: SSG Rakan
You`re literally making a post on how attractive a champion is, maybe you should focus on other aspects..
: Riven sploit removes CD from Q
People were just abusing this in one for all
: Ultra Long Deathtimer
I`ve recently seen people saying that Leauge should make their death timers longer and I have to agree to some point because fed people are gonna always be on the battlefield I think the deathtimer should increase for an example more for people with a better KDA /In-game score because it at least feels rewarding to kill that person.
It`s the same situation as a surrender vote 4 votes = majority. (talking about normal after 20 min surrender votes not remakes or early ones)
: Ahri q movespeed taken is not good.
Ahri has been my second main for a while now and she is pretty immobile without ulti so that kind of sucks , Q wont let you setup combos more often now
: PBE Patching/Downloading Horrendously Slowly
Oh boy, this issue again. I just got PBE yesterday and a few months ago I had the same problem, extremelly slow. I freed my space and a few days ago decided to install it. My inthernet cable was cockblocking and just unplugged itself which was horibble as it was almost done patching. I left it patch overnight and in a few hours of extremelly slow installing it was surprisingly done. I expirience it myself the first few tries and still did, best thing to do is make sure all of your cables are plugged in and let it patch overnight or whenever, good luck. {{item:3070}} {{champion:103}}

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