: thanks but do i get RP&IP every week? please Reply TY
read the forums.. they took away the salary because people we acting barbaric: trolling dodging feeding etc and not testing the game... they took it away so that those who do these types of things and think its only for free stuff will have no reason to play pbe but those who want to test can still do so because they make new content they want tested 1 ip
: PBE Patcher issue
try copying the files onto a usb flash drive and launching it from there... i mean all of the files too
: Replay Problems???
i think it means private games like customs, haven't tried it but thats my guess.
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: [Important] Broken Runes?
Agreed I have almost 50 of each rune and cannot buy anymore needs fix!
: You can try to balance sounds out in the in-game "Sound" Menu, when you press Esc ;)
I did that, but I still agree with willis its not doing what I feel it should.
: I'm going to be completely honest here and say that the new sound system irritates the heck out of me. The in game music way over powers everything else, you can barley hear the announcer let you know when there's a kill(honestly sometimes I don't think she even says it). The voices of the champions are super muffled. All in all everything I've experienced is out of balance it seems like nothing works the way it's supposed to, except the ding when a minion is slain.
I agree pings are almost absent.
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: Scorched Renekton bug
Agreed, but there is not an image too so I think it is yet to be added,


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