: **TLDR: **This new champ is great, but doesn't feel like Galio. Hey, dudes. Been a long-time Galio fan and I wanted to leave some initial thoughts on the big guy's update. --- **Visuals, Animations, Sound Effects** * Beautiful. He looks like a modern champion. Spell effects are nice and clear. You can tell what's going on when he uses abilities. All of the full VGU's have succeeded in this area. I missed the blue color at first, but this definitely looks more Demacian. Matches the design elements shown on the Universe page. Animation on the ultimate is rad. The sound effects on Passive, E, and R sound strong and rock-y. **Voice Over** * Voice acting is great, especially once you get past some of the generic "gonna punch stuff" lines. The actor was able to bring something extra to a rather simple personality. Love the item and champion-specific lines. Bubblegum joke is a nice touch. **Skins** * Hot damn all the skins look amazing. Splash arts are all top-notch, as usual. * **Gatekeeper:** Heckin' cool. Glad the green spell effects were kept (I remember last time you guys went in and made them orange and then switched back to green after some complaints). Updated VO is great and I enjoy it much more than base Galio's lines. This is the first Legendary skin that was part of a VGU and it definitely met my expectations for the update. * **Commando:** Each VGU seems to have one or two old and busted skins that become the new hotness. For Warwick, it was Tundra Hunter. Twitch had Kingpin. For Galio, it's definitely Commando. Skin is sleeper OP. Love the passive effects on his wrists and green glow on the wings. * **Enchanted:** Runner-up for new hotness. Glad to see a skin keep some blue, since Base Galio is white now. This is a great direction for the skin theme and it would be great to see skins like Earthrune Skarner and Runeborn Xerath eventually (*very* eventually) updated to match. * **Hextech:** Good stuff. Previous version was basically "trash robot." This new one feels in line with the current idea of what Hextech is and how it looks aesthetically. * **Debonair:** Give that man a beard. This skin probably had the least amount of change, but it's still a huge improvement. I remember the previous version being pulled off the PBE for changes, then came back and never ended up being all that great. Updated version definitely delivers on the theme of the skin and looks better, as a whole. Probably helps that we can see the front of the champion and not just a hunched-over back flying around. **Lore** * TBD. We only have the short version at the moment. Makes sense as a huge protector of Demacia. I appreciate that he's specifically designed to ward off magic. **Ability Kit** * **Passive / Colossal Smash:** Yeah, ok. Nice to have some bonus damage. Glad there's an MR ratio in there. The reduced CD on spell hits is pretty interesting. I imagine alternating between spells and autos will be crucial to maximizing damage in fight. * **Q / Winds of War:** I really like this spell. Feels like a mix of Old Galio's Q and E (which were often spammed together, anyways). *Please change the name to Righteous Gust.* Not digging "Winds of War" as a name. Galio seems pretty focused on brawling and punching, but nothing in his VO implies that all-out War is his interest. Galio wants a challenging 1vs1, not for his nation to be a constant warzone. * **W / Shield of Durand:** Nice shoutout to Durand. I imagine he'll be in the expanded Lore. Ability seems like a Twist on Warwick's Howl. I know the same team didn't work on both of them and it probably wouldn't even be a conversation if there were some other champions/updates released between the two. Glad to see an AOE taunt remain on Galio's kit, although this one seems to be used very differently than his old ultimate. * **E / Justice Punch:** This ability looks pretty cool. I like the uppercut and it combos nicely into his Passive. Not allowing it to pass over terrain is smart. Some mobility should help get off some good W's in fights. * **R / Hero's Entrance:** Alright, this is pretty dope. Even though you're calling him a Warden, this is really his only "protect a friend" spell. I don't know how necessary the bonus knockup in the middle is, especially since it's not really a skillshot. It kind of puts in more on the enemy to leave that it does on you to use it correctly. Animal on this one is really nice. Love how the camera zooms out and follows. --- **Updating Galio** * Alright, here's where the update fails, in my opinion. This ain't Galio. Updates like Yorick, Warwick, Poppy, and Taric all excelled at retaining what was special about the old champ and bringing it into the modern game. I don't think Galio's works on that level. * Galio's new personality is nothing like his old one and he's not very unique. * Vi does the "talk about punching" better than Galio does. * Zac's cocky hero with good intentions attitude is more defined. * Maokai already has the "I didn't ask for this" thing going on. * Malphite is rock solid. * The only other thing