: Sona Learnings
I liked the tiny aura sizes because I felt like there was actual skill involved in tagging allies with it compared to the fat AoE on live. All this "learning" nonsense seems like an excuse to not develop an actual design sense for what players really want.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
Just played a few games and I wanna say, the changes feel pretty good. I don't have a whole lot of time to write up a big wall of text, but basically, the movement speed buff is massive because it enables me to escape ganks as Sona/her AD, and I actually like the aura range change even though it's a nerf because I find my self moving to "tag" or "pick up" allies with my aura, makes me feel a lot less like a brainless button masher and more like I'm making actual decisions. Only thing I don't like is that her shield values on W feel a bit lackluster, it doesn't often feel like it's worth it to back up an ally who is going into a dangerous spot, but I'll probably get used to it. Good stuff, wouldn't have expected it based on your previous work >>
: > What you described seems more like a problem of mobile champions having too many tools, than immobile champions not having enough tools. The problem is one of skill expression and the ability for player skill to influence the game. If you simply removed tools from both sides - both sides have less skill expression and the ability for their skill to influence the game. Adding items for champions to reliably overcome their weaknesses assumes that these items don't depend on player skill to accomplish that feature. Certainly adding something 20% movement speed and 35% Tenacity onto Annie would lead to a bland game but depending on how you accomplish your goals - the method for solving your weakness could take significant mastery (Consider Flash or Zhonya's Hourglass.)
> [{quoted}](name=Xypherous,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=79cto3EB,comment-id=00de000100010000,timestamp=2016-04-12T01:03:18.244+0000) > > The problem is one of skill expression and the ability for player skill to influence the game. If you simply removed tools from both sides - both sides have less skill expression and the ability their skill to influence the game. You are implying that more tools = more opportunity for skill expression. If this were a purely PvE game, I might agree. However, in League, a huge amount of abilities inhibit your opponent's ability to interact with you. In fact, this is the entire point of crowd control. We even have terms for champion matchups where your skill matters very little - hard counters. If a champion is truly lacking in depth and "skill expression," their kit needs a rework, full stop. They should not be bending items, masteries and other systems around them to compensate for their lack of "playmaking ability."
: > instead of leaving them a more suited play style of bait into range and melt them when their in range is going to open up a avenue of "We made low mobility people faster yaye" What I've noticed is that this isn't a playstyle: It's become more and more of a stat-check as the game has gone on. Almost every immobile mage doesn't make plays - per se. They hit a certain burst threshold where they can kill you - or hit a certain tankiness threshold where they can't be killed - and either walk at you or flash at you and the fight is over in a barrage of numbers. Because these champions are more or less inflexible - as opposing characters get more and more tools - these characters have to stat-check ever harder to stay relevant unless something about the baseline flexibility of the game goes up.
What you described seems more like a problem of mobile champions having too many tools, than immobile champions not having enough tools. If you keep adding items for champs to reliably overcome their weaknesses, it's going to lead to a very bland game after a certain point. "Do I choose the new mage with mobility and CC who has to rush a damage item, or the old mage with CC and damage who has to rush a mobility item?"
: I agree that the nerf needs to be something like how often it procs the AoE slow instead of on the overall damage of the item. Every 3rd or 4th spellblade proc would make it less opressive. Or perhaps making the Slow start at 10% and increase by 5% for every 100 bonus MR would be within reason if it has to stay on every hit. Make it so that it requires other items to have a actually effective slow.
I think "every Xth proc" is kind of confusing. Usually you're thinking about weaving your abilities to maximize the Sheen procs, having to think on another level for when it gives you a slow or not is a bit much to deal with for one item. I like the idea that the slow scales up with armor, but I don't think it would do much about the combo.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I could totally see top lane tanks picking up an early catalyst to make laning super safe and to build into Righteous Glory or even Frost Cannon for the initiation potential. Especially considering the synergy with Frozen Heart/IBG. Have you guys had this concern and do you plan to do anything about it? Also, will you be addressing Doran's Ring? I'm worried about "Lord of the Rings" builds becoming a common way to circumvent mana pool woes.
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: PBE Down for 2 Hours for Maintenance
I don't see it on the Server Status page. Could you update please?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Since Ashe now has random critical slow, can she get her crit animation back? Especially since of all the marksmen she probably needs to react to her own crits the most since a double slow is a big deal. It's hard to tell if your attack is going to crit or not currently.
: Is there a reason why Death Timers are so unbelievably high?
