: The shop has a limit of purcharses it can handle. So thats why we dont get more rp
what?limit of purcharses it can handle? in the past it's is 8000 ervery day
: RIOTERS, you should ban these guys not only from PBE but their original servers.
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: Now, the only way to unlock some old skins is the latest 7500 RP gift box. I have to save RP with three days, because of only 3000 RP everyday.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
Can you really unlock those old skins? How did you do it?
: The PBE isn't intended to be an "everything unlocked" server. It's a test server, and you only need the new stuff. There's no way they introduce more than 3000 RP worth every day.
In the past, the RP provided every day was 8000 points, although it could not be superimposed.
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