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: [5.14] Zeke's Herald update coming to PBE
" And be warned, if you’re in one of those games where you have no idea what your ADC is doing in lane, this probably isn’t the item to buy!" Ok, so why make the item if I'm never going to buy it? Jokes aside, I think 50% crit chance is a bit insane not to mention Crit + AP seem like a weird stat combo. I understand where the sentiment comes from since it's mainly targeted at bot lane but, still. AD + AP; Lifesteal + S vamp; MR + Armor; Crit + M Speed seem like more standard-ish combinations to me. I think this should have been a new item and have Zeke's Herald be touched up. It was nice having an LS aura item on the off chance you have a full AD comp, which does happen from time to time. Like a flat Ar pen aura would have been great since full AD team means your opponents are stacking armor. Idk, I'm not really feeling this new item right now. Also, really weird but, DAE feel a Mana CDR item with a bright Red Icon doesn't fit? Like the other two I can think off are Lichbane (which has AD scaling so it kinda makes sense) and Righteous Glory (which is orange-y and also gives health so also makes sense). This is another reason I think it should have been a new item...with the stats, the icon seems really off to me.
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
This would be cool if all my friends didn't quit League because they couldn't handle soloq toxicity...I'm literally one of two ppl in my close circle of friends that still play league semi-regularly....and considering the things I read in chat today alone...making friends IN league seems like a pipe dream. These days it seems like you have to almost know someone enough to marry 'em before you even trust them in a lane with you.
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: Newest Sona Update!
Considering the intention and purpose of this thread, this post is gonna be utterly useless and irrelevant . But has anyone taken notice of the types of posts made in this thread since the release of this rework 'till now? And then compare that to each patch rotation that has contained a Sona update? It's like they are deliberately going backwards. "We want buffs!" Nerf. "Why did you nerf this? Could you buff that instead?" Nerf that. "What is happening this is wrong buff this and this plz!" Buff that but nerf this, this, and the other thing. This is practically a joke at this point, Sona is irrelevant. The final change should be to her lore, where she decides to retire from fighting and do Pentakill full time as well as side-projects to take up her new spare time. The next Riot album should just be 10 instrumental tracks by Sona called Sounds of Silence, where a few of the songs are inspired by each of her skins....seriously 'cause it's not like she'd be useful anywhere else. Seriously, there's mountains of feedback on multiple threads...are they gonna start using any of it? #buffsona #badrework
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: Newest Sona Update!
It's like we take 1 step forward and two steps back. I'm not looking forward to this rework at all anymore. I still love the foundation, it's miles high above than her current kit on live and made me super excited to play her but the number tweaks are all wrong and then you make them right but you change something else that didn't need to be changed (in this case her W ... and I've yet to be satisfied with E) I feel this is gonna be another crap on release and then we'll take 4 patch rotations and a season change to finally implement all the feedback that's been here for weeks. (You know like the Karma rework)
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Lol first it was the d/cs now it's the bugsplats and that damn viktor laser machine gun of ear doom that's driving me insane. The PBE has gone crazy! Was able to finish lvl 5 Doom my game they didn't seem to do dragon as often as they did in the lower tiers why is that? Also, I only beat lvl 2 because we were about to lose and then the bots literally gave up, just afkd in base until we won...kinda lame.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
So is the game dropping bug gonna be fixed today or soon...'cause it's been happening since last night and I've only been able to finish 3 games out of the dozen or so I've played so far. It's getting really frustrating. At least I managed to unlock level 2 on doom level 5 yet though.
: The bots seem to be totally inactive at times - nowhere to be seen on the minimap and then rush as five from the base. During the inactive periode the players usually gain lots of ground (difficulty I & II).
That's what we though too, until we caught them 5-maning dragon. This happened twice. Are you sure they weren't just doing dragon?
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Some dude told me to press I pressed 7 which is where the boots were located. It kicked me off the game and I couldn't rejoin, had to re-queue. This seems like a big issue. Edit: Yea I can't finish one simple game...just get randomly d/cd from games.
