: Feedback from a long time Anivia main
I 100% agree, exchanging pre-6 is difficult enough with all the mobile champs in the game. I can think of a lot of other champs that see a lot more play w/ much more problematic abilities and lack of counter play. I won't even start to talk about Illaoi...
: Tundra Hunter Warwick TU
Definitely, the new tundra hunter is just bland and blah...To be honest I would never buy the new version, so it would be kind of a blow to have one of my very first skin purchases reduced to this. I would be really disappointed to see this go through to live; please revert it or try again. >.<
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: New Tristana skills and ratios
I would have to disagree, she has a Very Strong late game as it is. If you buff her early game there is no trade off at all. There would be no reason to pick any other adc. Similar to Vayne, who has a really powerful late game but is prone to bullying early. Trist is fine as she is, if not perhaps a bit too powerful.
: Ranked Restrictions
Completely support this all the way, count me in! -Emailing Now!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
Bring back damage counter on the smite icon? That was awesome! Same theme as this as well.
: Executioners calling?
I would love to see this!
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I do not know if anyone else caught this yet, but the description of her passive in game has her "MMoving in brush..." I do not know if it was intentional, but...it looks kinda silly. Just an FYI. As for game play, I see this new version of Nid being dominated by ad assassins (Trinity, BORK, sunfire... or basically spear into cougar pounce and Roar...AKA ap nid not really being viable anymore, at least with her current ap ratios being so low. While I see this as more befitting to her persona, it definitely will cause much angst from those who love the traditional siege engine nid. One last thing...is it out of the question to let her "hunt" neutrals? It would make her jungle much easier, and let's be honest, Jungle Nidalee fits her persona splendidly. *One more last thing...sorry. I would love to see her cougar form scale with ad and ap, with the larger of the two being the damaging stat (not cumulative, but one or the other). I feel this would allow an interesting and rewarding choice between committing to either ad or ap nid, though I do not know how feasible this would be to program...? Perhaps pumping up the ap ratios on her human form and lowering the base stats, which translates the ap style into more of a support/suppression role?...hmmm...
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
After my first run, the only thing I can say for certain is that the sound on his Q is either not working or is very "lackluster." though I suppose this could also be the new sound engine? He "grunts" but there is no longer the "splash" noise with his q?
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
The game mode was a ton of fun, we tried a 5 adc team which seemed to do really well because we were able to accelerate into the late game with it though it could probably have been countered better if the game lasted in to the late game. This probably worked because no one was able to build defensively in time because of the slower $$ ramp. I would leave the itemization costs alone, it sort of defines the game mode and lets you build in accordance with a lower gold income. Though I see snowballing being a large problem with this game mode.
: I think Xerath ult fires to quickly and is hard to dodge as the enemy.
If it were any slower though, at lvl 3 max range it would take far too long for the ability to hit making any attempt at leading your enemy, at such range, a lucky shot at best. It was nigh impossible to dodge his old ult as well, if anything I feel they should increase the time between casts to allow counter-play.
: i feel his QWE are amazing, but his ult is not like part of him; arcanopulse, locus of destruction and stasis orb have a nice synergy, but his ult have 0 counterplay, 0 synergy, yes, it adds A LOT of power with that vision range, but it feels like if one person was designing his 3 primary abilities, but a different person was designing his ult.
His ult is indeed a tad bit lackluster...Though I do like what it brings to his kit...
: My current impressions of Xerath is that the movement speed reduction on his Q feels a bit severe. You are slowed down to about 208 movement speed (while wearing tier 2 boots), which I feel is a little bit excessive and makes the positioning requirement for using this ability feel really strict. For comparison, Varus without boots has about 268 movement speed while charging his Q. A minimum movement speed around that ballpark would feel more comfortable. That's my main complaint. I haven't gotten to play Xerath against people yet though, so I don't yet have opinions on how her performs against champions. The visual effects however are very good in my opinion, and I would be happy to see them being used on live.
The movement speed reduction is pretty substantial, but I feel this fits his kit as a long range artillery mage. His massive range (especially on his ult) makes up for this, it forces the caster to be proficient in their positioning to ensure they can land all of their abilities to lock down and fully reach the maximum damage potential, thus creating a sufficient gap between this highly skilled player and merely the proficient. If Xerath were able to simply chase down the enemy after launching his entire kit he would simply be another wannabe assassin. Just my opinion though...
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: [Suggestion] Teambuilder
Understandably when this goes live there will be a much larger player base and ques should be shorter, but in addition to the rigidity of the team comps after champ selection...it takes forever to fill the positions. I qued up with a friend and we took both bot roles and waited on a jungle which took about 3 min. Then we took jungle and top and it nearly 15 min for bot lane and the longest que was for adc... I am not sure how to fix this issue, but I do see it as an issue that may need to be addressed. The new Que music is freaking epic though, a fantastic change.


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