: {{champion:6}} {{champion:16}} Was a really op combo too.
Ha ha good times but we've come soo far since those days
: The only thing that counts as base armor is your base stats, and your default /level growth.
But {{champion:150}}'s passive gives him increased base armor and attack damage when he goes mega as it increases his bonus from {{item:3053}}.
: Twitch's Q
: @Riot Pls think this through [Item changes]
I don't think frozen mallet has been changed since the build path from phage to giants belt. This isn't a new problem as far as i know, also that jinx delayed her infinity edge by rushing frozen mallet meaning she would be weaker mid game.
: I don't think Blue Ez doesn't need to return. I loved the play-style. BUT I think the damage needs to scale better, not have an immediate HUGE chunk. It's just absurd when you have a decent ring of AoE hit 600 on anything that's not an ultimate every 1.5 seconds or so. Not to mention it's got a lot of good stats for Ezreal players to reap the benefits of, but this much CC and damage should reward the person who built as a tanky bruiser or something, not that much damage on one Ez Q, ya know?
well it does force you to wait 2 seconds as that is the spell blade passive but maybe they could fix it by making the aoe damage only off of your ad rather then the abilities damage?
: The wording is like that because it only penetrates bonus armor (aka armor from runes, masteries, abilities and items). If Rammus has a base armor of 30, gained 20 through levels, has +8 from masteries and +12 from runes, bought thronmail (+100) and activates a rank 4 W (+80), He will have 250 total armor, but the effect will only reduce it by 80, since he has 50 base armore and 200 bonus. This basically means that Last Whisper is only useful against armored targets, instead of naturally tanky targets.
How does {{champion:102}}'s passive armor come into effect? does it count as bonus, base or something else entirely like {{champion:82}}'s passive acts like a shield but isn't coded in as one.
: Yeah, true. In comparison to Runglaive however, same AoE (roughly,) better damage. Was able to easily clear waves within about 3 Qs, some Q's taking out the casters in 1 hit.
So in your opinion how much would they need to nerf the base aoe on {{item:3025}} to make sure blue {{champion:81}} never returns?
: Request for the return of Twin Shadows as Dominion-specific item
Yes this is quite important to maintaining a healthy dominion meta that doesn't have {{champion:17}} every game.
: So something's good because one player didn't use a skill to it's full extent? That'd be like if they reworked Xerath, removing the vision that his ult shots gave, and I got upset because I only used his ult to scout the mao, and hated it when people, you know, used it for what it's supposed to do.
I'm not saying my friend was right I just wanted to point out that not everyone is mad about the change.
: Urgot with intelligence mastery.
Because I would like to see {{champion:6}} emerge from his nerfed state that he has been in since the {{champion:44}} {{champion:6}} unstoppable bottom lane combo all the way back in season 2 I believe.
: The damage the AoE does is well more than enough, trust me. x.x
Emphasis on TRIED, as I said if they lowered the base then it would be harder for him to hit multiple targets unless you build {{item:3110}} and {{item:3075}} on him now.
: I think that Wukongs mana should be tweaked too
well hecarim can't use the new trinity force as effectively as before but I see the point with wukong.
: Blue Ezreal in his current state
Well Riot has tried to keep his aoe down by making {{item:3025}} scale with armor as this way he has to trade aoe for more damage. honestly I wish the ratio was higher and the base was lower as tanks should be able to create massive slowing fields while people who don't build armor should have just enough to hit all 3 caster minions.
: New Death Timers
Yes, the death timers should run off time, kills, assists and level. This way if Riot wants more teams to make comebacks then hey could increase them based off kills and assists. Or if they find games are going on too long then increase them based off time and level. Lastly if games are too short then lower them. The addition of kills and assists being a factor to death timers means that when you finally kill that one carry who has been stomping you the'll stay dead for awhile as they should be punished for dying with such a lead while your teammates who died fighting him will re spawn faster and be able to do stuff while the strongest member is dead.
: [Masteries] Does Windspeaker's Blessing (cunning tree) apply on all heals or just healing abilities?
It applies on {{item:3401}} passive and active along with {{champion:40}}'s shield and {{champion:44}}'s heal so I believe it applies on all heals and shields to allies. The tool tip is "Your heals and shields are 10% stronger (This applies to everyone as I tested it with {{champion:44}} and I healed my ally for the same amount that I healed myself. ). Additionaly your heals and shields increase your targets resistances by 15% for 3 seconds. (This part only works on allies.)"
: New masteries open up playstyle options, but players will still just use mobafire
Although the new masteries are cool and all I feel that they are just too simple but are still better then the pages we have now.
: I have been looking at the comments recently and I think that i haven't really seen any good feedback about these changes. When the changes were hinted at back a month or two ago, i was hoping it was gonna be like one of those nid/Tigernid or Elise/SpiderElise things. But completly removing a champions style and making it a tool for only movement. was a really sad decision. If you made it more like the tigernid or spiderelise things it would bring that split push and assassin style that was **_UNIQUE_** to her Marksman. I see that you really wanted to have her as a True marksman, but that's not what anyone wanted. You could have turned down the movement speed on her R, and probably remove the 2nd cast R damage in general. removed that crappy W make it something better to a assassiny marksman. You made a champion with barely any lane potential to begin with, why waste time making a champion that has even less lane potential.{{champion:133}}
actually my friend wanted this change more then anything as he hated people who used valor to assassinate people since he played {{champion:133}} as a top lane split pusher and only used her ult to escape.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zufelt,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=016000000000,timestamp=2015-11-03T02:43:43.735+0000) > > The bug is that she can't switch forms even after ulting so the only thing she has is bonus ms and sky strike. Since her new ult can't attack. I'm aware, but since that ult is being taken out of her kit the question doesn't really matter regardless.
On the new tag team if {{champion:223}} eats you while you have valor on your back when he spits you out the damage doesn't change forms anymore. This is live on the PBE last I checked which was 1 day ago. Notice the way to make this work is to have {{champion:223}} hit you 3 times, ult then have him swallow you as it tries to switch but can't so you play the rest of the game in the new tag team form unable to auto attack.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zufelt,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=0160,timestamp=2015-11-02T21:05:04.555+0000) > > Have you fixed the {{champion:223}} eating {{champion:133}} while she is tag teamed bug yet? Well it won't matter much because she can stay as Valor permanently anyway. EDIT: Not saying it's better, just saying that since the new ult is here to stay the question is kind of irrelevant.
The bug is that she can't switch forms even after ulting so the only thing she has is bonus ms and sky strike. Since her new ult can't attack.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Have you fixed the {{champion:223}} eating {{champion:133}} while she is tag teamed bug yet?
when the nexus takes the final hit I'm not sure whats going on but the game seems to freeze for 1 to 2 seconds as it makes everyone invincible and stop moving, also if you click on the screen the game sometimes crashes. I have about a 5/10 reproduction rate with this bug.
: Turrets Disappear Yet Still Alive
What are your graphics settings since mine are all on the highest and I haven't had this problem?
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: [Udyr] stuns himself in jungle
So is it only when {{champion:77}} kills a jungle monster or lane minions and champions as well?
: Runes plis!
I would like to see the rune bundle return but apparently it was very buggy and so they removed it.
: Intended behaviour; baron and dragon do not attack in the tutorial :]
Ok, cool I just haven't played the tutorial in a long time.
: Visual Bug: Twisted Fate Pick A CardBug
Do you have photo or video evidence? As it would help. (If your keyboard has a print screen button just above the insert button then press it and it takes a screenshot and then open paint and press crtl+V)
: Advice for a Newbie's rune set?
usually you want one for each role and one for your main.
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