: "What do you others think? Have you tested it?" Funny. I've been trying to get Riot to at least acknowledge the feedback that is already here. Even if they stated, "GET USED TO IT", then at least I would know that I've been heard. Check out the thread : []( > [Feedback][Essence Reaver] @Riot , @Xypherous , where are you? > > Background : The PBE group did a great job digging up bugs on this item AS WELL AS giving player feedback. We wrote and upvoted some good consensus threads in the PBE forum. (which rarely happens) ***However, Riot remained silent and pushed out the item to live with no changes.*** > > Threads (summary) : [Xypherous's mega-thread of planned item changes for 4.10]( > > [Bug, ER passive procs tear stacking]( > > [Bug, ER does not display mana gained when the menu option is turned on]( > > [**Feedback, needs a different recipe <= 22 upvotes on this one is huge for that forum**]( > > [**Feedback, needs a different recipe <= 8 upvotes**]( > > [Feedback, needs a different recipe]( > > [Feedback, needs a different recipe]( > > [Feedback, ER sound effect too annoying]( > > [Feedback, ER sound effect too annoying]( > > [Feedback, needs better end-game stats]( > > [Feedback, needs to be either stronger or weaker]( > > 3rd Party Feedback agrees : SaintVicious says "a bad item" in the vid below. > > > > [NewsOfLegends writer says "a wasted slot"]( > > Synopsis : Riot was unresponsive to a lot of feedback while this item was in PBE. The item is unchanged when it was pushed to live without even fixing the reported bugs. There is a general consensus among non-Rioters that the item's niche is approved of but the recipe needs to be changed. > This item is for AD champions that already have mana problems. In its current state, this item leaves said champ without mana benefits until mid-game. (2650g) Therefore, the item will be ignored for proper mana benefits elsewhere. (i.e. Tear, Sheen) As an important note, any AD champ that does NOT have mana problems will always ignore this item because there are many better builds. (i.e. Brutalizer, Cutlass, BF Sword) > > Suggestion from this writer : Increase ER's cost to 3000, increase the AD to 65 and put a Forbidden Idol in the recipe. Look at the threads in the thread list, the interest is there.
> > Synopsis : Riot *is* unresponsive to a lot of feedback while... *on* PBE. > > My problem, with Olaf, Karma, Sejuani Battle Boost for Mirror mode, among other things. Two of these champions had to get buffed weeks after being live, Sejuani is still nowhere to be seen even though they explicitly said her changes were meant to make her competitive. And I saw a lot of people disapprove of this and the new BT but the BT point is moot because that was suppose to be nerf from the start no question about it. I use to post a lot which is why I got re-invited to PBE after they did the changes on who gets to join but lately I've been really afraid to do so...It honestly doesn't feel like anything anyone posts here (Unless it's super major/gamebreaking/or outrights causes the community to implode on itself.) Get's looked at or taken seriously. I feel there's better response to post on reddit than to do so here.
: The map is exactly the same size, as far as I've heard. The camera update seems okay to me - I understand what you mean about things seeming "compacted" but it doesn't feel that noticeable. I don't wear glasses so that might have an effect. Mostly it was the bottom of the screen which felt different to me, but not by a huge margin. Gameplay feels perfectly fine although last-hitting the new minions takes a few tries to pin down. Here are the things I didn't have a full appreciation for: * Blue buff small creeps: autoattack animation isn't perfectly clear; it's hard to tell if they're actually hitting you or not due to the particles * Dragon: attacks feel slow and don't look dangerous at all * Like dragon, the new towers don't look impactful with their attacks, despite the damage they deal * Baron: movements when turning should probably look more fluid Overall, the new map and feels exactly like the old map, just looks way better. Mechanically everything is basically the same and even the updated camera view seems fine. It doesn't take much getting used to and things like the contrast seem fine.
The more I play around with it, the more I think I'm getting used to's like reading something and going from regular print to **BOLD** But the camera still feels too close to me. I really think I'm getting less vision around my character, I can notice it more bot lane when I play support. I agree with you with the projectiles, they feel like a passing glance, I don't feel like I'm getting hit by things and then just watch as my health drops. I wish I could play more with it but my PBE client is doing this thing my regular client does every once in a blue moon where my task manager says my lol.exe is using +1,000,000 K Memory up to 1,500,000 where normally it sits at 700,000-900,000 and I'm getting crazy FPS spikes going from 70 to 2 in seconds which is making this unplayable. It hasn't happened to my regular client in close to a year but right now I can't play the PBE it's too hard. And the PING spikes that started on the East Coast a few months ago aren't helping either...90-400 ping in seconds isn't fun. If the client sorts itself out I'll try to give more feedback.
