: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Hello there ! I'm playing Mordekaiser since season 2 : So about the new Mordekaiser : I see this new Mordekaiser like a Nasus one, I mean, you are weak at the beginning and you are being very strong at the end. This is what is Mordekaiser. Now let's continue about the new kit : Passive : No need to talk, having the shield at 25% is very nice ! Q : Now Mordekaiser will use his Q as the main damages, well, he deal bonus magic damage with his AA, like a Jax, so the champ is a bit hybrid. W : Well, this is the thing I dislike the most, I mean, the problem of the "OLD" Mordekaiser was the fact is was a brutal pusher but now he don't push as he did with this new kit, so why we have to use on an allied "champion", why not on a minion ? The idea of using on a minion was cool. E : Very weird to see this spell with an AD ratio, but I like the way it turns and it's like the old one. "I need shield what can I do ? Oh yes I got my E for this !" and in late game it's pretty good. R : The ult is the same, nothing more to say, and the fact to have the dragon ghost is cool but very necessary. So, the problem I see personaly is about the fact to going bot because of the W, now Mordekaiser is like Nasus or the new Darius, a juggernaut, so why je is the only one to have to go bot ?


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