he talks about is Demacia, and the other Demacian champions already make it clear where they're from. * I know old Galio didn't have very many voice lines under his belt, but his tone felt wise and experienced. His lore was a story of duty, failure, sorrow, and moving forward. New Galio is a strong, dumb statue. He doesn't seem to have any of the depth that I was looking for. Maybe some of it will be shown when his backstory comes out, but none of it is present in his VO. That's strange, since recent champions and updates have done really well at including a lot of that stuff right in their VO lines. Objectively, this is a better champion than old Galio. He's polished. His kit makes sense. His visuals are rad. He's different, though. He doesn't play like Galio. He doesn't sound like Galio. He doesn't look like Galio. And that's kind of a bummer. This is probably the biggest departure from the original champion since Sion. That being said, Sion's update was probably one of the best updates (if not *the* best), so I'm not too worried. I can already tell that I will love playing the new kit. I enjoy champions with lots of CC (Thresh, Gnar, Nautilus, for example). But part of me will miss that old heal-tanking, MR stacking, flying blue ball with an ultimate that was made useless any time the other team had a Braum, Udyr, Blitz, Volibear, Leona, or Garen. RIP in peace, gargoyle bro.
> Change *Winds of War* to *Righteous Gust.* Separate up vote just for this!!
: Galio Feedback Thread
I might be in the minority with this opinion, but the black eyes on the base skin just feel off. They don't feel carved and they don't feel particularly "alive." I honestly wonder if flat stone/white (think: old Greek/Roman bust) or perhaps even a gold (or skin-vdx-themed-color) glow would be much more awesome. Thanks for the great rework! Keepin' it classy Riot. But if I could just piggyback on the theme throughout this post is that while this champion is awesome, and has great high points, he doesn't particularly feel like {{champion:3}} in both his VO and his model.
: Snowdown Preview
Will the Poro ward skins from 2014 be joining us again this year? (Please say yes!!)
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: I don't think every option in the tree should be attractive to supports, because then there probably wouldn't be options attractive to other types of characters. Plus, there are some champions that are are only primarily or secondarily a support, alongside another role, and having options that are attractive to multiple roles within each tree creates more flexible options for emphasizing one role over the other. In my opinion, as long as we have at least one appealing choice at each tier, that's good enough.
> I don't think every option in the tree should be attractive to supports, because then there probably wouldn't be options attractive to other types of characters. This logic makes about as much sense as saying that the Ferocity tree should have support options or the Resolve tree should have options for damage dealers to pick. Each tree has a theme to it, that supports a particular play style. It would make little sense to have 2 trees for damage, one for tanking, or one for burst damage and 2 for tanks, etc. Each member of the team should have a tree to support their play, whether you're a damage dealer, tank, jungler or support.
: i agree, the speed on the burst damage one should be on assist of champinos that get bursted, because this is a support tree not an assassin tree. and same on thunderlord i agree with your suggestion.
Having the move speed burst based on assists would really shake up the tree topper talents and really provide an alternative for some supports to take.
: Uhm support annie/brand/velkoz like both the movement speed one and the thunderlord. Tank supports go get bond of stone anyway. Not to mention thunderlord decree is meant for Kayle and "hybrids".
Well I certainly think support mages would go up the ferocity tree, and then go up the support tree as far as bandit perhaps. The tree topper talents in the dps tree will provide far more damage than the aoe damage one (that requires a 3 basic attack combo), so it doesn't make any sense to go higher than, say, bandit and focus most of your energy in the dps tree. Grasp of the Dead would make an awesome alternative to Thunderlord's Decree, given that it provides a heal on a basic attack on a short cool down (a **much** more support style talent), and Thunderlord's could easily be modified to provide some aoe damage based on max hp or similar tanking stat. On a 30 sec cd, it provides a nice amount of front damage on initiation, which tanks typically are doing.
: I don't like the new Mastery System. (Please read this and put this into consideration)
I think the new mastery trees will take a bit to get used to, and they seem to be a little underwhelming for supports, but overall, I like the design, and I'm confident Riot will polish the talents until they're all meaningful and make sense for each champion and role.