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: Exept for the fact that you are buying 5 1 game ip boosts for everyone in the party and unlocking all the skins for your entire team for a game. I don't understand why people are calling this scummy or that Riot is money grabbing. If they are so money grabbing they might as well not release skins renting either since you people are going to bitch and say that paying to unlock a skin for a game or two is just them being scumbags and trying to make money. I for one think its a cool idea, the price is just a bit to high for my taste but when i play with my friends damn straight i would pay for this so we can all use skins no matter what champ we are playing. Not to mention helping them out by letting them get more ip to unlock other stuff. Just goes to show that people will bitch about anything
Except IP gains is based on Length of Time played, and this game mode is wicked fast paced. I do not for one second believe that 150RP is worth the extra 37IP i'm gonna get for playing this game. And it's only for one game. So that means if I'm IP farming instead of playing 100 games to get what I want, I'll only have to play 99. Lol, ok no. And it's cool that you're such a good person keep it up, really no sarcasm at all but, the majority of people, my friends and I included would most likely gift a skin or champ if ppl really wanted it that least it's permanent. No one I know will actually justify spending real money on something that's A) Temporary and B)Purely Aesthetic. Remember ward skins? That didn't go well. This was a bad idea, I thought they had learned from that fiasco.
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
Umm, no. Sorry Riot but Battle Boost for RP seems like a joke to me. It's insane to spend real money on things you don't even get to keep. Just for this one single game I want to look really pretty with this skin, I probably already own anyways. And the IP boost is not worth for an already short game mode. Instead of getting 37IP i'll get 74... >.> neat. They say be kind to your fellow man but, this is ridiculous. I'm sorry I can't get behind this and inb4 (It's optional you don't have to buy it, no one is forcing you to click it) It's still click-bait, I just don't want to support these kinds of traps. Like someone posted earlier, it seems really scummy. As for the game mode, everything seemed copacetic. Just did a game with 10 Jaxes...was amazingly fun BONK BONK BONK I'd deff see myself playing this a lot more than regular ARAM.
: > I'm not a game designer, artist, etc. and can provide zero input on overall game health and design so my only opinion and experience on this is as a player. Your reasoning is logical and pretty hard to argue, things need to be clear because communication and clarity are core components of League. However, I will still disagree with this decision. > > The icon was amazingly design and basically, "just looks really fucking cool" and matched the theme perfectly. Not to mention it was decently big, bigger than the original which to me made it CLEARER for me to see. When I first tested the skin after just playing regular Braum once I was already expecting the goat only to be welcomed with a dragon face to which my only thought was...."Oh, it's a red dragon face...that's pretty neat." And I moved on. > > The main aspect of the passive I really cared about was not really the shape but the 4 sub-divisions that signify how many hits are left...and since the dragon face was much bigger...that was easier for me to I, on a personal level cannot justify saying it has clarity issues or it's confusing. Not to mention everyone of my friends loves it but, a sample pool of 20 vs. the entirety of league (I don't know the numbers, we may need a new infographic...what are we know billions? or is that just Teemo deaths?) is nothing to go on. > > TL;DR I think it's the wrong decision and I would rather have it back and I wish my opinion was shared but...Game ON! 'Cause as a support main all I want is for Braum to be healthy for the game and be released ASAP. > > He's fun as all hell. I agree for the most part, minus the whole logical reasoning behind the changes. I think this passive change didn't have much to do with clarity at all, and overall diminished the value of the skin. Why does a dragon slayer have a goat icon? Do dragonslayers use red goats or something? I know Braum like goats, but his dragonslayer counterpart shouldn't have to goats. I somewhat understand that Riot wants to keep the passive the same due to it being recognizable, but that's like saying we should change Tyrant Swain's W back to base Swain's W because they don't look the same and may confuse players on what it will do. The only logical reasoning behind this Braum change is because Riot may feel that it would surpass the 975 skin tier if it had a cool dragon passive, which honestly sounds better than the clarity argument. There are multiple ability visual effects that change entirely based on the skin, so I really don't understand this change with it's current reasoning in mind. Honestly though, if the dragon icon stayed, but was made to be the same size of Braum's base skin passive, would that work better for "clarity" sake?
I didn't want to tackle the issue of pricing...but I would be lying if it didn't cross my mind. Yea, I tried to come off as civil as possible but...when it comes down it to the gritty...yea I think the change is really stupid, it's big dragon face can't say that's not clear I wouldn't put it past them to change it just 'cause so many skins in this PBE rotation are 1350 already. Regardless, RIOT BRING THE ICON BACK...I doubt the players base will crumble...pretty sure we can do critical thinking and figure out what it does.
