: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Are you doing a team of people to use the new client when it goes live before everyone else goes to it or are you releasing it to everyone at the same time?
: leona doesn't dash. she blinks. the spell is a non targeted one, but she blinks from where she is to the foe.
not true as an azir ult will block her and it will block everything that is not a blink.
: Blacksmith poppy hammer [Request]
: Featuring Poppy
I like the idea of having the animations being a tad more deliberate. Your suggestions, even though they are hard to figure out are very good. Maybe add some text to explain what you're meaning in the picture.
: I personally don't think any changing needs to be done to her passive at all. As it is right now, Using Q on a low hp minion and bouncing it to enemy champs deals SO much damage thanks to love tap. I've hit for 1/3 hp lvl 1 with it. If something DOES get changed, it should be more passive ( as in not direct damage related). Maybe something stacks, or adds an additional effect to her basics if she consecutively hits the same target. But it's shaky since it's pretty strong. Her passive makes a huge impact at all lvls in the game, even more so if you build crit. Just my 2 cents
while I don't disagree with you, they have stated they want her to be the wombo-combo champ and I don't feel that her kit applies that feel right now. I think my suggestion would drive that a little better.
: Miss Fortune Love Tap ideas
This actually isn't a bad idea, hitting a minion could refresh the buff but hitting a champion stacks the buff,. Something along the lines of Attacking a target applies love taps to them for a short time. Each enemy near MF with the mark grants MF bonus move speed and Attack speed (maybe a touch of AD). This means she could only stack it up to 5 times so it has a self limit and they could tie it into her spells, aka her ult. So she could have burst of damage as her ult ends (if everyone was still alive) and if they all died then it just gets wasted.
: What happened to the new Champion Select?
they are doing some fixes and it will be back. Its supposed to become the new standard.
: Faction Affinity possiblity?
100% support something of this. My thought was that you pick a faction and when you play someone from that faction you gain **bonus** something for it (ip, mastery, something)
: That's also because they couldn't find a way to make a long serpentine body without having him with a super XXL hitbox. I always wondered why they didn't make him wrapped, when still, and only allowed his head to be hitten. Like a Passive : Only Ao Shin's head can be hit. That would make sense if he is an elder dragon god to have an untouchable body =D.
they could go for the mistform dragon style. The head is the only physical portion of him, the body is just all mist and looks similar to wolf (kindred)
Rioter Comments
: Elderwood Hecarim Would Be Perfect EXCEPT (Skin Feedback)
they could just run the already recorded sounds through a filter like they did with battle cast champs. The would obviously want to leave out the shadow isle ones and just do the others.
: Bard Chimes
...what time do minions spawn? I didn't notice a change to that.
: I have questions that i would like to be answered from riot if possible .
Ao Shin was shelved for the time being as they continue to have difficulties making him feel as though he belongs on the rift. This is in reference to parts of his theoretical kit as well as his animations. They cant find the right feel for him. Runes have been talked about a little but they haven't made any real choices yet because of the fact that there has been a lot of IP invested into the runes you have. They cant just give you a bunch of IP and take all the runes away. Not to mention that some people (like me) have season 2 holiday runes, how would they make up that and getting rid of my runes. A major rune overhaul would be a long process and they already have a change to everything else happening this preseason. Personally, I'd expect to see something eventually but right now they have too much going on to really see anything meaningful happen with runes. I'd also like to point out that these aren't stupid ideas, I'm sure other people have been wondering as well. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: i think u know all the skins available after just seen it one time so it will be easy for know who this champ is and u also can check the champ name anytime {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
The problem is that you already have to try to remember over 120 champions at a glance, and while a lot of people can do that not all can. Then you would like to take and triple or even quadruple that meaning that people have to remember not only the champ but also the skin in a really small circle. Then there is the fact that some skins are so rare that you can play all year long and see them once, which also causes confusion when you see them on the minimap. It is a great idea, it really is. I'm not trying to discredit that, the problem is that there is too much going on already and people wouldn't be able to clearly tell what was going on. That being said, I would like to see the splash used for the kill streaks. That alone would be the best. Edit: the minimap you posted, that's about the same size as the one I play with, and I couldn't tell you who is in the blue base nor could I tell you who the blue character is behind jinx. I also don't know who that is in the red midlane. Keep in mind that I've been playing since riven was released.
: Quinn's new blind can be kinda awkward (for the enemy)
the vision reduction should set in faster for both parts. It should be much more instantaneous.
: Yess Please! Do you think its a long shot for them to silten to this post? Maybe its not something Super Urgent, however, its something that would be nice to have and especially conveninent for those of us who like to show our support for the game.
they will see it eventually, the thing is that they wouldn't say much and we wouldn't see the feature for a long time.