It seems their goal was to accelerate the game with the gold and recipe cost changes. So having 70s death timers at 35 minutes makes sense if everyone has 6 items by then. But the midgame timers are a little ridiculous. You go 5 for 3 at 22 minutes and you lose 3 inner towers and a dragon while facing a grey screen for 40s. I mean it could be due to the ADC inflation going on but it feels like objectives suddenly start folding like paper after 16 or so minutes. The curve just needs to be smoothed out a bit.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
So on-hits apply once per auto, how does this interact with "inverse on-hits" e.g. Thornmail, Rammus W? Will I blow myself up if a Rammus with W on gets close and taunts me?
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
Not gonna lie Garen feels super stronk right now. I feel like he might have too much synergy with new items - his % MS on Q goes really well with the flats from BC and Dead Man's Plate, and his armor/MR passive makes up for the fact that he favors HP items over resists. Overall you absolutely shred Villains in the lategame which feels pretty awesome.
: Dead Man's Plate heading to Summoner's Rift on the PBE
Seems like it would be an insane defensive item on more mobile champs like Hecarim or Vi who are more likely to land an auto where it counts. I'm just speculating as I've only ever built the item once on BMB, but I mean, it's got some really good stats on it. Are you guys worried about other, more dive-y bruiser classes "poaching" the item or is it no big deal/intentional?
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
After a couple bot games, and a few playing against in blind pick: I really strongly disagree with the W XP sharing passive. The +XP allows Morde to just run away with a lane once he gets an advantage, and I personally find it neither interesting or appreciable, or even thematically related for that matter. I'd rather he get better tools to SURVIVE the duo lane, such as further increased shield gain on E, reduced decay on overshield, etc. I'm surprised at how weak Morde's pushing is. To me Mordekaiser was the guy who would relentlessly shove the wave in while shrugging off your harass. But in my experience E is now a really crappy ability to max between the massive +cost, the low + damage and a mere -0.25s on the CD per rank. So your best bet is to be as aggressive against the enemy as possible with your triple Q, and if that won't work you're kind of boned. Morde's health costs are pretty low if you max E not-first. I worry that this may make him too powerful in bot lane where resource management is a big part of trading. It's hard to tell currently on PBE though since every match is in an artificial bruiser meta which doesn't really reflect how lanes actually tend to go on Live.
: Not at the champion design level. I think there are a few possibilities that Mordekaiser could demonstrate: 1) Melee bot lanes generally are sufficiently_ enjoyable for all players_ and sufficiently _strategically interesting_ to warrant further proactive steps by us to dislodge players from their habits; 2) The existence of one occasional melee bot lane is interesting and enjoyable but does not warrant further steps by us; 3) Melee bot lanes generally are interesting and enjoyable, but Mordekaiser is a poor execution of one; 4) Melee bot lanes are antithetical to "good" LoL design, and so we should not seek to support them. Personally, I feel that #4 is unlikely. This means the central question is largely about whether a) there should be more melee bot lanes and b) at what level that "pushing" should come from us. Candidly, Mordekaiser is pretty "forced". _I would love for players to feel that they can identify situations to run a wider number of existing champions successfully as the duo lane carry._ In fact, Yasuo was an effort in this direction. Unfortunately, he is either ineffective in that capacity (though statistically bot lane duo is his highest win rate) or players are uncomfortable playing non-traditional styles. If the latter is true than I see my role as a designer not to "push" more champions into the lane but to create social and strategic space for players to innovate. This, then, is my hope for Mordekaiser: that his presence in the bottom lane spurs players to think more broadly about how they can build team composition that have a greater diversity of champion archetypes without the need for us to customize kits to that lane.
While this is a noble goal, I feel it's better accomplished by releasing accommodating item or map changes, rather than reworking a champion, who players might have some attachment to, into an "experiment" to influence the playerbase.
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
My biggest gripe so far is the big red screen-wide flash whenever you enter Bloodrage. I can see the giant 5-stack icon and the big ol' glowy red aura, adding the screen flash just makes it hard to see what's going on in a hectic fight.
: What's the difference between the first Unique passive on Titanic Hydra vs the second "cleave"? Does cleave only work on minions?
I think it's: Passive 1 applies to your autoattack target Passive 2 applies to units behind your target Active replaces Passive 2 for 1 autoattack
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
How does the "+% Base Attack Damage" on Sterak's Gage apply to Sheen procs? Also the cone change from Tiamat -> Titanic Hydra seems a little bit annoying when CS'ing... but otherwise it looks pretty sick.
: It seems like this would confuse less experienced Garen players as well. What if the support gets a kill recently or like a tank jungler. Focusing these targets is likely not a good choice, but the mark will draw them to do it instead of what you should be doing as a bruiser, diving the back line. I'm going to have to play him a bit to feel him out, but overall I think he may be weaker than current.
