: lol, kys is not toxic? First time, I am seeing someone getting banned, and that is because it was triggered by your chat, other players were as toxic as you? I'd agree with you Improve yourself Riot, why not permaban this guy? and more people like him? why even spare?
its toxicity not cheating so toxicity gets 14 tempa-ban
: Did not understand a thing
long story short i got banned by a troller team and trying to figure out if i play real lol does the timer resets over and over again{{champion:119}} {{sticker:darius-angry}} those trollers MMMMM
: just login 14 days after you were banned. GL. and i'm pretty sure your PBE account is linked to live, why don't you give it a shot
the real one works but im wondering about PBE cuz i just dont see the #~~logic~~ in these bans
: what you get suspended for? was you a naughty boy
i was basicly talking to the other lithuanian in other team and some our words WHICH is swear words but not like F**** and others its a kinder version of those but the mmm... cencor didnt go off and i basicly got banned by A troller team JUST DREAMS
: Just to clarify: you were banned for 14 days on the PBE server, and your question is if you can still play on the live servers?
i mean the real league is linked to pbe if i play real one does the timer reset over and over again when i login {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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