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: > Well then why not just get rid of Skystrike? I was actually in favor of this approach for quite some time, but we thought it was something that players would be attached to, and that keeping it around at low power budget would be best. > Also, question on the side, does W still work while using Tag Team? Yeah, W still works during Tag Team without cancelling Tag Team. You can also cast Q and E from Tag Team, but they will remove you from Tag Team.
Have you considered adding some power back into Skystrike in the form of some utility? Maybe a Skystrike cast could reveal stealthed enemy champions or other invisibles (Teemo's mushrooms)?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Did you guys consider letting Quinn and Valor fly over terrain while ulted? We don't really have champions that can ignore terrain, unless you consider, say, Rek'Sai's ult.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
Feedback: this champion is fun! I love the interaction between Lamb and Wolf. It's a unique idea we haven't seen in League thus far (where is Nunu/Willump interaction??) Suggestion: the Shadowfire **launch skin should be renamed Justicar Kindred**. The reds/golds/whites match so well with this skin line, as well as making sense thematically.
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: Looks like it's at the very center of the map.
> Looks like it's at the very center of ~~the map~~ *everything*. FTFY.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
{{champion:41}}'s face looks flat and muddled in the small shot used on the map and in the HUD. I can't put my finger on whether it's because there's not enough contrast or whether it's just because it's smaller, but it definitely looks flatter in the smaller scale compared to full size, especially the left side of his face (the side on the right in the image).
: What's the issue with being able to see enemy CS and KDA in the new HUD? We've actually made it more available than in the Live HUD by adding it to the target frame as well as the scoreboard. We'll fix the kill callout sizing and level pip bugs.
I can echo TasPBE's sentiment with the placement of CS/KDA stats. Tabbing the interface quickly to glance at the information places the information directly in front of your eyes, in the center of the screen. On the minimap, you have to move your eyes out of the center of your screen to the corner, shifting the "action view" to your periphery. I mean, it's nice to have it always visualized without the extra step, but certainly there's no harm in having it both places?
: Or, you can play with it, get used to it after a few games, and realize that the new HUD is a lot better.
Many of the anti-HUD posts I think people don't play as long for it. People forget that there was a learning period when you first started to finding out where everything is. It'll be the same sort of process for a new HUD.
: ***
> it blocks a portion of the bottom part of my screen which I may need to look at (especially on red side). Actually, on red side, the new HUD provides you with more information and space, considering that the lower left corner is open with nothing there. Because red side's view is angled, having more visible in the lower left lets you see skill shots earlier. The item box and centered spell box are fairly well condensed; although, an option to put the items on the left side and portrait on the right would be nice.
: Skarner - Passive Cooldown Visual Please!
It seems like it would be a small change but a huge bonus to clarity. I hear people saying that everyone doesn't need a timer for everything, but honestly, it's just the player that sees it, and having more information only improves your decision making. Seems like a win-win.
: Miss Fortune recall
I just wish there'd be more consistency with recall updates. Some new reworks/VUs get them (new {{champion:41}}) and some don't (new {{champion:12}}). Why? Who knows? It's very inconsistent.
: Making the new gameode permeanit or adding things from it permeantly into the game after event?
I'm pretty sure at least some of these things will be made permanent or some iteration of them. The items, special mobs, icons, etc. are all very high quality and polished. I don't know how much value there'd be in creating all these assets for a few-week-run temp game mode.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
Special Forces GP has a tactical laser sight on the underside of his pistol that's been translated to the new model. Could his Q shoot a laser line at the target before shooting the bullet? A quick all-in-one animation perhaps?
: Is special forces gangplank going to have the filter re-added to cannon barrage, also will he have a special animation for parrrley?
I hope Sultan and Spec. Forces GP keep unique ult animations.
