: First shot is blocked by Panth passive, and W stops firing for the duration of the CC, but if you still have the W buff on you when the CC ends, it will resume firing.
Also, I haven't found a place where it mentions how long lock-on is applied so...? And does his w continue through e? Also, if multiple champions have lock-on, how are they prioritized? Nearest to farthest with lock-on > nearest to farthest without lock-on?
: His passive spell is triggered by his auto, but is a separate thing. It is not currently consumed by spell shields. It is counted as a spell, with auto like feelings, lifesteal is cut into thirds (it was incredibly op when it wasn't)
How does Urgot's W interact with Panth passive? Does the first shot take it away and then the ability goes from there? Also, is W stopped by certain crowd control? I imagine it does, but just wanted to be sure. Thank you for clarification!
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
So I played around with him a bit in a custom game against bots, so I have a bit of a feel for him, but I have a couple clarification questions. Does his passive count as part of his auto? It feels like an ability and not an auto, but I'm not sure. Will it consume or ignore Pantheon's passive or one of the various spellshields? The way it felt on the PBE, is that his W basically modifies his auto attack in various specific ways. is that correct? Or is it counted as a spell rather than an ability? Building on that does lifesteal cut into thirds as an on hit effect?
: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
: [Skarner] Fracture can Stun Turrets
There was a bug in ever since Skarners 4.10 rework where he could apply his passive, 'Crystallizing Sting' to towers, exactly like what Fracture is doing to towers on the PBE right now. It was patched in 5.13, but I expect this is the same bug.


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