: holy shit
Lmao did you actually get banned on pbe
: I had a 10 minute wait queue for at least 15 games
If u afked 3 times in the same day (24 hours) im pretty sure it gives u leavers queue
: It's not a bug. Riot does not enable them in store, because they need no testing.
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: same, but for me all of my icons dissapeared i had like 100 of them {{champion:32}}
: my icons are gone?
by the way the icon I have now, winter wonder soraka, isn't even in my icon collection so im even more confused lmao
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: It seems like literally nothing you “very few skin champ” mains will EVER fucking work. You complained about PP Zoe, you complained about Mecha Sol, you complained about Count Kled, you complained about Arclight Yorick, you even complained about dragon master swain FFS. Moral of the story is, you fucks are never satisfied by ANYTHING and it shows.
Honestly as a main if a champ that got a skin that isn't all appealing but every single other champ gets a good skin and maybe more frequently just makes ppl feel like shit :/ I will literally NEVER be satisfied with PP zoe and honestly they could've used so many diff skin lines such as star gaurdian which would fit or maybe even an april skin like a slumberparty with maokai or some shit. These are tge reasons people are mad with skins mainly because they either don't fit, feel right, or feel just. But that could just be my own selfish opinion
: Hey what's up? Good to see Ivern gets a skin after so long, but the truth is, is not good. Theme wise: not Ivern at all; Dunkmaster skins should go for champs who can dunk and create the feeling of a true dunkmaster; Illaoi was a candidate for this skinline for the same reasons. All the community was expecting an Ivern the Cruel/Coven/Elderwood Ivern, not this. Colors: you kept the same palette, which could be ok if the design has other features or style, but in this case, even Daisy seems like wearing sport clothes and that's it. If the idea is just dressing them (because originally they have no clothes), then at least you should change the colors. Quality: it's terrible, really, his face looks like the one in the base skin, with a wig on it. Not sure why Daisy has the orange leaves on her shoulders. There's too much going on up there, her head, hair, face, all together and not in a good way, is not clear at all, and it ends up looking like an orange ball attached to a green/brown stick. Have in mind that Sewn Chaos Amumu is the standard for "good enough to go live/bad enough to cancel it". Sewn Chaos Amumu as way better than this and received a positive feedback. This skin, after 2.5 years, it's dissapointing: reddit/IG/Surrender@20, all agree is not worth at all. Since it's not a popular champ, this skin will not sell at all, and you may think that's not worth to make any skins for him for another 2.5 years, when in fact, If you try to do something good, you may become this champ kinda popular, or at least please the small amount of Ivern players out there.
So glad im not the only one that dislikes this skin... Would be better if they made Grinch skin...
: how to improve Dunkmaster Ivern change to 1820RP. running/walking Ivern is dribbling a basketball passive ability: a whistle blows, a basketball floats in the middle of the camp, audience claps SFX. q skill: ivern chest passes a basketball to an enemy; on enemy champion(s), a basketball net appear on top of them, clicking on these enemy champion(s) causes allies to dash and attack, the basketball net mark has a ball drop through it and makes a SWOOSH SFX, disappears. w skill: the bush has thunderclappers shaking, camera flashes, foam hands waving, signs, an Dunkmaster Ivern Jersey shaking. Ivern's AAs in the bush, him shooting 3 pointers. e skill: the sounds of basketball shoes squeeking on wooden floors, 3 miniature DM Iverns dribbling around allied champions before performing an alleyoop straight up and disappearing. r skill: golem is summoned dribbling a ball, golem basic attack is him bouncing ball off of enemies, golem knocks up enemies with a wave of basketballs.
The only ok idea of this is the q but it wpuld make more sense for a ring to go around them as a snare viual but i still wouldn't like it as a 1820 skin
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a cute hoe uwu

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