: Here are a few thoughts and observations I had on my first playthrough with him: * His potential damage output is incredible with a full damage build. I've yet to try him with a tanky build, but full Critplank is truly amazing to behold. * His new passive is phenomenal, and thanks to it I've rarely had trouble sticking to enemies in fights. The fact that it applies on Powder Kegs is also fantastic. The true damage DoT doesn't use the recently added stacking DoT counter that was added for {{champion:22}}, though, which I feel is a missed opportunity. * I love the Silver Serpents mechanic on GP, and I feel it makes last hitting with Parrrley a lot more important and interesting. However, I feel the Silver Serpent requirement for his Cannon Barrage upgrades are way too high: my runthrough was a jungle Gangplank run, so it may not be representative of his laning income, but even with decent enough last-hitting I only managed to buy my first upgrade at level 17. I feel the cost of his upgrades needs to go down by a fair amount, and I think Jungleplank/Bankplank would probably benefit from plundering twice as much gold/Serpents or the like from jungle monsters (also perhaps champions, since 8 bonus gold when last-hitting an opponent isn't too spectacular). * On that note, I feel the Plunder income bonus should probably be an amount independent from rank, so either a set amount or one dictated by GP's level (or even his rank in Cannon Barrage). I feel this places an unnecessary constraint on leveling Q first at all costs when I feel W first or even E first could be valid choices as well. * W is phenomenal, and I think has a much better healing curve relative to when Gangplank needs it the most. I haven't yet tried Tankplank, but I feel this would also work a lot better on him. * Powder Keg is a really cool mechanic, though it's often a bit fiddly to use. I only had one playthrough with GP so far, so I have a lot more learning to go through, but often I've had Powder Kegs partially or totally occluded by the targets I was trying to hit via detonation, which made targeting them a lot more difficult than I thought it should be. The health effect is also confusing, and I feel it might be better to just give all Powder Kegs 1 health by default (if an enemy can attack a Keg before Gangplank, they deserve to dismantle it, and Gangplank himself telegraphs the ability well enough by laying down kegs in the first place). Looking at the tooltip, I also seriously question the 60% armor penetration: with an amount that large, perhaps it would be worth making Powder Kegs convert GP's attack to true damage, and remove the bonus damage against champions (minions have no resists, and Gangplank's jungle clear isn't too scary either, especially since Powder Keg feels kind of useless in the jungle right now). Trueplank already looks like it's gonna become a thing, what with the true damage he can output with Q, Death's Daughter's cannonball and potentially even Smite/Ignite/Warrior's Wrath, so true damage on his barrels would just add to that. * Cannon Barrage still feels pretty snazzy. Again, the Silver Serpent upgrades feel way too expensive, but even the baseline effect is pretty nice. I only managed to purchase the Raise Morale effect, but even that had a huge impact on teamfights, and it clearly helped allies secure kills and escape. Overall, Riot did a great job on his kit! He feels a lot more interesting overall, and it's impressive to see how you kept almost all of his oddball kit (including his point-and-click Q) and managed to make him way more consistent and fun to play, as well as play against. Also, to the splash artist(s): Gangplank's collar is raised way up, all the way to his ears; was this a deliberate move to indicate his cautiousness (i.e. he doesn't want to get his neck sliced)? **EDIT:** Cannon Barrage also seems to upgrade the maximum amount of Powder Kegs Gangplank can store, but that's currently not listed in the tooltip at all. **EDIT 2:** I just tried a custom game where I Parrrley'd enemies practically as soon as the ability went off cooldown, plundered an enemy each time, and used Powder Kegs to Parrrley multiple enemies whenever possible. Even with this, I could still only upgrade Cannon Barrage at level 9. **EDIT 3:** The Fire at Will upgrade to Cannon barrage doesn't seem to fire its extra clusters uniformly, and it feels like the timing between each cluster varies, and by a fair bit. This feels unintentional, and should likely be fixed.
