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: Blind Pick Removed?
So we are now only able to play ranked games?
: Oh! This should be a quick rigging fix! The black squares appear to be due to a missing alpha! We'll try and get this fixed for the next build. Thanks for the report! :D
: Post it [here]( instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
Thanks, I did it now. I appreciate the advice :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Fizz!
When someone shields Fizz in the new skin, the shield's size looks just too big. Also, there are some visual bugs - sometimes some black squares appear around him.
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This isn't Boards' purpose. But I totally agree with you. Although most players are nice and behave well, there is a lot of toxic players. The problem is that everyone says reporting players on PBE is stupid. I believe that toxic players should be reported so there would be more place for nice people on PBE.
: Zyra??
I believe her buff was needed and it's balanced. She has 0 mobility. I wouldn't change a thing in her rework.
: Can't find match
This really isn't the place for telling that.
: Its urf balance goes out the window. Hiemerdinger is incredibly binary from a balance standpoint, he either counters you and you lose, or you counter him and he loses. Increasing his turrets in urf really wouldn't change that dynamic the champions who counter him because they can deal with his turrets from range will still do that and champions who he counters won't be any more countered.
You've got the point in a way. But, if you let him have 6 turrets, noone could come even close to him and he'd be invincible.
: [URF] About Heimerdinger
His turrets aren't traps. I believe having more than 3 turrets wouldn't be balanced (not saying it wouldn't be fun:D ).
: Infernal Diana Loading Slice suggestion.
It looks really great, I like it :)
: Am I the only one??????
My position has been 926 for the last 30 minutes... I got to numer one about 2 hours ago but my Internet broke..
: Black health bar
This hasn't happened to me. Did it happen to you in more games or just that one game? Maybe it's just an one-time visual bug.
: Overplayed Champions in urf
I wouldn't say Nida is op here. You can counter her with many champs.
: Can't log in
Too many people log in, just wait.
: [URF] - ANTI-FUN Champions need to be toned down just a bit
: it's not a bug. Everyone wants to play URF so the server is overloaded.
Yeah, although I find this kinda sad - this almost never happens normally. People on PBE should play regularly, not just when it's URF.
: Login fail
My Login Queue freezes too. Just wait, it will unfreeze soon. It's because everyone wants to play URF.
: Bug about riven E + Q combo
This has already been reported. Please check the boards before posting to avoid clutter.
: (URF) Something needs to be done about Shaco.
You can ban him or ask someone to ban him. That's what bans are for.
: I need help pls !!!!
You shouldn't post about it here. Send it to Support, you will surely get an answer there.
: [URF] Aurelion Sol bug It's not only on Aurelion Sol, it happened to me on Syndra. But that was just my first URF game, in other games everything was normal.
: [URF] Azir's soldiers have 0 base damage
Yeah, in one game enemy Azir complained about it. It's a bug, it will hopefully be fixed.
: URF straight up needs permabans
There are many OP champs, but I believe the only one who really, but REALLY needs permaban is Evelynn.
: Problem with acc
Your acc got disabled because you haven't been playing for a while. RIOT does this to provide place for people who play regularly. I don't believe you can unban the acc.
: Can't login to PBE
It's because too many people play on the server now because of PBE. Just wait a couple of minutes. I am waiting now too...
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: Question for you all
You should test new stuff on PBE, that's what it's for! Don't listen to those players, I've seen them too. The only thing you should do is ignore them and do your best with new builds ( and report them if they are being very offensive ). :)
Did you try buying something in the store? I didn't see my Ip/Rp at first too, but I just bought a champion and they appeared.
: Can we expect to see Legend Of The Poro King on PBE Again?
I believe so. I think that when the mode rotation comes to the end, they will start with Poro King again.
: Havent received yet the ip and rp
It happened to everyone. Just go to the store and buy something, RP and IP will appear then.
: Store has white layer over it, as if it was highlighted.
Yeah, it happened to me a couple of times too, but very rarely.
: Yeah the best mode after one for all in my opinion
After One for All and URF :D
: Doom bots
This is is a place to report bugs or post feedback, not to ask for a game mode.
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: Ascension: Xerath (Boss) not respawning
Maybe Sion killed him during his passive and the whole thing got bugged. Because last year's Ascencion was, I believe, a bit earlier than Sion rework.
: Rammus, Darius, Mundo, Draven, Evelynn, Hecarim, Kennen, Malzahar, Rammus, Skarner, Swain, Taric, Warwick, Xin Zhao, just to list some more champs that definitely need new splash arts. A few of them (e.g. Taric and Eve) will get a visual upgrade, but the most of them are not.confirmed to get one. A few months ago Riot started making new splash arts, for example for Veigar, Blitzcrank and Orianna, and the they just stopped.
Yeah, there are many more champs who desperately need new splashes. But there is a big difference between e.g. Taric and Draven splashes. Taric needs new art much more than Draven, his art is, I'd say, fine (not saying he shouldn't get a new one). I am surprised how Taric, Evelynn, Skarner, Nautilus (I'd say his art is the worst) still haven't got new splashes. It's more important to make new splash arts for good old champs than to make new champions.
: The new splash does still look kinda badass, but it makes him look less human, which I think is important to Karthus identity, being a human between life and death. If he looks like a ghost on the new one, he loses the human part and you can't really see he has been a human. I think they spent a long time thinking about such things when giving him the visual upgrade, now they are wasting a lot of the effort they put in it by censoring it. What I dislike the most is that when looking from far away or the picture being small (like in the game) it looks like he has a black stain in his face. If they would at least make that area not that dark, it wouldn't be as bad as it looks to be right now compared to the version standing on my desk.
I don't think those changes to splash arts are even needed. They should make new splashes for champs like Taric, Yorick, Nautilus, etc. Those champs REALLY but REALLY need new arts.
: Need people to play with
Queue time isn't forever, it depends on when you are playing. Just be patient. Also, this isn't the place to find people for games.
: E is bugged. It's not working as intended.
Oh, thanks :) I was wondering how they disabled cd reset, but still left the same damage.
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: [STORE] Bundle Purchase Notification Error
It's not only for bundles, I saw that on skins too.
: Full Post [here.]( * Changes Gamemode every week. * Gain Mastery from gamemodes. * Able to obtain Keys and Boxes ( Hextech Crafting ) * Happens on weekends Note: URF will not be on April 1st, But it will appear 2 times this year. This should also be on live boards.
Will there be a new game mode every week forever or is it a limited time-only?
: Mecha Sion Ult Bug
Maybe it was just a lag. It happened to me a bunch of times, even though I wasn't playing Sion. Did it happen to you in other games?
: legend of the poro king que
It's blind pick. Also in Summoner's Rift blind pick there isn't new ban system. It has only been added to Draft pick.
: It happened in one game and it wasn't a visual bug, at least what I saw. Live it's a short hop, I saw it more like he LEAPT to whoever I clicked on. short distances it was immediately apparent.
Try playing Braum one more time so you can see if it happens again.
: Skins error
I've already reported this. Please check the discussions before posting to avoid repeating.
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: no urf for 4/1 this year
RIOT said so, but you never know. Remember last year's "NURF" ? :) But I don't know, maybe it's true. Anyways, RIOT said there will be 2 URFs this year in this " game mode rotation ".
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