: Amidst all these reworks and visual updates, the most vital aspect of League of Legends is unchanged
its reminiscent of the warcraft 3 days. I agree that it needs changed though. ..."I FOLLOW THE BIG METAL CLAW IN THE SKY!!!"...
: I hope they do change it. Now it's going to bother me each time I look at it.
: Caitlyn could use a fancy piltover/hextech railgun that fires the whole shell.
if her gun was a railgun the shell wouldn't require a firing primer in the center of the shell
: You're right. I don't know how it slipped my mind that Graves' projectile is now buckshot, rather than a slug. Also, the word you're looking for instead of piece is "pellet." There are two main types of shotgun pellets used: Birdshot (Around 400 or so tiny pellets in a 12-gauge shell, used for quail) and buckshot (The kind Graves seems to use is #00, or Double Aught shot, with an average of 9 pellets per 12-gauge shell, generally used for mid-sized deer). I also think that the shotgun should be changed from a 6 cylinder revolver to a side-by-side break action shotgun. While it would cost a bit of time and money to re-animate, it would work well to increase realism, and work with the lore. I agree that Graves' new shotgun shouldn't look just the same as his old one.
its not a piece of pellet though...its just a pellet...but really they could go with bearing because he is basically shooting a handful of ball bearings at people instead of buckshot...
: It's an issue of clarity for me. My gripe about it is that it looks exactly like the earth version of the projectile. I don't really care if Piltover firearms operate in some exotic way (Magic, hextech, steam power), but if that's the case, they shouldn't appear to be _unfired_ earth projectiles. Here's an example analogy: A hypothetical Piltover version of a car. It looks a lot like an Earth car. It has a frame, body panels, a suspension, an engine, wheels, axles, and tires. However, it uses a single giant metallic sphere located dead center on the bottom to move around. The tires don't even touch the ground. The suspension, wheels, and tires would seem irrelevant, yes? Granted, they may serve some purpose, whether they attach the vehicle with something else, or they just look stylish to yordles, but to the player, they look like earth car tires and wheels, meant to touch the ground and propel the car. But they're not being used for that purpose. This is just like my argument against the existence of a casing, primer, and presumably powder, on these fired Piltover projectiles. Maybe in Runeterra, that shape is aerodynamic. Maybe the primer helps hurt undead enemies. These components may have some use in lore, but they look like full, unfired earth rifle cartridges. **TLDR** If Piltover firearms use technology similar to earth, the casing, primer, and powder would not be present once the projectile exits the barrel. If Piltover firearms use exotic means,_ the projectiles look too much like earth-made unfired projectiles_, and seem to the player to be irrelevant, whether they have an in-lore purpose or not.
I'm not disagreeing with you, the most important thing to me is that cait's passive gets fixed. Graves' projectile doesn't bother me nearly as much. That being said I don't think his q projectile should bounce. It should land, half buried in the ground, wait then just blow up.
: Yeah that would be an amazing addition to it, being able to see your friend's wishlist in order to know what they want as opposed to asking them. Because sometimes maybe you want to gift a 950RP that they want as opposed to a 750RP that they want, who knows maybe you feel more generous or less generous. Its just nicer to know rather than having to ask them. Much much much better!! ;-)
: your too focused on one thing and that is what the average player does in any situation in game or out, and why most games end up being bad games b/c the people who can see how the end of each will go, are outnumbered by the people who can't. also the quote you grabbed was stating human nature, not anything about customs. finally i suggested that you **can** go to customs to avoid the habits of the normal players, b/c there is no way all your yelling and complaining is going to push the "i want to win" player off the pbe, and riot does not see the deference between you and them so why not separate your self from them by testing on customs by all means go to draft mode to find the things just don't complain about other people getting in your way b/c that is what is going to happen
I'm just going to follow starlight's que and just end the argument. You're not taking anything we say to heart, so I hope you have a nice day. I'm not arguing any more.
: His Q would work nicely with the real life version of a 40mm M1060 thermobaric grenade, and seems like it'd be easy to put into the game. They'd just need to smooth out the rim and change the color scheme, which shouldn't be too much work for the animators and coders.
take the 40mm and put it into the world of Runeterra, what would it look like...their guns function differently than ours it seems. maybe this is their variation of it.
: Can some one help me plz? i have been trolled here
if the store is recording you still at -3300 ip no matter what then you need to send a support ticket. This hasn't shown up on any other threads I've seen so it may just be you.
