: ez is broken as fck still, u go reaver and trinity then abything u want
Except that 40% crit chance does next to nothing since Ez isn't a complete auto attacker.
: It never has and hopefully never will. That would make him too strong.
Indeed. Sadly he's been just under the bar compared to all the other ADs.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZeroQuest96,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Eo16EXks,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-10-31T19:59:56.003+0000) > > Indeed. I think Ez just needs a slight bit of help. I am nore worried about Irelia gettign slaughterd by trinity changes like what happened in season 3. It really sucked to the point I evne started getting IBG instead.
The thing about Irelia is that Riot doesn't really care about her right now as long as she isn't broken. They think her kit is oppressive and don't actually want her to be good (similar to Poppy) because she's unfun to play against when she gets there.
: well he is getting his base damage buffed at low levels so there is trinity force spellblade procs. But all of the other changes to trinity are going to hurt him outside of the 10% CDR.
: Was there a Rioter that said his Q should not crit ? I am 100% sur that it crit on live. I am not on the PBE now so I can't check his current state.
Ezreal's Q is one of the few on hit abilities that cannot crit at all and it's been that way since release. Also, the issue with his Q criting was that it gets too bursty (Similar to the old runeglaive Ludens AP ez).
: If I were to "fix" Ezreal for this new ADC meta I'd give his Q the chance to crit but only for 50% or something. If that's not possible then I'd swap him over to a stronger style such as AP Ezreal. The only way to make that Viable would be to make his W hit minions. But since that's op I'd nerf it for minions/monsters only dealing 50% damage to them. This would allow him to go mid lane really easy. If none of this is possible then I suggest asking a Rioter for his ideas on Ezreal. Sure he's a strong caster poke based ADC. But that is not going to be able to size up to all of the new ADC's styles. Especially now. Number one thing they need to do is to stop swapping numbers. I'm getting tired of that.
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: Could Sightstone have a stat enchantment mechanic similar to Machete?
I halfway agree with your statement here, however, as someone who has been maining support for all of s3-s4 I really wish Sightstone was not in the game. Ever since its implementation it has been you either have to buy sightstone or have your team yell at you all game even though you're keeping the same amount of crucial ward coverage.
: I think that items should have a number part and an effect part. In most cases, you buy the items for the effect, but sometimes the effects are simply there to reduce the numbers and still make it a better item than if it only had numbers. For instance, everybody buys Sightstone, Zhonya's Hourglass, Frozen Heart and stuff like that for their effect, but when was the last time you went "I really need to go faster after hitting someone, I'll go get that Phage", or "I really think I should get that Phantom Dancer to go through minions". Then, there's the Tear/RoA/Seeker's/Hexdrinker argument that the effect does exactly the same thing as the item, except it situationals/gated, and they're still used more than nearly any other items. So imo, if they simply buffed the numbers up a tad bit, or made the passive more interesting, the item would most probably be really great against punishing AD top laners (Riven, Pantheon, Udyr, etc.). Something like adding exactly the same effect, but to armor too. This wya, it would help dives and prevent dives even better.
I get what you're saying. It's just in my experience diving and getting dove have never really been a concern for me in any of the games of LoL I've played. Maybe I just don't play against people who do it well?
: I think that Raptor's cloak is seen as a lot worse that it actually is. +100% base regen is nothing to scoff at. It's also by far the cheapest Armor + HP5 item available, the only other 2 being Ohmwrecker (duh) and GA. Still, I think it should probably have natural MS buff (preferably flat, but I'm ok with %) to at least kick it over the 100% stat efficiency (95% right now, so you're losing 40g to get 3 slots).
I mostly agree, however, I don't honestly care about the stat efficiency of an item. What I care more about is the question "Why would I want this?" and the current answer isn't all to great since there are few occasions where I want to move faster near turrets. Not to mention there are far more useful armor items in the game, so Raptor's Cloak is just not appealing.
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: Jungle minions health bar are messed up.
Yup, the black bar background graphic for the jungle monsters is above the dynamic red bar.


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