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: There will be no ranked on PBE unless it needs testing. Riot didn't change anything, and ranked limits testing capability, so it probably won't be enabled.
Plus you forgot to say Ranked in PBE is very bad idea since many people go AFK or DC. So it is better not be allowed unless something new comes up for testing
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: These toxic players are Brazilian players. The Brazilian server is the most toxic in the world, and now Brazilians went to PBE ... I say that because I'm Brazilian and I know how things work in the mind of a Brazilian ... I hope the Rito does something about it as they are not the majority that are toxic
i made a thread about the Br players. i know there are many of you guys are great players but also many are ruining our game ._.
: There are Brazilians and Portugueses . Diferences: Portugueses have skill and are not toxic players. So just because u see someone talking Portuguese it doesn´t meen that person is Brazilian because the Portuguese people play in this server too. :P
i dont think man they were Portuguese since they were all start with Br. i would notice indeed if some was a portu. but im definitely sure they are Br
: SHOW YOURSELF The person who keeps downvoting everything You know who you are >.>
wow someone dedicated his life for such business here. downvoting everything...
: Look man, i feel ya. But all we can do right now is report them, hopefully with the high influx of players Riot will enforce the rules. Just mute and try to inhale and exhale if they get on your nerves.
im unable to win a game because of them... when you are doing good one of them will make sure that someone is fed 500% more than you so he can come wreck you and the entire game.. not even mute would solve this problem {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: troll and toxic people who do not deserve to be in the pbe by theobosteo account
i have had the same problem. i have been only been playing with feeders and toxic admiral shitstains. i only had 2 good games one in Doom bots of Doom and one in Aram. there was some salt here and there but it was fun. but for the majority it is not.
: I get a lot of Brazilians aswell. I don't know what they're saying so I don't know if the ones I've seen are toxic but I agree there are a lot of Brazilians, I'd like to test bugs and be able to communicate with my team because I like to win like everyone else does :) There should be a way to sort English speakers with other Spanish and Portuguese speakers. Just saying :)
I want to play with Brazilians. i dont mind them but as long they behave like proper players and not lead the game to destruction. it is good to know different people but not these people who will make you pull your hair. but sadly most of what i see are toxic and bad players this is bad experience for PBE. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: /mute We are here for testing, not talking! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
aside from the mute it is no problem at all. but it is also about the gameplay. you cant play well when your team play like retards and then you join the retardation as well because of it. im here for testing as well and to play. but that does not mean we do it in stupid way and get defeated.
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: Why do we still ban Evelynn???
eve is becoming Yasou'd. i see her getting banned as him. im not sure why but i think people are seeing her being a main in every game they got tired of her and dont want to see her. again i dont really know and i dont ban her.
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