: Sivir's W (Ricochet) crits do not proc Warlord's Bloodlust or Essence Reaver's mana restore.
That would be crazy OP. Sivir's Ricochet has never applied spell effects or on-hit effects (aside from the initial auto attack).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Kennen!
I've waited 6 years for this skin! Well, nearly... I think it's solid. For the price point, the changes seem fitting, though I did sorta hope for a new death animation, too. Not a huge deal though, cause ideally I'd never see that :P I do have a couple nit-picky thoughts, though. First, I'm not sold on the hair. I'm guessing it's for the sake of keeping the silhouette more in line with the rest of his skins, and I think it does accomplish that. But, well, it reminds me a LOT of Knuckles... It also makes it so you feel like all you see is all that red hair when you play him from the blue side of the map. He looks fine from the red side usually, though, cause you actually get to see some of the face detail. Also, a small little thing I noticed while zoomed in and looking at his idle animation. It looks like his right (throwing) hand is nearly disconnected from him. Or at the very least, like he's got awkwardly small wrists for the size of his hands. http://imgur.com/g4l9AKE
: Change your unlinked account's now, and then choose the name you want on your new account. That should work :] (Been there, done that!)
Brilliant! I'd like to think I would have thought of that sometime before doing it but... probably not >.<
: Hi Zielmann - I can help answer those questions, but I guess the heart of it is that if you have a PBE account associated with your LIVE account, it'll give us an option to provide benefits to both accounts, if the opportunity presents itself. To your questions: * The linked account is a complete different login * The credentials will be chosen by you during the approval process, so it's up to you to determine the new PBE account login * It does not automatically have the same summoner name as your LIVE * Yes, you'll have to use something different if the current PBE and LIVE are already the same Remember that this is completely optional; however, you're essentially opting out of any future PBE/LIVE interactions. Hope that answers your questions.
Awesome, thanks! One follow-up on the name thing... after I do this, and the unlinked account is deactivated, would I then be able to re-claim the original PBE name with a name-change? I'm fairly attached to this particular name for a variety of reasons.
: This is legit. :]
Can you clarify on these points? >Will deactivate your unlinked PBE account once your linked PBE account has been approved Will NOT transfer your Summoner name from your unlinked PBE account to your linked PBE account Is the linked account a completely different login? Since it's linked, will it actually be the same credentials as our login on live? Does it automatically have the same summoner name as your live account? Or since my current PBE account and my Live account have the same name, will have need to use something different for PBE?
: Banning on PBE is counter--intuitive?
They've had a decent amount of time with just the reworked champs and new items being out that they've got a pretty good amount of feedback there already. And there will still be people playing these champs anyhow with the new champ select. But the new champ select most definitely needs some heavy testing right now, as it's still got some major issues with it. It's probably the bigger priority right now.
: I'm so annoyed with champion select
New champ select is *very* much a work-in-progress. It has a lot of bugs. Most of the 'afks' during the lobby probably actually just experienced a client crash.
Rioter Comments
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
Out of curiosity, is "The Package" timing modified at all for ARAM? 8 minutes before the first delivery on there could well be half the game. Just a gut estimate here, but I feel like 5 would be more appropriate for the first delivery. I'm not certain if I feel like the refresh time after the first one would need changed or not. Part of me wonders if 3-4 minutes would be better. But I also worry that it could become too much? I know you guys aren't as concerned about ARAM, but I figured it would be good for me to ask anyhow.
: PBE Low FPS ? :(
To compound what Amy Sery has said: If it's a ping problem (as 220ms would indicate), it's likely due to the server location. Do you happen to be playing out of EU? If so, pings around that level are what I would expect. There is only one PBE server, and it is in the US (I believe it's at or near their headquarters in California?). There's really nothing you'd be able to do to improve your ping to the PBE. If it's actually an FPS drop, it could be because you've not adjusted your video settings to be the same as what you use on the Live servers. Try lowering the video settings down as far as they go (and definitely turn off shadows) if you're having framerate issues.