Knowing whether or not to chase the Villain is going to be a core part of playing Garen. The % true damage should mean you don't feel bad about whacking a Maokai or Shen instead of chasing the enemy ADC.
: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
I don't really understand what you're saying about Thornmail's interaction with armor reduction. Neither Malphite nor Garen have armor shreds on live. So Black Cleaver's passive won't affect Thornmail's damage, but Nasus' E will? That seems kind of strange.
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: Upcoming Pathfinding Changes
Minions appear to be randomly stopping in place and moving in weird ways on their way to lane. Edit: [1](http://i.imgur.com/wePkyFx.png) [2](http://i.imgur.com/CNh3bHp.png) They seem to get scattered just after reaching the inner turret: the first melee minion always rushes a bit ahead of the others, and the casters seem to form a zig zag. In general they are also a bit farther spaced than usual.
: Enchantment Magus vs. Runeglaive
I'm really not a big fan of the Runeglaive enchantment, because it hurts "pure" mage junglers a lot more than it helps mage-y bruiser/tank jungles. Magus was like a "Morellonomicon-lite" - it didn't provide mana regen or Grievous Wounds, but that's a small price to pay for the massive early powerspike 80 AP and 20% CDR brings to every mage jungler. The low-AP-ratio bruiser jungles didn't benefit from it as much, but it was ok because they could buy the cheap, cost-effective Iceborn Gauntlet that filled in everything they needed after their jungle enchant: a slow field, a high base damage AoE proc, some mana, some armor, and some CDR are quite fine tools to buy on a single item even after you spend your first 3.9k gold on boots and a jungle enchant. Conversely, Runeglaive is closer to an "IBG-lite" or a "Lich Bane-lite" - it lacks the slow field and armor, but shares Iceborn Gauntlet's other upsides. The main issue I have with this is that it really hurts mage jungles such as Fiddlesticks by delaying their main powerspike until *after* they purchase Runeglaive, to the point that it's not as relevant, whereas bruiser junglers who had to purchase Magus into IBG/Lich Bane didn't lose out nearly as much. Granted, most "meta" mage junglers aside from Fiddlesticks are bruiser-type junglers, so the net benefit to the jungle pool may be positive. Still, I'd prefer to see a more role-agnostic jungle item for mana hungry magic damage dealers.
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
Wow, I didn't know Riot had a team like this. Are there any other big improvements you've made under the hood that you never told the community about?
: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
What happened to W root stopping jumps/dashes?
: The problem of those combos is that there is no full reset on new ryze. You have atleast 0.25sec between each cast, which makes it all feel rather clunky, and if the enemies have tenacity, the will be able to avoid alot off your combo.
I use the 0.25s to stutter-step in between casts. I don't mind it since I don't feel like I'm wasting DPS by moving after casts anymore. It just takes awhile to get used to the rhythm of it.
: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
Hey I just wanna say I really love how Ryze plays with this rework. Before he was kind of boring but somehow it's more exciting to hit your combo when there's a chance you can miss half your damage. Anyways my only complaint (although it's not exactly gameplay related) is that his passive particles and buff icon are kind of muted - I don't really feel like I'm exploding with energy whenever my passive triggers. I'd like to see the runes shine a bit more when I hit 5 stacks, and the buff icon maybe brightened to distinguish it from its "stacking" version.
: We are trying to make Frozen Heart somewhat less attractive, yes. We like Tear+RoA as core items on Ryze, but with having a third core item in Frozen Heart, he really had very little build flexibility whatsoever. This gives him a bit more build flexibility to build things like Zhonya's, Abyssal, Luden's Echo, GA, etc. without just spamming the same three items for his first ~9k gold.
I feel like the Mana + Armor + CDR from Glacial Shroud is just too attractive in the early game to pass up once you've got Tear, especially when you're up against AD fighters who love to rush Brutalizer and flat AD. A bit of wasted CDR is nothing when you're the only champ in the game who naturally gains damage from Frozen Heart. Although IBG can probably end up being the better choice in most games.
: Ryze Changes Thoughts
I agree the ult CD feels excessively low - I find myself using it to get out of base faster in the late game because I know it'll be up by the time I'm in a fight. I think he might be a bit strong right now for sure. One thing I think they could change if he is too strong is the fact that the spell which procs Arcane Mastery benefits from the CDR buff. This means you can RQWE from 1 stack and immediately start your enhanced combo from Q - seems a bit excessive IMO. I'd prefer if that 1st spellcast didn't trigger it so you have to prepare for the 5th stack.
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