 minutes
: I agree somewhat. His ultimate feels bad in terms of power. Not numbers or stat wise. It does not feel satisfying as an ultimate, feels like a Xerath Q and even that feels more powerful. Needs better sound behind it i think. more PEW PEW
> [{quoted}](name=SuperSaiyanJesus,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EXMBIkEN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-09T02:12:23.357+0000) > > I agree somewhat. His ultimate feels bad in terms of power. Not numbers or stat wise. It does not feel satisfying as an ultimate, feels like a Xerath Q and even that feels more powerful. Needs better sound behind it i think. more PEW PEW In term of power it misses something. The ult is easy to land (very easy) but the CD+range+meh Dmg (pick any of the three to buff) is very punishing.
: Aurelion sol initial kit impressions
For me the kit is great, but yeah the ult is very underwhelming. I can't tell which part of it is lacking. Too much CD (The cooldown feels very high for a mini-lux ult with a heavy CC). ? Not enough Damage or Range to sync with the big CD ? I need to admit it's VERY EASY to land the Damage. 4 Sec Slow and a knockback to peel yourself off is an hard CC I agree, but the CD cost (Or Low Dmg) coming from it feels very punishing and underwhelming for what it could be. Ults should be impactful and big moments in a champion combo's or kit, but it feels like a spell like any others
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Reload Mechanic : I can't tell WHEN he will reload, if he can move or not while reloading. I would also like to force a reload sometimes when there's nothing around and want to prepare some AA. Still Feels really smooth, fluid and less restraining as he gains level (much better than Graves' reload mechanic IMO). Great mechanic overral. Lotus traps : Feels the best to use as a combo with a W snare or if someone else CC the victim, but not that much when it comes to ward/trap bushes! I know it's not for balance but it's feel much more rewarding to use as a DAMAGING spells (due to ratio and high end-game AD) than an utility spell, is it intended that way ? Passive for Death blows really adds alot of impact to his thematic, great find ! Ult : Zooming in is very awkard if you unlocked the Camera first to check when to ult at a long range, it should go back to Jhin even if the camera is unlocked ( and stay unlocked if it was and not stay where you was at first). Starting music at the start of the ult could be higher to had more impact and emphazise the Grand Finale thematic of his ult. He is also surprisingly smooth and it's great how you can chain up everything (Artistically ;P) without feeling interrupted at anytime even with his low attack speed ! AWESOME ! Sometimes his recall (from some angles) feels like he has both Feet in the air when they are clearly positionned to be seen on ground. Not sure if it's just me tho o.o HOPE I DIDN'T SOUND NEGATIVE, YOU STILL DELIVER GREAT CHAMPS GYPSY AND I'M ALWAYS HAPPY WHEN I KNOW YOU'RE NEXT FOR CHAMPIONS RELEASES Loving you since VI, and still loving you ! Teases, reveals and spotlights don't bring justice to the gameplay feels and Thematic. I hope people will understand how he is when they can actually PLAY him and give him a chance (it's astonishing how much the feels are only there when you actually play him). Unlike jinx where teases/Reveals really paid off for expectations and represented her, Jhin is very hard to catch until you play him and I must forgive myself for doubting one your champs before playing him. I will never Doubt again and still praise you xD !
: Jhin Balance Feedback!
http://puu.sh/muIhq/b01fefec9c.jpg I reached 727 AD with what felt as a regular build and his Ratios seemed excessive compared to the number of AD he can reach (more than +1000 Dmg with ratio on his E ?) I know he must rely on his spells ALOT since he lacks Autoattack, but how come can he crit on his first 3 autoattacks and STILL get a free crit on the 4th ? I thought building crit wouldn't be rewarding, but it is clearly mandatory to have Infinity Edge as a core item to boost his 4th AA crit Dmg AND the ult Crit dmg (Even the tooltip changes for it). He has no escapes and Low range (Gotta risk it for AAs, only his ult and W are actually safe), His pushing power and Tower Kills are clearly weak but it feels like he escalates too well in end-game. The weaknesses are there, he's easy to kill if you reach him (and with no escapes and low AA range, he's not hard to reach), but his strenght feels too much or too easily rewarding with those scalings. Touching his Mana costs would define his pushing Weakness more and AD ratios would seem to be the best spot to hit imo. :) Great champ overrall tho.
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
When you kill the marked champ of Kindred, instead of going into cooldown you can directly reselect the champ you just killed AND choose another champ (if you choose another champ, the first mark will disappear and the only the one you chose will apply)) when the actual cooldown is over. Yes, the stack applies if you kill the same champ twice in a row... Wolf stop marking camps after 3 times for me


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