: New Mastery Page
I feel like the routes to take tend to be a little more obvious, but I also see places where I might wind up with a more diverse set of mastery pages than what I use on Live. I'm a support main, and I'm pretty sure I see 4 or 5 different setups I may want, depending on who I'm playing, who my adc is, and what I'm laning against. For the mages and ADCs, those might be a little more straightforward, especially with how they spend the first 18. But then they've got several decent options for spending the other 12.
: Custom games
Play Co-op. The queues are almost instant, and nobody cares what the team comp is, so you can play whatever the heck you want. It's good enough for doing the same sort of initial exploring with a champ or items that you would be trying in custom games.
: [BUG] Miss Fortune
Her Q applies on-hit effects, not spell-effects (rylai's is a spell effect). This is the case pre-rework as well.
: Point of Death's Dance?
Riven. This item is for Riven. And really, most other melee AD things, especially those who do a lot of physical damage with abilities. It's not just lifesteal, but think of it also as AD spell vamp. But you've got one key thing about the item wrong: it doesn't change 20% if your damage to be over-time. It changes 20% of the damage that you *take* to a bleed over time. The point is that it delays some of the incoming damage, so that you have a chance to sustain through burst, so long as you're able to keep dealing physical damage to something.
: Brutelaizer
Brutalizer should have been removed from the PBE, as it will be gone next season. Was this something you saw on the Live servers? Translation of OP for others: He's not receiving any CDR from Brutalizer.
: Smartcast pushed dont show the range :(
Did you check to make sure the 'show ranged indicators with quickcast' box is checked? I believe it's at the bottom of the keybindings page in the settings. Or does the setting just not exist anymore?
: I made a thread about this earlier, though it seems it can be chalked up to the ping on PBE.
My ping on PBE is about 70, which is roughly the same as what I had to the old live servers. I'm down to about 35-40 on Live now. But I've not had any issues in the transition between the two. Also, the Cait game was the third of the day for me. I'd already played corki and brand and had zero issues with placing autos. If it were an issue in ping difference, it would have been just for the first part of the first game, until I adjusted to it.
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: Sound Bug (Miss Fortune)
Played some MF yesterday and had the same thing happening as well. Kinda felt like if there were enough other sounds playing at the same time (or perhaps a specific other sound?), her autos were silent.
: [Crash] Unable to create error message, please make sure there is enough room in your TEMP folder
Same here. Still closes out fine after clicking OK, and still takes you to the post-game stats and all that.
: Infinete IP
Champions and skins are all available for 1IP. Runes would be the only real place to sink a ton of IP, but they're also not really that necessary for a testing environment, unless changes to runes are specifically being tested. Though I'm kinda surprised they didn't just make all the runes 1IP while they were at it...
Rioter Comments
: How come no one ever plays aram on PBE?
I've been wanting to test the core defensive item changes and how they will affect ARAM specifically, but absolutely cannot do it because of infinite queue times. Not only that, but bugs can and do exist on specific maps, so things should be tested on there anyhow. Part of the problem recently (not sure if they've changed this yet or not, as I didn't even try to get onto the PBE yesterday), was that they had separate queues for Howling Abyss and Butcher's Bridge. Hopefully they'll disable Butcher's Bridge on there soon (if not already and I just haven't seen), so that the few who are playing ARAM won't possibly be split across two queues.
Rioter Comments
: well, that's true. but since i play teemo for fun and many other reasons, (sorry this is so troll) I... I prefer putting them next to each other. kappa, that is. I missed this info, but his shroom time was cut in half too, this is some critical nerf. not sure if rito really aimed for a 'buff'. prefer old teemo. Like his passive update tho.
Since they're set up now that they could naturally have this aoe overlap, or they're close enough that one won't finish with its damage before they step on the next (if they walk directly from one to the next), they need to adjust the damage some. My thought is to do something like they have for Azir with his soldiers, where one will do full damage, and any others will do 25% damage. So if they hit a second shroom while already poisoned by one, rather than resetting the poison debuff, they second one does reduced damage until the ticks from the first one wear off (any remaining ticks from the second shroom would do 100% damage).
: Mordekaiser's Ultimate, Zyra became invisible, & soloing baron.