: Braum Runes/Masters Set-Up
Since no one gets gp5 runes that much anymore, I feel these are good runes. I sacrifice .5 armor for a lot more health in the early game. Especially if I start Ruby crystal and rush sightstone. Everything else is standard. Except for enchanted armor. Since both it and recovery are mathematically bad...I chose enchanted armor 'cause of the defense boost you can give your self and your it synergizes better.
: This is a totally reasonable question. Braum's passive requires a lot of ally interaction, probably the most of any ability in our game outside of thresh lantern. Braum getting Concussive Blows on an enemy is a call to action for his allies to focus fire that target, as a result the call needs to be very clear. We evaluated these things and made the decision that changing the iconography on his skin was too different from the base for allies to be expected to follow up in the way that we wanted, so instead took an approach to make changes to the base icons color that make it feel at home on the skin while still maintaining a consistent and readable shape language/symbol. We totally think that the dragon face icon was cool, but pushing towards our game design goal of clarity we felt in this case making the gameplay oriented decision of providing a consistent symbol was the best choice for all players experiences.
I'm not a game designer, artist, etc. and can provide zero input on overall game health and design so my only opinion and experience on this is as a player. Your reasoning is logical and pretty hard to argue, things need to be clear because communication and clarity are core components of League. However, I will still disagree with this decision. The icon was amazingly design and basically, "just looks really fucking cool" and matched the theme perfectly. Not to mention it was decently big, bigger than the original which to me made it CLEARER for me to see. When I first tested the skin after just playing regular Braum once I was already expecting the goat only to be welcomed with a dragon face to which my only thought was...."Oh, it's a red dragon face...that's pretty neat." And I moved on. The main aspect of the passive I really cared about was not really the shape but the 4 sub-divisions that signify how many hits are left...and since the dragon face was much bigger...that was easier for me to I, on a personal level cannot justify saying it has clarity issues or it's confusing. Not to mention everyone of my friends loves it but, a sample pool of 20 vs. the entirity of league (I don't know the numbers, we may need a new infographic...what are we know billions? or is that just Teemo deaths?) is nothing to go on. TL;DR I think it's the wrong decision and I would rather have it back and I wish my opinion was shared but...Game ON! 'Cause as a support main all I want is for Braum to be healthy for the game and be released ASAP. He's fun as all hell.
: Dragon Slayer Braum Q should throw a Dragon Face
Idk about that they just changed his passive icon from a dragon face back to the makes no sense. This idea actually sounds awesome but they are apparently going backwards. Upvote for cool content.
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: Official Braum Feedback Thread
Wait, why the hell did the passive icon on his Dragonslayer skin go from a Dragon Face to the normal Goat/Mustache one? That legitimately makes no sense, the old icon was amazing and it plays with the theme of the skin? What happened?
: [4.5] Pantheon Changes
So glad the stun duration went back to normal. I so very much approve of this. As well as the landing time going back to normal but keeping the buff jumping time. Hopefully [hopefully] this will balance out the gutted range at lvl 1. 4000 at 11 doesn't seem to bad and it's normal at 16 with the sped up channel included these seems like good changes to Pantheon. DON'T TOUCH HIM ANYMORE PLEASE.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
I don't know if it's been mention but, the fact that his W can be cast while walking is really cool but it felt kinda wasted on the fact that I went from 380+ MS down to 300. Which was surprising 'cause that wasn't telegraphed neither here nor in the tooltip in-game so I was so confused at first. I was like...oh so I might as well be standing still then just like the old W >.> Edit: Just finished trying him it me or is the rework not done? I mean I was playing him mid so he still feels like the same old Gragas... I didn't feel any incentive to combo barrel 'cause it still did so much burst I just kept throwing it out there. And having the on-hit magic damage on W plus a knockback/stun on E was actually a super-buff for locking ppl down. He still feels really strong if anything stronger. Edit 2: I feel considering the MS reduction he gets from using W that the buff doesn't last too long if you pop it slightly earlier then using your E. It's too unforgiving. Also, everytime I use my Q, Gragas bugs out and stops moving and auto-attacking automatically. I have to manually click to get him to work again.
: Miss Fortune changes are cool. She has no more mana problems. I have a suggestion.