: there are alot of reliable people in this thread alone that you can contact to get the other people you need and/or want to get that custom, and there are no limitations if you have the will to test, or as some person put it "just do it!" or something to that effect, so go forth be proud tester and eventualy test the world!!!! anyway thx for reading
> [{quoted}](name=zacktootall,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Jb2i8Zqp,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-11-05T20:25:40.383+0000) > 2. its human nature to try to win we are all guilty of this, so with that in mind what do you want to do when your in a game against another person? ... anyone .... no ..... the answer is _**win**_. > you're telling everyone that if they wanna try to test they can do it in a custom. I'm telling you that it would take you less effort to find some friends on live if you wanna win.
: Have a nice day. I firmly believe you missed my entire point and are far too obstinate to attempt any sort of actual conversation.
yea sorry bro I'm still having this argument with him despite telling myself I'd ignore him
: As a QA analyst myself, you can never test enough. Testing will always happen and it's better to get AS MUCH TESTING as possible before it goes to live. It is only 2 weeks of testing (usually) and you can deal with seeing champs/skins/items/whatever every single game. You have the wrong attitude for a tester. PBE isn't about wanting to win, it's about testing new stuff out as much as we can. A tester should try their hardest to break the damn game. Edit: You should also be testing new content so much that you are sick of seeing it and never want to see it again, and keep on testing it (even after it's live). If you don't have this mindset, then testing isn't for you.
: ok i challege you what is it that you see that i dont
you're ignoring the fact that each and every portion of the game is supposed to be tested. You insist that you can play to win in a lighter atmosphere. The reality is that the test server is designed to allow a player a chance to attempt every single combination of factors. Maybe picking a graves in the new draft system at the last 2/3 second will break the system but all other champs work. You cant find that in a custom. You cant find that in a "controlled environment". The point of a test server is to attempt to break the game with an overwhelming number of possibilities. sometimes you cant do that with just two people. Once you find a bug the customs are there to help you reproduce it. The point though isn't to use customs to try to find bugs. As a tester you have to be open to any combination of play that the other testers will want to play. I've done work as a paid tester, and what you will find out when you finally get into the mindset is exactly what was said by BADxWoLF earlier; > "As a QA analyst myself, you can never test enough. Testing will always happen and it's better to get AS MUCH TESTING as possible before it goes to live. It is only 2 weeks of testing (usually) and you can deal with seeing champs/skins/items/whatever every single game. You have the wrong attitude for a tester. PBE isn't about wanting to win, it's about testing new stuff out as much as we can. A tester should try their hardest to break the damn game. > > Edit: You should also be testing new content so much that you are sick of seeing it and never want to see it again, and keep on testing it (even after it's live). If you don't have this mindset, then testing isn't for you." you should expect to see the changed champs until you're literally sick from seeing them. Then you should expect to continue seeing them. Azir hit live servers with so many bugs, why....well people were bored of seeing him in game and started banning him on the pbe. Add that to the fact that most of the testers were out in separate queues and didn't get 5v5 matchups and therefore didn't get a chance to find the bugs in the game. These are the things you need to get used to. Get used to seeing them in game, get used to them being played every single game. Get used to seeing what bugs come up because you'll never see them show up in a simple custom with a single other player.
: I'm referring to the animation on his Q. There is what looks like a semi-rimmed artillery shell or an extraordinarily oversized .45 ACP round that bounces around through all the smoke in the animation. Plus his shotgun has a comically large bore to be referred to as a 12-gauge in his passive. Screenshot: [(http://imgur.com/WVDaaLe
his q is a special kind of round, it should be a full cylinder that explodes, similar to a 40mm smoke round.
: then you wouldnt be repeating the same thing other people are saying
you're obviously the one not retaining the information that everyone else seems to be putting out.
: only here but i dont mind i have tryed to share logic here to try and create a better more understanding community
maybe that's because you're amongst a larger group of people who actually want to test and feel as though if you want to play to win you can just GO TO LIVE SERVERS.
: Im sorta gettin sick of players like you that are tryharding on the pbe. This is the test server, not show your skills server. Stop shutting down people as soon as you see them. Stop noob chases on a 0 and 10 kha zix jungle. Im on the pbe to have fun with both teams, not to get myself upset because some players (if not the majority) are trying to get as much fed as they can like its a ranked game. Im literally sick of it.
I spent two days having this dispute with him, he doesn't get the point. all I can recommend is don't have him on your team in champ select and ignore him because he would rather spend his time trying to get you to argue than actually understanding the purpose of being on the server he is on.
dude you can -1 me all day, I don't care about up or down votes...never have. so if that's how you get your troll kicks go for it...i'll be out testing stuff
: +1
he was +1 me, not zacktootall, don't down vote snowfacechamcham
: read the majority of this thread plz b4 continuing i have had this chat with at least two if not, more people
: Cait and Graves Rework Artwork Issue
I pointed this out to them on the live server and while I got a few responses no reds....I would like to see it changed. That being said the graves one I'm not sure I know which you're talking about. Is it one of his ability icons or are you talking about his indicator under his hp bar. If you're referring to the one under his bar it just shows that he has a shell in the chamber.