Just a tip for the future, F12 will take a screenshot in game. They get stored in the Riot Games folder (where you installed it), in a folder called Screenshots.
: Teemo R Feedback
You don't really want to be putting mushrooms right next to each other anyhow, since the damage doesn't stack. As it is, especially at earlier ranks, I worry that Teemo will lose out on some potential damage because the bounce range is so short. You're likely to get some overlap in the damage on the shrooms, and therefore lose out on some possible damage output.
: Just to be clear, what are the strategic differences between the Ravenous and Titanic Hydras? Renekton and Darius players often build Ravenous, are they meant to build the Titanic instead?
Ravenous has more AD and Lifesteal. It's a more offensive item. Will probably be favored more by the higher-damage and higher scaling melee AD fighters/assassins who auto-attack a fair bit. These champs will be building more AD, so it works with the AD scaling on Ravenous. I see it on things like Fiora or Knifecat, for example. Titanic is more defensive, with the HP. I expect to see this more on the AD bruisers, or those who want to build more that route. So Ren and Darius in your examples may go more toward this. I could see J4 choosing either, depending on the rest of his build. Since the splash damage is based on the champion's HP, this makes more sense for those who will be wanting to get more HP on top of this item as well.
: Correct.
Wait, there are Rioter's who know what 9am is like?
: @Riot, could we rename the Titanic Hydra?
I vote they bring back the old Atma's name. Maybe not call it Atma's Impaler, but Atma's *something*. This is largely because Atmog's as a combo name flows better than Hymog's or Timog's. Frankly, I'll probably always think of it in my had as 'the new Atma's item' anyhow.
: Mark/Dash changes for 5.10
Just curious... is there any update on this? Do you guys think it's good enough to push Live in 5.10? I'm just looking forward to it being on live so I can play on there instead of slogging through 20+ minutes queues on the PBE all the time.
: Mark/Dash changes for 5.10
Well, I got to play a few games tonight with the new Snowball. Only two really count, cause trolls in one, but that's another point. What was neat, though, is that I actually got Brand in both of the real games I got to play, so decided to do a little experimenting for the second game since I had a chance to do a slightly more direct comparison in terms of the power of snowball on a champ that it's not really meant for. First game I played, I decided to take the optimistic approach, and hope the new version of snowball wouldn't be 'required' like the one on live even still is. I took barrier instead (though that was largely a mistake; my spell of choice would be exhaust). Regardless, overall I'd say it felt alright to play without it. The barrier proved useful a few times (it's actually a pretty decent pick against snowballs so you can absorb some of the burst). Though I'd say there were more instances I still wish I had exhaust instead of barrier (largely personal preference here). But the important thing is **I was wishing I had taken exhaust over barrier, not snowball**. First good sign. Like I had said, for game two as Brand, I decided to run snowball instead of barrier or exhaust. He's got a stun and high burst, and after the spell went live, I used it on him quite a few times successfully to blow everything and then just not even care if I died. Because of that, I thought that I could possibly still justify taking the spell on him. While I still did use snowball a couple times to be able to jump to the back line and throw everything out and try to sacrifice myself for one or two of the other team, I actually found myself feeling like I'd have been in a better place had I taken exhaust instead. They were a pretty divey comp (zac, riven, akali, wukong), so I would have much preferred to be able to exhaust riven, wu, or akali when they tried to jump in. Second good sign. Oh yeah, I also was holding it more and waiting to throw it for times I would want to go in. I realize this is just two games to compare, and the opposing comps were pretty different for each one. But I guess I'd say that my analysis for something such as Brand, who the spell isn't really intended for, it certainly doesn't feel mandatory now. If I had brand up against a team with 3-4 range squishy targets, I might still entertain taking the spell, cause flying in with his full combo on a squishy back line would be horrifying for them. But by and large, I feel like I would have actually preferred to have a different spell that game. Like, it probably could have been over a bit quicker had I taken it. And playing against it didn't seem near as oppressive. I noticed the other team mostly holding onto it for times when they really wanted to use it (hello indicator of an actual healthy spell). None of the games I played had all 5 people from either team running snowball, which helps by itself. But the actual existence of a meaningful cooldown now makes people hold onto it, and allows your team to actually