: Super confused that this skin received the name "Heartseeker." If that wasn't a line reserved for marksmen, what's the point of the name? Why aren't these simply "Valentine" skins? What does Heartseeker even mean, and what is it's significance to Valoran? Can someone explain to me what the point is of the "Sweetheart" name as opposed to Heartseeker? Was this addressed when Sweetheart Annie was released? Everything's starting to clash and I'm more annoyed by these skins than delighted. I'm upset that both these skins are for female champions, I was hoping we'd receive more in the line of Varus. Please stop making human-appearing skins for Orianna. Winter Wonder was cute because it looked sort of like a puppet, maybe something someone made as a gift. This skin looks way too human for no discernible reason. She is a robot, I want skins for her that are robotic fantasies. Why was Orianna chosen for this in the first place? The skin feels completely random, and it doesn't compliment her. Matter of fact, the entire Heartseeker/Sweetheart design looks pretty tacky overall. It was a certain improvement from Vayne's skin, but it doesn't offer anything aesthetically that I want to play as. They look more like playing-card derivatives than something love related. Varus' skin was cute and quirky because of the Cupid reference. This is actually a design problem spanning all holidays; the designs are all relatively the same and aren't interesting anymore.
I find this orianna skin good, the last actual skin ori got was bladecraft or something like that I forgot the name. Winter wonder doesn't count since it is a legacy skin. Plus this ori looks actually human, winter wonder was like you said... a puppet. But the problem is that I also want to know the difference between sweetheart and heartseeker skinline so I agree on that part.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
This skin is amazing don't get me wrong. But the autos bother me, they seem a bit to big and fat unlike the thin small ones im use too. Also I was wondering why this ori gets her ult with new particle effects while winter wonder didn't. But other than that. Good skin.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
I feel like using champion shards to increase the mastery level cap is not really exciting, I rather just keep going up mastery tiers than to try and earn shards to increase the cap. I think it would be better to be able to earn something that feels rewarding and proud of all the hard work. To be honest here, I would LOVE to increase the mastery levels, but I rather earn the increase of mastery cap by playing games.


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