> **EDIT 2:** I just tried a custom game where I Parrrley'd enemies practically as soon as the ability went off cooldown, plundered an enemy each time, and used Powder Kegs to Parrrley multiple enemies whenever possible. Even with this, I could still only upgrade Cannon Barrage at level 9. It is really high now, and far reaching to get. Hopefully, Riot will consider 300/400/500 or 400/500/600 price points on the ult upgrades.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
If the barrels are to time out at some point, they should have the little white timer/indicator bar as far as when they'll expire. It'll be easier to track which ones are placed when.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Butcher’s Bridge ARAM
Finally had a chance to play on BB and wanted to share some feedback. First, the map feels VERY DARK--not just in a grimdark sort of scene way. It's visually darkened. I'm not sure if its just the map itself or if I'm comparing to the Howling Fjord, but it just is very dark. Also, the minimap is dark as well. I noticed this in SR too, so I'm not sure if it's map-related or if it's new-HUD related. Second, the kelp/seaweed brush feels very heavy. It's much, much denser than the brush elsewhere in the game, and I noticed it makes it REALLY hard to see things in the brush. For example, one game I played Ziggs, and It was hard to distinguish whether my minefield was in the brush or not. Certainly, if it sticks out some, you can see it, but outside the bush, it's hard to see things--effects/spells--you shoot into or place in it (if it doesn't provide vision, obviously). Thirdly, the map is a lot of fun visually. The new turrets and other objectives feel appropriate and gritty, like Bilgewater should. Overall, it's a nice change of pace from HF, although the winter murderbridge still holds a special/rued place in my heart, having played ARAM far more than a person reasonably should. ;)
: HUD/Minimap feedback and ideas
Change #2 looks particularly nice in the screenshot. I'd still like more options to customize, although I know Riot is moving toward centralization of information. It'd be nice to be able to move that score count, cs, etc. back to the upper right.
Rioter Comments
: Suggestions for the HUD
I found the new HUD very jarring to play with. I know it's odd, losing the item/champion info on the left side of the screen made me feel like I had lost an arm or something. Something fundamental was missing. I, too, click the gold info box to access the shop, and moving to to the center felt jarring. I switched to just using P instead of clicking it.
: His recall on Special Forces was also terribly boring, he just stood there, arms behind his back. His Q should have that Hollywood style suppressed (silenced) pistol sound effect.
I'm seriously confused about recall animations. Some champion/visual updates--like this {{champion:41}} update--they give a proper recall animation, where none existed before due to when the character came out. But others, like {{champion:12}} (who also got an entirely new model) and {{champion:21}} they continue to just stand there. I wish there was some consistency from the champion update team with this. It's a neat little detail, yes, but it's a detail that's lost nonetheless.
: New skins and Gp minor suggestion;
> 3) Special forces Gp; His old two-handed shots was awesome; His kukri look strange, the curve of the blade should be follow the handle, now it looks like is about to brake to me :( The fire on the blade looks off in this model. I wonder if a red-hot/heated blade would look better and still read clearly that his passive is up.
: I love that there's sort of a mix of the original old gangplank, and the recent iteration, and a lot of new stuff. this is a fantastic rework. The only thing that I have to ask for, which may be too late in the development process is that if he had just one big hearty laugh. I kind of miss that giant laugh when you'd ult. You know the one. The really laughy one. Does that make any sense?
> if he had just one big hearty laugh. I think a lot of his old character is lost in the new GP. Don't get me wrong: I like the murderous/sadistic/serious GP idea. I think the new splash and updated in-game model reflect this. BUT, a lot of his old character is lost, and I seriously wonder if Riot is purposely changing his *character* as much as his model and kit. Short beard, torn sleeves, charging-into-battle-guns-blazing seems to be lost to a more serious mentality. I don't think the "new" GP would have a big, hearty laugh. Hopefully, they can preserve his old character *somewhere,* even if its a traditional skin or a change-up to his spooky model (which already looks a lot like our current and loved GP).
: I agree we should get traditional GP skin with old voice and sounds like the W old sound
Even his Spooky GP skin could just have a facial change to spiritually keep the current GP. That skin already has a tricorne hat and sleeveless design!
: After having seen the Images on S@20 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-XRDy9R9-eMM/VZx8_YwlEJI/AAAAAAAAFL4/gQscK3zwEiA/s1600/spookygp_turnaround.jpg I would like to request the flames on his Spooky Gangplank Skin be changed to either Black or dark colours as it clashes with the skin IMO.
I'd like Spooky {{champion:41}} to get a short beard so he becomes the spiritual successor (pun intended) to the current and loved base GP skin. And a cooler hue on the flame would be great, as long as clarity is there for his passive's visual.