I think if anything, we should at least test it in the PBE for a while and see if it's OP or not. But I would like this change to happen. Especially since now-a-days minions have a tendency to follow you around from NEXUS to NEXUS.
: The range change is so absurd I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. It's a bit silly for him to go straight up and then straight back down that close. That's no epic leap. More of a ManHop than a ManDrop. As far as functionality, these changes are so extreme they'd need to remove the channeling of the ult near completely and possibly give it AD scaling instead of AP. Then it'd just be boring due to being so similar to Nocturne ult. But if they really want to destroy the global (and Panth's identity), I'd rather that than him being completely unviable or strictly worse than Nocturne. I'd much prefer seeing something like increased channel time, increase time the landing circle is visible, or removing the ability to queue up stun in flight for longer range. Perhaps scaling the ult's range up from 2500/3000 to 4500/5000 while buffing another area to either compensate for his weakened early game, or strengthen his late game.
Yea that channel time with the lack of actually range is what makes this skill feel soooo much worse now, I barely feel any incentive to use it. An AD scaling would be a great balance tool. But I agree, if they did that, I'd rather go back to Nocturne jungle at least his ulti blinds the map and still much better functionality. They need to revert this and look elsewhere for a power-shift...this is one of those "killing the identity of a champion." change (which I thought riot was against). Like my friend said, "He might as well just finally become a baker now...He's useless as a fighter."
: **Undocumented change - Grand Skyfall cast time is faster** Go on, try it on the PBE. The range may be shit, but it's still faster than walking and you're more likely to catch someone in the AoE. Stun nerf is a bit much but hey, let's hope a rework comes soon.
I politely disagree. The range nerf is too extreme and yea the channel up time is shorter but the drop is longer so people just walk away because I can't reach anywhere. There's no point in me using this skill when Panth, with the fastest base MS next to M. Yi, I can just walk to my opponents and just W combo, or Flash W if need be.
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: This whole thing concerns me to be honest. While I understand the need to tone down his early game (I play quite a lot of Lee, I understand it!) I think the AS buff on his passive being his scaling factor into late game is just going to be negligible. When team fights begin later in the game, you don't get the chance to take advantage of your passive very often honestly. You generally start out by landing a Q and following it in, ward or minion hopping behind a target, and ulting them back into your team for a successful initiation. You've now used 3 of your 4 abilities and have not been able to take advantage of your passive in any way. Now perhaps after this you can land an auto or two, assuming you aren't CC chained by the opposing team collapsing on you after you kick someone out of their team, and then you use your Tempest, which you'll generally want to follow up with Cripple almost immediately to reduce the incoming damage with the AS slow. You don't really get the chance to use your passive in between this, so you generally only get to use the second of the two passive procs here. So you've used every ability, you're probably close to out of energy, and you've used 2 of your potential 7 passives in this fight. I think the issue is that you're trying to take a burst caster and turn him into a sustained damage champion, which is the exact opposite of what he is right now. * A Lee Sin using AD reds/quints and offensive masteries has 149.52 AD at level 18, or 150 with rounding. Flat Q damage, with no items involved, is going to be ~460 without taking the percent damage increase into account. This is going to be around a ~60 damage increase without taking items into account at all. A net buff to his Q overall, although it will definitely be weaker early game. I think this one looks okay as long as it doesn't get any other massive changes (cooldown increase, other damage nerfs, etc). * Safeguard change is quite painful but at least understandable. Making him trade something for jumping to wards is okay, makes sense. The thing that needs to be taken into account when comparing him to champions like Jax or Katarina is that neither of them use any form of skillshot for their damage and Katarina has no costs at all and gains a damage reduction buff for using hers. * Tempest is the change that bothers me the most. While it may be a bit odd, I used Lee Sin as a counter to armor stacking champions such as Malphite purely based on the fact that Tempest did magic damage instead of physical. I understand the change to physical damage, it makes sense. It was hard for the opponent to read and it could be confusing when you built armor in lane to counter that guy building AD...and then got wrecked anyways. However, I think the damage nerfs on top of this change might be a bit too much; keep in mind that the damage will now already be reduced by armor, making it A) easier to counter Lee Sin in lane and B) already reduce Tempest's damage due to the availability of great armor items (Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape, Thornmail [situational], Ninja Tabi) before it sees the damage nerfs as well. It also completely destroys building AD on Lee Sin; instead of going Brutalizer into LW ala Zed/Talon and playing him as any form of assassin (I've even done this in the jungle after Lizard Elder when I get massively ahead) it now pretty much pigeonholes him into the generic bruiser build of Armor item > MR item > some random damage item (Hydra, BoRK, Triforce) and then call it a day and stack some health. * The ultimate change greatly concerns me since I tend to play a lot of Lee Sin top to counter champions like Jax and Wukong, or tanks like Mundo/Shyvana/Malphite in some cases. His ultimate in 1v1 situations is going to be about as useful as Skarner using his ultimate in a 1v1. As in, you move them a little bit. The damage has absolutely been shattered in anything but the most perfect use into the middle of the enemy team which sort of defeats the purpose of a movement displacing ability. Just my thoughts, character limit D:
Asking for a RiotCronovey please. I mean I don't think anybody else can bring up the light like this. Very eloquent.