feel like some manner of advantage exists if they miss with one, or throw it too early and don't follow up. But the critical point to me is how the game feels. And I think this is the biggest win here with the spell change. There was actually room to breathe. In the games on Live that I've played as Brand, it often feels like I can't even step up to try to land a W. Even on the creeps. stepping forward was far too dangerous, but I could never actually do what champs like Brand are supposed to do early: get poke in. But in these games on the PBE, there were actual distinguished poke phases and then slightly more predictable/reasonable instances of engagement where full-on teamfights broke out. It actually felt a bit more organized. With snowball as it's set up on Live, even after the damage changes, the game has just been absolute, nearly non-stop chaos. I had a 30-minute game with **170 kills** combined between the two teams. That's insane. Was it fun? Sure. But the constant chaos isn't what ARAM has ever really been for. I actually looked back through 30 games played post-snowball, and 30 games played pre-snowball, and found that average game time in this subset was about 1.75 minutes shorter with snowball in, *but we were averaging almost 14 more total kills per game* in that time. Just found that an interesting tidbit that kind of showed in some numerical form how the flow of the game had changed. Obviously I don't have the same amount of data to compare here from PBE games. But I can say that just from these two, things feel in a much better state now. I actually feel like I can entertain taking other spells on champs that snowball isn't really intended for, and that by taking those other spells, I might be able to actually contribute better than if I had taken snowball. Good changes all around, and I'm excited to see this hit live. I'll probably actually hold off on bothering to play ARAMs on Live until this goes out, cause I'd just be frustrated to know that this is on the way :P Just means more long PBE ARAM queues for me. If I come up with additional feedback, or want to make any modifications after more games with it, I'll be back around.
: cause they're not projectiles, they're Poros
They're not poros, they're snowballs.
: Pick rate =/= how successful they are. I'd be more interested to see how well immobile champions have done since Mark/Dash was implemented. Unfortunately, it's hard to figure out what's reliable data since this is a random mode. Honestly, I wouldn't even care so much about this aspect if it weren't for how incredibly frustrating it is to be running from someone, dodging the snowball, only for it to hit the minion wave coming in and it doesn't matter. Like, when your only counterplay for a low-cooldown super flash is to dodge and HOPE it hits nothing else in the general area as you for a massive free gap closer on a narrow map, it's kind of not fun. How do I play around that? That also doesn't address the complaints about it revealing stealth on mark (sucks to be Akali especially), providing vision for scouting bushes, and having such a low skill cap allowing to jump to minions. Why should it do so much? Even at an increased 40 seconds, that's a little bit much. The cooldown and range change is nice and all. It will probably reduce the amount of people per team running it. However, the intended pool of champs using it get a lot more than what they should out of it.
The data is out there, at least as much as you can trust lolking data (it's certainly not 100%, but I do feel it's decent enough to use as a talking point). Melee now makes up 9 of the top 15 win rate slots on there. But which melee? The ones who were already pretty strong in the mode to begin with: Galio, Maokai, Rammus, WuKong, Sion, Swain. Two of the more interesting ones to appear are actually Vlad and Morde. Meanwhile, the likes of Eve, Akali, Lee, Rengar, Trynd, Elise, all still take up the bottom-tier slots on the win-rate charts. It's barely done anything to help these champions. This is probably mostly because of how strong the spell is, relatively speaking. When everybody is taking it, the advantage hopefully gained by those who need it is overshadowed by those who don't really need it but abuse it anyhow.
: I feel as those you are missing the main appeal of Mark/Dash and ARAM in general with these changes Riot. I know you want everything to be balanced but ARAM is not something that should be optimized (it should still be balanced) to make it so you have the best chance of winning or even have some champs picked more. Obviously these are good things to have on any gamemode but trying to make Mark/Dash weaker so other spells get used more is only going to make the mode worse because your taking away the reason most people play it, which is for **FUN**. I grabbed Mark/Dash every game not because I though I need this to win I grabbed it because it was fun to use no matter what champ I was using. Even if these needless nerfs go through I will pick it up every game no matter what champ I am using because it is just fun to throw snowballs around and that is all ARAM should be,** FUN**.