: Personally, I would've loved to see increasing cost for upgrades (1st cost 300 or 400, 2nd cost 500, last one costs 600 or 700). Right now, it takes roughly 70-80 Q last hits to get your 500 silvers and I feel like that really limits the possibilities of jungle Gangplank. Also, I don't think that scaling costs like that would really put lane GP out of line since the removal of his MS boost and ranged slow means that he probably has a much harder time laning against ranged champions. I wanted to try him out before commenting, but since the thread is up, these are my thoughts before trying my hands at him.
This is actually a really good idea. Maybe 300/400/500 or 400/500/600. 300/400/500 allows the ult's power spikes earlier on, while 400/500/600 keeps the total cost the same but allows for a (slightly) earlier upgrade. I like it. Having played a few games with him last night (without barrels, mind you), stacking was EXTREMELY slow.
Rioter Comments
: I'm happy about most of the changes, especially the shielded passive and Q kill bounce bonus damage (the latter is possibly even too strong). The one thing I'm still unsatisfied with is having the Impure Shots active only giving normal Strut as opposed to a Teemo W variant (i.e. temporarily can't be broken by damage). I understand that adding that effect is far too strong on its own, but I'd welcome even a temporarily weaker Strut in exchange for the reliability that effect would bring. As is, the Strut from W activation can be immediately canceled in most situations where you would use it as an escape, relegating it to a teamfight cleanup tool.
I think the idea is that you can slow them and instant-strut away. Teemo has to drop a mushroom to slow, and the range makes him more vulnerable to CC. MF can slow at a distance then run off.
: In what sense have they "dropped the ball"? 1. They just reowrked GP and MF 2. They put out Zac skins recently 3. They reduced the tank meta with the new devourer 4. They've balanced Ekko, Kalista, etc. to not be weak, but to be just good. 5. They're fixing many of the actual game features such as skillshots and map movement. 6. The new HUD is being worked on and is absolutely amazing. In my opinion, Riot has been doing **GREAT** the past few patches.
> 2. They put out Zac skins recently Well this right here means hell has frozen over...so anything's possible at this point.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
I think the base skin is awesome but much more serious feeling than the current GP. It'd be nice to have a "traditional GP" skin with the torn sleeves, short beard, and rough-and-ready attitude. Gameplay feedback as soon as he's available!
: Probably because of the other 3 AP+CDR items.
Yeah but CDR would cap, so it'd be a question of Grievous or not. I can think that perhaps they want people to test those other items out for sure, but it seems like Grievous is taking a back seat. Plus MF loses her GW too.
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
Why is nomnomicon {{item:3165}} disabled for this mode? Are we testing a League of Legends without Grievous Wounds?
: > UNIQUE Active - Disguise: Teleport to ally and take on their appearance for 30sec. Casting a spell or attacking breaks the deception. (90sec CD) woah 2 shens?!
Yeah that one has the potential to create some epic plays (as long as the teleport is kept in check). Think about it: you could take a {{champion:89}} or {{champion:201}} for example and disguise yourself as a squishy, easy engage target like {{champion:69}}. But when they jump on you, **surprise!**
: They are most likely using this FGM to test these items out.
Definitely. I wonder how far the testing goes, though? Shifting {{summoner:12}} to boots will certainly create some interesting top lane scenarios while lessening the {{summoner:12}} + {{item:3265}} play.
: Wow, this seems really in depth and well done. Any chance this event is also being used to test out some of these item ideas for a potential live release later down the line?
My money is that some of these items (or at least versions of them) will make it into Season 6. They all have some unique mechanic, and a custom game mode is an awesome way to test them out with a large (read: public beta) audience.
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
This is such a SICK way to test new items!! Oh man. This game mode seems like it's gonna be one of the most fun. Some of the items look amazing, fresh, and compelling. Oh yeah, and overpowered. Shifting teleport to boots?! RITO! A support item that grants a shield for gold!? Whoa yes please. I can't wait to play this game mode!!
: Janna's face looks weird and that's it.
100% agree! It looks confused or vacant or something. The current-splash Janna face is MUCH better. Overall, I like the theme, but that face...yikes.
: I have a problem with Singed's TBH. His leg in the back isn't anywhere near correct and he looks like he's doing lunges instead of running.
Yeah same. I get what they were going for, but the execution is a little meh. Overall, it's solid, but it makes him just look weird.
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