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: Vel'Koz Bugs/Feedback
This is more of an aesthetic complain but, why is his dance so lazy? Aatrox already had a lazy head-bobbing dancing and now Vel'Koz too. I'm pretty sure there's a lot you can do with a tentacle head monster. Make him sassy!
: Vel'koz death make client crash
Confirmed. Makes tower diving even more dangerous.
: Armor pen boots? Why do these not exist?
I'd find these great for champs I'd love to buy Brutalizer for but, wouldn't really to upgrade for BC or the purple sword (It goes so unused I've forgotten the name) But then again, why wouldn't you stack both? Then your armor pen would probably be too OP Early game. I'm no mathematician but that would probably result in a lot more balance issues than Riot would care to think about right now.
: [major bug][yasuo][ult]cannot move/auto attack after yasuo ult
I did this on a bot game with Yasuo. None of the bots I ulted could move afterwards. +1 Confirmed.
: How does Yasuo's Q, Steel Tempest Interact With The Masteries Blade Weaving and Spell Weaving?
In the tooltip it clearly states it is an auto attack. It works much the same as Ezreal's Q. Looks like a spell but is in fact an Auto Attack.
: GA not activating when dying to fountain? Intended?
This is not a bug, this has been a core mechanic of the game for years. The only thing that blocks the laser is untargetable status (Zhoynias, trollpole, Fiora ult etc.)
: [Opinion] Yasuo strength level
Bots aren't a real good FoR in terms of power level and with that build I think anyone can solo baron. I've done it with less. I still iffy about the double crit thing. I mean I had IE and TriF and had over 50% crit and it might as well be 100. Never had time to use my ulti 'cause my Q would crit them to death. I think (especially with is Wall bug) he's a bit strong right now but, he was just released so this is pretty much business as usual.
: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall
Can also confirmed, makes pushing extremely easy.
: (Feedback) The removal of Oracles.
I personally believe the sweeper trinket makes for a good substitute for oracles. I was thinking of always getting it when I played jungle while other lanes got the ward one. My biggest gripe though is the cooldown. It feels like it's down way too long for me to care enough to use it for sweeping to the point I forget when it's on and teamfights? Forget about it. Because of all the worries about vision control I believe this gave stealth champs a huuuuuge buff. You'd either have to fix this or tone down the power of those champs which in my opinion would not be fair and may even wreck them completely in terms of playability for trying to compensate.
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: Hi guys, We had an issue with Garen and his sword animation, but it should be fix now. Let us know if you see it again. Thanks for the help!
It's not fixed. I just played against garen using his regular skin and when he revived after death his sword stayed in the ground and he was just attacking with air.
: [Vi, Varus, potentially others] Ability on "Q" fires off almost immediately
Highly exploitable with Vi. Let Q charge but don't click and hit something, it'll go on it's cancellation cooldown, making it pretty much spammable. +1
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: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
I agree with most of the comments. The concept is fine but, atm, they feel kind of out of place. It's hard to put your finger on it but it's like idk, if LoL was IRL these would be stickers flying around. They feel, "fake." If that makes any sense. They just POP too much.
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: Invisible Ward Trinket not working
I just bought it on Soraka and it placed a ward just fine. The only problem I had was that the counter was 0/0 but after I used it, it was 4/1 'cause it was counting the green wards on the map as well. Also, the Ruby sighstone unused was counting 1/3 'cause it was counting the pink ward but it still let me place 3 wards without removing the pink ward.
: Feedback on Site Update - don't judge a post by its title
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