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: Then I would see no reason for the premade bot teams to be unavailable in Custom. Why not add a "Add team" option, which includes one of those presets? It should work fine, since the enemy doesn't really affect their AI (to my knowledge at least).
Excellent counter argument. Ill add it to the original post
: Just a random thought that came to mind while thinking about league. Do you think they intentionally made it so that that you have no choice in dificulty? This is a PvP game. Meaning they probably just wanna see people beat the crap out of eachother (those sadistic bastards D:). Or did they just clean forget thinking no one actually plays vs bots for any good reason. Anyway, great suggestion. Would love to toy around with "smart" bots. Add this to the Rito plz list(it's real).
Where can I find this List. I Tried googling. BAD IDEA, dont reccommend :0
: So many times there have been suggestions for bots/practice improvements. With the added Turret Range Indicators I'm willing to bet 3 Teemos that Riot is working on a complete overhaul of the bots/practice system.
I raise you 5 teemos and a 2 legendary Urfs that you are incorrect! (I just wanted something awesome to say. I agree with you :) )
: Stronger Bots?
Like others have said the bots were created with new/low players in mind. So to your average player the bots are easy to defeat. As with the build you have to understand that builds changed many times in a season. At this point a manamune may not be viable but it could have been at another time. You got to remember that Ashe is mana hungry so it is a "reasonable" item. I have introduced an idea to add a difficulty setting check it out [Here]( :)
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: Thanks for the report. Yasuo's ult grabs anyone in the vicinity of his target that is knocked up during the ult. He should throw them all back down at the same time though. I'll see if I can reproduce it!
No problem! :) if you need the video clip i can provide it for you!
: I posted a bug earlier, but nobody appeared to look into it. It was also concerning Yasuo's ult. When Yasuo would ult, if the target dies before he finishes the animation, he would be unable to move for a few seconds. And sometimes after he completes the animation, his target would remain immobilized for a time after.
In my time playing with Yasuo I didnt run into this but as soon as he comes back ill try to recreate it and get back to you
: [Suggestion] Ward/Sightstone Slot
Yes I would love this. Another reason is late game i cannot buy wards BECAUSE I Have a full build and it hurts the team because of the limit on warding per player the more players with full builds the less wards not counting the trinket. Wards should have their own slot and sightstones should have one too when the item is completed
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