Mark/Dash appeals to the occasional ARAM player. The person hopping into ARAM after a couple games on SR just to change the pace, and then probably go back to SR. They don't care so much about ARAM, they just want to throw something different and fun into the mix. It hasn't appealed at all to those of us who have been long-time ARAM players who pretty much only play ARAM. Snowball changed the feel of ARAM from, well... the ARAM that had lasted 5+ years, to a mode I begrudgingly refer to as 'Snowball Fight'. Yes, it's still fun, but the feel has been so different from what it used to be that it's not ARAM. I've been calling for half-damage, double CD pretty much since day 1 when it went live. Finally we're getting that (or at least something close). I'm getting my PBE client patched up now (it's admittedly been a while since I've been on there), and look forward to trying out some ARAMs with the new snowball. I'm optimistic that it will finally have most of the old feel back with this change. Gotta go to work soon, but I'll be back on here later this afternoon with some feedback after playing a few games with it.
: Regarding One For All on Howling Abyss Feedback
This is awesome, but I'm a little concerned that two bits of feedback were a bit mixed up, which may result in an odd hole, leaving people like myself a bit disappointed o.o Why only do same champ mirror matches on HA? My personal preference is the OFA style (each team chooses a champ for all 5, with possibility that it'll be mirrored anyhow), as opposed to forcing a mirrored matchup. I'm not actually a big fan of mirrored matches. I played a few of these back when the mode was accidentally put out on live, and they were actually a bit excessive, at least when every single game played is a mirror match. The mirror matches (especially Lux and Nami) were definitely entertaining. But I think the most fun I've had so far has been on HA on the PBE, with different champs for both sides. I don't really want to request separate queues for mirrored versus non-mirrored (don't want to spread things too thin). But I would be a little disappointed if HA were relegated to mirror matches only.
: So i dont know if its a bug or its supposed to be like that but we got 2 votes for *Champion1*. 2 for *Champion2* and just 1 for *Champion3*. We ended up with *Champion3* even tho it was the least voted.
Riot failed miserably, and seemed to assume people would read the main forum thread that discussed the topic, even without linking it in the OP for this thread. [Read this. Things will be a little more clear in terms of how they work](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4019198)
: It's not a glitch, it's just that champs have a higher chance of being selected when multiple people choose them. It doesn't mean that they're going to get chosen every single time though, but their chances of getting picked do increase when more than one person picks them during the voting phase, so there's that at least.
If a majority (3 or more) vote for the same champion, then you *will* get that champion. If no champion has 3 or more votes on a team, then you get a random champion. Riot kinda failed at their communication of this stuff over here. Check out their thread on the main forums for a lot more information. All that info should have been cross-posted here. Or at the very least the thread should have been linked in the OP.
: I agree with you for the HA but the champion select is very good ! I mean banning is needed, and i think this champ select could be good for ARAM: Having a ban and then do the random.
As a longtime ARAM fan, I would be very, very disappointed to see a ban phase added to the game. The feel of the mode has been altered enough as it is with just the addition of re-rolls. The point of ARAM is the randomness and the chaos it causes. Every little piece added that dilutes that is taking away some of the feel of aram.
: I sort of don't quite understand what happens if I don't own a champion. I have all champs unlocked on PBE so it's not a problem here, but what if I don't have the most voted champion? Additionally, what if all 5 players have no common champs except for the free week champs?
Since there are bans in the mode, I assume they require a minimum amount of owned champions for the mode. That said, you cannot vote on a champion if it is not owned by everybody on the team.
: you can make those in customs, but i would like a queue for it too.
[See here for my explanation of why custom games aren't good enough.](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/g2AUF7rJ-one-for-all-enabled-on-pbe?comment=001b0000000000000000)
: This is not true...keep in mind that when you are fighting you are not looking at the ground for shrooms...Example a few days ago my team was all 5 {{champion:7}} and the enemy team was all 5 {{champion:17}} and I got an oracles elixir and my team would still run into shrooms trying to kill the enemy.
