: Death Sound Effects
Im deaf. {{item:3070}}
: They are already red/green colorblind friendly.
Hey Rayven, as someone who is red/green colorblind, I've actually found it kind of hard to see the enemy death 'beams'. The red of it blends in almost perfectly with the ground, and I can barely even tell there was anything there. I have the same problem with Blood Moon Kalista's passive rend spears, I can never tell how many there are in me at any given time, which is a shame because I like the skin but wont use it for that reason. Is there any chance of having something changed for the new death animations if Colorblind mode is ticked on? Maybe a yellow for enemies? I can see allies just fine, and I dont know if I speak for other colorblind people or not. Thanks for the great update, regardless!
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Ive played the new Poppy 3 times now, with each of her available skins. In addition to the problems that everyone else has been saying, I personally would like to add that Battle Regalia Poppy in particular has a really, really dim effect for her shield. In comparison to Scarlet Hammer and her base skin, it is almost impossible to see on her model, and even sometimes hard to see on the ground. Her base and Scarlet Hammer skins dont have this problem, the shield is a soft gold whereas the Battle Regalia skin is more of a very toned down blue? Im not sure if this is intentional, but for someone like me who has colourblindness it is really tough to tell where and when that shield is up. EDIT: Just played Battle Regalia again to test it, it seems like the golden textures over her other skins shields are just completely missing from Battle Regalia, it has no detail or texture to it at all, just a flat, near-translucent blue.


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