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When did the maintenance started ? Do they have regular times? if they do i should schdule my session accordingly Anyone knowS?
: Play button is greyed out and unclickable. "You may be offline" HELP! ! !
I have solved the issue by running the PBE launcher as Administrator. The launcher did a quick patch (it did not do that before i ran it as administrator) Once the launcher came back up the play button was clickable. I was surprised that it work but it did,
: Can't start games
I have a solution. worked for me and it's simple as 1 2 3 . Try launching th PBE luncher as Administrator. Th launcher should start and after login it should perform a quick patch. Once th launcher will reopen the Play button should be clickable. Let me know if it worked.
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: I choose this one as the designated thread for the new bugsplats people are encountering with 9.20 hitting PBE! First apologies the transition to 9.20 wasn't as stable as anyone would like! We'll dig into these bugsplats first thing in the morning. If you're encountering bugsplats, sit tight and we'll have a fix for you as soon as we can. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for the response. In the meantime i have manage to fix this by deleting the riotclient from the riot client folder.. the reddish icon.. (honestly i have just cut it and put it outside th folder...) works like a charm please try this as urf games takes to long to start :)


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