I'll correct myself: on HA, against *good* players, the shrooms wouldn't be a huge issue. If all those teemos are going AP, your entire team should have had sweepers to deal with it. For sure at least three should have. And no, the elixir isn't enough because what really screws AP teemo and his shrooms over is the active on sweeper/lightbringer. You'd be able to sufficiently clear the area and not have a huge problem. That said, LB is probably one of the worse ones for dealing with it, since her playstyle tends to be to jump in and nuke down. You can't jump into them if you don't know the area is clear first.
: Im pretty sure that if there is a draw, the system randomly selects a champ, though I could be wrong...
Yeah. Voting requires a true majority vote for a single champion, or else it'll random. So at least 3 people must vote for the same champion to guarantee that champion.
: The fact that there were leavers, has nothing to do with summoner's rift. You can play it in custom mode in HA. It seems fun to me, good job riot.
I actually think it has a lot to do with SR. I've had somebody outright say 'this sucks' and then leave. I'm not one to leave games, but a couple minutes later I even asked the team if they just wanted to let the other team push for the win because the game was beyond pointless. We ended up holding out until 20 for a surrender, though.
: I agree with the fact that most people want to play it on HA. But, a lot of experiments can happen on SR, like if u are in a team of 5 Sona, u can have a support, an ADC, a mid, a bruiser and why not a jungler. I think it would be interesting to put sames champs in different roles, like an Ezreal or a Tristana could be played AD or AP. I tried OFA once, we discussed in chat about bans and interesting picks and finally we picked Nidalee. Enemy team was full Janna. It was fun for us, but i think less for enemies (like when there is a Nidalee in ARAM). So, my opinion is to let players choose between HA queue or SR queue. (Sorry if my English is not perfect, this is not my main language).
>But, a lot of experiments can happen on SR, like if u are in a team of 5 Sona, u can have a support, an ADC, a mid, a bruiser and why not a jungler. I think it would be interesting to put sames champs in different roles, like an Ezreal or a Tristana could be played AD or AP. My understanding is that this was actually Riot's intention for the mode. And I do think that would be fun, if people actually played it that way. But right now, they don't. People are more interested in experimenting with how multiple of the same champ interact with one another, and that is much easier on HA.
: I have a question maybe someone else already asked that then i'm sorry that i didn't pay attation but my question is what if 4 of the 5 mates pick the same champion then this would be the majority and this champion would be picked but hwat if the 5th hasn't got that chapion? what will happen then??
You can only vote for champions that every player on the team has.
: Since people like it on SR and HA, why not make it available on both maps? 1. Both SR and HA have their own prons and cons, though I personally prefer playing this mode on HA due to the amount of possibilities. 2. Unrestrict Karthus. (if possible) The banning is there, it should be up to them whether or not to ban Karthus. Although I've read in some comments that Karthus is disabled because he's broken.
He's disabled because he's broken in the sense that he's unbalanceable. They can't keep him rewarding to play while not being just an instant ace button every few minutes.
: I'm currently not understanding the voting system. We had 2 people pick Katarina, 2 people pick Kassadin and 1 person pick Zilean. We all ended up getting forced into Zilean, doesn't it make sense that only Katarina and Kassadin should have been part of the random roll as they were the most selected champions?
The system requires a true majority of votes to select that champion (so at least 3 people need to vote the same to guarantee your pick). If there is no true majority, they will give a random champion. There is some much more detailed info available [in their announcement thread about it on the main forums](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=42855767#42855767). Not sure why they only posted the detailed info there and didn't at least cross-post it here...
: But {{champion:17}} and {{champion:30}} will be playable in this mode, or no? They're locked for some bug or 'cause they'll too op for this mode?
Disabled from the mode entirely cause they were broken. Riot tried to balance out a lot of champions for the mode to make them work better. But they couldn't find a way to make 5 of either Teemo or Karthus on the same team be even remotely fun for the other team to play against.
: only on SR, I didin't think it would be any better on HA
I found SR to be extremely disappointing for this mode. HA was much, much more fun. Though if you aren't up for a constant chaotic madness fest, it just may not be your type of game mode, even on HA.
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