: Easter Eggs in the Champ Select
that's not what an easter egg is, but it is a good concept.
: all right so i think the draft game mode has been well tested then dont you say b/c _**alot**_ of people have played it every day for as long as this game mode has been up there are alot of reliable people in this thread alone that you can contact to get the other people you need and/or want to get that custom, and there are no limitations if you have the will to test, or as some person put it "just do it!" or something to that effect, so go forth be proud tester and eventualy test the world!!!! anyway thx for reading
you seem to still fail to grasp the purpose of being on the pbe. I understand that its nice to come here and check out the new stuff, but plz, if you're not open to testing i'll ask one last time. please go to live. if you're here to test then try to get into the mindset for it. sadly I doubt you'll grasp the purpose and as a result of this fact I'm going to stop wasting my time trying to speak with you on it. I only ask that if I end up with you on my team you don't get irritated when I ignore you.
: yeah he goes invisible, turns into a diving board, and glides. whats your point.
: im not say test customs im saying test **in** say it with me **in** customs, its our best tool for anything on league live or not
part of testing is testing all of the portions of the game. the pre game. the post game. the game itself. the load. the de-load. the matchmaker. cant do that if I get stuck doing customs alone because you have chosen to play like this is the live server.
: And yet you still commplain even though i said going to customs with a buddy or someone like minded in this thread or others instead of randoms, who of whitch i quote "play to win" and then you could have your controlled environment to test what you want to test. Can you at least say "agree" in the reply to this one b/c this is a pritty good solution you got to admit. edit: also i didn't down vote just your stuff so plz don't take that, in that way again plz
except I don't agree. I play to test every feature. I don't play to test the customs feature alone. So if you have a problem with that I say again, go to the live server. edit: its becoming largely apparent that you're one of the incredibly few who plays on the pbe to win.
: New Idea that came about after "Reset of screen every time you buy something" came about.
I love this idea, I'd like to add something to it though. If the mystery chest or whatever the gifting option is going to be. Has an increased chance of gifting from the wishlist. even if it was just a tiny bonus, this would be an interesting option for the game store.
: Except most AP Casters are based around CC, in which case any AD can purchase a QSS and call it a day. Show me more than 1 item that's AP + Armor aside from Zhonyas. Now look at all the items that afford AD / MR.
When do you see an adc build any of the stat items. Even in pro play. Those are for bruisers and tanks and are used on them almost exclusively. That being said I feel they are a little over tuned. I also think there should be an ap version of bruisers that should get their own items with defenses and strengths. So yes I do think that ap should have some more love but not for the ap casters, for the ap bruisers.
: The same could be true for any AD scaling champion. Why should AD scaling champs be allowed to blow up anyone on the enemy team and perform 2 autos for massive life steal back to full?
they shouldn't...this is why zedds and yasuo's are just plain wrong in my opinion. That being said zed struggles with lifesteal whereas I hate yasuo's setup. adc's can only blow up people who are squishy like them so mages get hit hard when fighting an adc but adc's are in it for the long haul when they go against a tank. casters on the other hand can drop a tank in a single rotation assuming equal gold income. also bruisers and tanks cant sustain like an adc can but adc's cant lifesteal through a mage or an assassin who will just burst them out. Its like a game of rock paper scissors.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jbels,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Jb2i8Zqp,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-05T09:43:10.177+0000) > > We're supposed to be testing them, if you are banning champions because you don't want to play against them, get out of PBE and go back to live. You're defeating the entire purpose of PBE +1
: also the problem is you guys getting upset over banning them simple yet novel solution dont play that game mode if you want to test marksmen go to customs so we can enjoy the game part after testing the the champ select part thx have a nice day.
sadly you're obviously hurt that you're being told that you should allow people to test. I mean you've gone through and downvoted every one of my posts despite the fact that they have solid arguments in them. As far as me goes...you ban who you want, I will playtest whoever you don't ban because I'm out to find bugs. And if you are so intent on winning I hope you're on the other team because I'm here to do what I signed up for. I'm here to bugtest. You can win if you want while im off doing that. When you come back to live is when i'll beat you.
: Idea for Fill Option for TBD
can you post the reddit so I can check it out
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
the sustain of a caster should be minimal. I think that they might could use a single sv item but they shouldn't be able to keep up with any of the other classes. They should be at the bottom of the sustain list because they have the ability to blow up anyone on the enemy team. Why should they be allowed to do that more than once just because of sheer sustain.
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