: I'm not a Rengar main and will never be. That champion sucks. He builds lethality and poops on you every damn time he's got ult. And I'll tell you something, he's got that crap ult ALL THE TIME. Once he ults, you either run or die. Just played one game now as Cassiopeia. I had four itens, about 2.3k life, Rengar had 5 itens (one of them was boots). Every time he ulted, he came for me, he jumped and killed me instantly. I had no openings to react. Even using Seraph's Embrace active, he just bursts me and there not enough time to even use your ult, cause you don't know where's he coming from and when you see it, you're dead already. It's ridiculous. Squish champions? Lethality. Tanky champions. Lethality plus some tank itens and dominik. Control mage? Edge Night. There's no punishment for building tank or itens that gives him tanky statues and damage, because whatever he builds, he'll just press R and jump at your face and if you don't die, press Q. Oh right, I'm just salty, right? Let's buff him. Poor one. Not enough damage, right? And here we go more a bunch of games with rengars killing my adc/mid every 30-40 seconds. Counterplay is not a word for him. I thought the rework was all about that and yet it wasn't really that helpfull. Kha'zix is the same shit. Oh, and don't forget Zed getting buffed and LB's rework about to be reversed. Excited to get blown up in 0.5 seconds by that retarded champion as well. Just sick of this "Balance" from Riot.
: Why I think Rengar's Q should not be buffed.
Holly shit, don't even tell me... Me and my pal where playing as Janna and Cassio, in live, against a Rengar with Dark Harvest. So, Rengar just stacked the rune, bought Drakthar and started hit killing everyone that wasn't our ally Poppy. Cassio start ulting him everytime, so he bought Edge of Night and became unkillable. We're still traumatized. In my opinion, Riot reverted Rengar's Q just because it was harder to hit, even if the skill did (too much) a decent damage, normally. So now Rengar can burst anyone as he wants, and don't get punished for building a 10 cents item that give him defensive status and a Banshee at every 30 seconds with a lot of damage and Lethality, AND STILL GET BUFFED? RIOT, REALLY?????

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