: Riot What are you doing to Aether Kayle?!
Ye, those wings looks a bit thick. Feels like new skin, which it is. But should at least have more of a resemblance since aether winged kayle was already quite a "new fresh" skin compared to her old ones.
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: How Aether Wing Kayle should look in 3rd form
and remove the chunky "exhaustion pipe" parts of the upper wings. Makes it look a bit too much like a Machine.
: PLEASE for the love of god, update BLACKTHORN MORGANA.
if they just add the falling leaves it will look so much better.
: Teemo rework opinion
I somewhat agree. Firs o fall teemo's early game is better, since he will have his current q and dot damage at lvl 1, yes his q has a worse ap ratio but that doesnt really matter til his first back. It's nice that they are making his on hit build a bit more rewarding since he will do more damage that he was previously doing with that build. However it's bad that it's taking power from his full ap build where q and mushrooms are the big source of damage. my main problem with the new teemo is hat he is no longer stealthed but only camouflaged. So i would prefer if they made a change so that if teemo is standing still he will be stealthed in his e and camouflaged while moving.


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