: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Count Kledula!
Cool skin , but it seems some of his chromas need more work , and his pumpkin on a rope(not the skill ,but the one he wears) is currently clipping with Skaarl body when he is standing still or walking , and I believe the sounds should be amplified they seem to be too low currently.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Lucian!
The hands on his recall looks like they are coming up from the surface and not from below the crater. Make his transformation linger after he ults too , the higher his level the higher the duration of his demon form.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Cho'Gath
I have bought the skin on live , and there are still 2 bugs , near the end of his recall you can still see he falling on the air for a moment , and when he ults someone their essence doesn't get sucked into his dark star , they are randomly absorbed by his body and sometimes if he moves the essence doesn't even reaches his body , they get sucked into the area Cho'gath was before moving away. And his ult's visual indicator is too small , sometimes it gets hidden beneath a champion , making it very hard to see.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
I think his weapon and attacks animations need more work , axe needs to look sharper and heavier , the attack animations feels a bit clunky , the wolf should look more intimidating too.
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: Agree all, except on "more bites" for the ult. I really love that is only 1 bite, cause it's a space beast that eats you in a black hole, he doesn't need more privitive bites. But i agree for a more impactful effect on it.
Yeah lorewise Cho'gath is big enough to eat things in one bite, they need to make this single bite on this skin more savage , add more of a chomp sound to it , a better animation (the current one looks weak) , something to scare his enemies , something more noticeable , his targets must know they have been devoured.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Cho'Gath
Great skin overall , but could use some improvements: - Q could use some improvement , the spike materialization effect doesn't look too good yet , the rift on the ground should be bigger to match the area perhaps - E could use more details too , maybe spikes - R feels underwhelming , he bites only once , lacks his traditional savagery , where you can see him bite mutiple times , like chewing his prey , taking chunks off , if you want to keep the single bite then add more impact to it , maybe his head should grow bigger just like Trundle's Chomp , the animation should be more savage , more impactful , the sound too - His autoattacks are underwhelming too , they don't pack a punch , feels like he is just gently slapping them , perhaps a clawing attack animation , a more savage one would be better - His new voice is lower than his default one , new voice effect doesn't sound too good too , could use some improvement , perhaps a deeper voice Bugs: - [FIXED] When he has enough feast stacks , his model has some clipping issues with those pebbles orbiting his black hole - Near the end of his recall , after he enters the rift , around 0.1 seconds , he is seem falling , I suppose this falling animation should only play when he has already recalled , currently he is playing this falling animation for 0.1 seconds on his recall place , after he has entered the rift , which looks really weird - When he devours someone their "essence" doesn't enter his black hole , they seem to enter his body , I believe it was intended for these particles to enter the black hole - [FIXED] His Ult's Visual Execution Indicator below his targets is white , I believe this is a placeholder effect , or perhaps it is bugged (By they way you should add a visual indication on the enemy healthbar just like Pyke's ult when the target is going to be executed by it) It is nice to see Riot supporting charity , this one here will probably join my Championship Ashe on the fields , good job.
: For Zed you cant really show the healthbar mark since everything can amplify his ult except you mean the actual damage that is going to be done through ult after ulting
Yes , on Zed the bar's mark would grow the more damage he does , showing how much health the enemy would have left IF if doesn't get executed , if the damage would be enough to execute his enemy then it would get a red slash on the healthbar icon just like Pyke's one.
: Garen has it I think but like Veigar should too
Yes Garen has a visual indicator (sword glows above target's head) , he just lacks the mark on the enemy healthbar. Others who have a sort of visual indicator are Urgot , who has a target circle on his enemy , and Zed has a shuriken above the enemy head, but all lack a healthbar mark indicating the execution threshold.
: Suggestions for new changes should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content *currently* in testing.
But they are currently testing Pyke with his new healthbar execute mark , which isn't live, so wouldn't be fit to post it here , since Pyke isn't on live servers yet?
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