: [PBE - 5.22] Adjustments to Killstreak Bounty Rules and Bounty Displays
RIP Assist Streaks~ i will never forget you *silence*{{item:3070}}
: slayer jinx
I just played a custom with slayer jinx and i had that bug too~ pretty weird X
: Is PBE still down?
Rioter Comments
: Will Yone come first to PBE, or Ao Shin?
ao shin was only an early concept art sneak peek so i would think dat swordsman comes first, but when, i dont know ^^
: [BUG] Re-opening a chat room shows text field on top of the chat room.
YEAP so weird, well i somehow even cant write people from my friendlist, if i send sth it is just gone =/
: [Masteries] Conjuror Mastery doesn't work on Shaco boxes
well i had some maokai at my team his saplings lasted longer =/ ill try the other trap champs too to see Edit1 {{champion:51}} traps lasted longer with the mastery used
: "Spell not found : Eye of the Storm"
i think its the shield from mastery too, only had that with the tankmastery where i skilled the shield too
: [10/31/13 Patch] Current list of bugs so far found on this patch
also experienced those bugs too, atm i got a game with a friend whos playing zac with skin, only one had no problems with bugsplats, myself and the other two crashed periodically(its only botgame), but not always when he was using his Q W combo, also when he was standing still to write.
: [Varus] Q Not holding
I experienced the same with Varus' Q also tried with normal and Quick cast, its weird at the beginning but getting used to that wasnt really hard. I have to agree with Kairuwalker's edit XD can be really fun to use it as skillshot, and requires more focus to play and land it without the 4 seconds hold. Greetings, Zhyr
: Goodbye following Summoners of PBE:
It can be better but i am really sad they are doing that because i really played alot there to test the new stuff or find other bugs etc. I also will miss the guys i met there and played a lot with. Goodbye to you all, was a pleasure to be a part of this community :<
: [Aracade Hecarim Bug] Rainbow color fades
i just played a game with him and i only got fading rainbow colors on the two stacks of Rampage, not with the other abilities.
: [Bear cavarly Sejuani] Weapon Spin doesn't stop or begin early
For me it only happened after Using Q that the Wep started spinning like W. Only Stopped after Using W normally, when used Q it happened again, etc
Yeah just crashed for me too cuz we had an SGU XD, and its only a bot game
: [Major][Platform] Match History is unviewable
: [Lucian]Hard CC interrupts his Ultimate
Well i think it is intended, no one can shoot when stunned, and fiddles ult also goes on when u use zhonyas, i think if u would use zhonyas when ulti-ing with Lucian it would be interrupted too. Perhaps u try it XD


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