: New HUD Feedback
Hello, globally, I like the new HUD (will expose the details after) BUT : * the health/mana bars are too flat * the blue of the mana bar is too dark, it is less visible than previous HUD I LOVE the fact that you can reorder champions in Tab to match each roles.
: New Braum Skin - Pizza Delivery Braum
Would be great, passive marks could be slice of pizzas. But, to be honest, I think the next skin of Braum is more likely to be Riot Braum (like Riot Graves, Riot Blitz, Riot Kayle).
: I want to apologize
It seems so unreal... Congrats man, you earn 10 maturity points, gg :)
: ARAM Improvements Incoming!
And idea about Mark/Dash (if you want to keep it in ARAM). Why not give it he ability to dash even if it does not touch anyone or only an element of the map (to be more restrictive). This way, while it could give a clever engage, it could give an escape to squishies and make tanks think twice before engage because they would fear to be "dragged" by someont who would back with snowball during they engaging dash. Not sure if I am clear but I think it could balance a little more the Mark/Dash
: Rocket Girl Tristana thumbnail has boxes and question marks
I would like to tag this "bug" as solved but can't edit the title or tag it, is there a solution ?
: Rocket Girl Tristana thumbnail has boxes and question marks
Thanks for your answer, you seems totally right. New chroma for Rocket Girl Tristana incoming :)
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: Could this be a similar bug to Tear of the Goddess not displaying its tool tip correctly?
I was thinking the same thing, I am pretty sure it is linked. Tooltip does not update but the item works as intended.
: Muramana does not stack
I tried with an Amumu with {{item:3070}} and it stacks well. Maybe the problem comes from only with {{item:3004}}
: Zhonia's passive does not work anymore
Ok, my bad it is just a problem of tooltip, I just tested again. I edited my post this way but can't edit the title.
: Muramana does not stack
Are you sure it is not only a tooltip issue ? I posted an issue about {{item:3191}} passive (http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/3rOuAUUd-zhonias-passive-does-not-work-anymore) : The tooltip is stuck to 0 but the stack of armor/AP seems to work
: Zhonia's passive does not work anymore
You are right, it's the passive of Seeker's armguard but I thought it was easier to read if I spoke about Zhonia :) If you had armor/power, maybe I did not check correctly and it is only a tooltip issue.
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: Rek'Sai makes u-turn when travelling through a long tunnel
I will try to reproduce it and make a video of it.
: Also, I notices that whilst in my w form (underground) I could still see the enemys! I dont think that is supposed to be that way, if it is, sorry, but I think it isnt Map: ARAM map
Are you sure it is not because you have vision through minions ?
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I submitted two bugs, one is the "de-synced tunnel" (http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/VoaK4E6p-reksai-may-not-appears-near-the-exit-tunnel) the other is the "u-turn into the tunnel" : http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/F9MKx0pY-reksai-makes-u-turn-when-travelling-through-a-long-tunnel
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: "Center camera when respawn" option does not work
: To watch high elo games
Did not find it yet but would be great if Riot decide to not remove it.
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: I really, really feel that Gnar's Q should hit twice
I agree with you. It is even strangier that the boomerang puts a mark on a target twice or on a new target if it were not marked, when returning back
: Can't Click to Unlock Skins in Champ Select
Hello, you have to click on "Click here to unlock..." to unlock the skin. It would be more intuitive to click on the picture.


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