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kardeşim banada yollarmısın ump_salih@hotmail.com
: Client isn't Download !
: Magic Resist Item
league of legends has a difference from dota. in dota, carries carry the game in late but in lol tanks and ap champs is more effective than carries in late. i want to say we need more mr items than other games. they dont need but lol needs a good mr item for all classes
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: Yasuo Gltich and QoL for Taric
: Syndra movement bug
this slow is just likely 1.5 seconds. dont have to go base for end it
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: I tested it when u use fear enemy just move away from you. maybe it is change of all other fears
Jack in the box still same
: [BUG] Fiddlestick's fear
I tested it when u use fear enemy just move away from you. maybe it is change of all other fears
: [BUG] Fiddlestick's fear
I'm gonna test it can you explain it more clear? (my low english)
: Spirit Visage Cooldown reduction lowered to 10% from 20%
spirit visage is getting close to force of nature, I think they just stopped this
: Stronger Bots?
I agree. It is too hard to test a champ + communicate with others in notmal game (after 3 death, rage quit, flame, trollpick, not talking) so we choose playing with ai. I think some changes with ai will make testing better
: click to unlock button for skins doesnt work
I think its about security. We have to first open store for this. Also we cannot buy a skin on "Champions" in profile
: [MINIONS] Minions totally ignoring enemies, both enemy minions and champions.
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: Riot stated that there will be no Winter map this year (sadly). I miss it so much :(
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: Ultimates have only three levels.
if you slain nashor, game gives you 4th upgrade
: Positive behavior is one of the qualities we screen for when we admit new testers to the PBE so over time we're expecting that negative incidents will drop. Granted, we've only recently been able to use behavior as a measurement since old PBE accounts weren't linked in any way to live accounts. Data on how live behavior correlates to PBE behavior is only now just starting to come in, so we'll be modifying our approach as we better understand how people behave differently on the PBE.
I realized it is too hard for riot to follow every player who shows bad behavior, but we have better role as players. Some players called 'alone pro' when someone starts flaming mute everyone, play their games and ignore after game chat.They think chat and reports are wasting time. If we ignore them riot can not do anything about it. Thanks for attention
: Bloodthirster bug
it is true it should be 850 gold not 650
: Replacing AFK's with bots
good idea and i want to add sth: if there is a troll in team, other players able to vote them to quit+report and let a bot to play troll's champ
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: um...nobody bought leviathan unless they were just going all stacking items. Truthfully I am surprised that those stacking items still exist in the game.
I used to buy leviathan to malphite as second item. But occult and mejai... I buy them just coop vs ai :)
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: Restructure Zeke's Herald
I buy that when my team has 2 fighters (jung+top) I think supports dont have to buy all aura items top must get some of them
: Day late and a dollar short.
but I cant understand why this picture changed?
: Are you sure you are not hitting the movement speed soft cap? http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Movement_speed
I hope we can see our new stats before buy an item
: [Bug] Alacrity Enchantment
Agree. Also we have no inf about stacking ms. ex. {{champion:126}} 's E and ult. I think it's not E+ult
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we have to wait riot :(


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