: you do realize all other champs have got increased stats too, everyone has higher armor than they had in live, in most cases more than default rune pages
I realize that, but honestly... I think that the increased AD shouldn't hit the live patch since the sorcery and domination trees already give AD. It's just overkill to buff the base AD of champions due to the "lack of AD runes"
: yeah okay this is actually a problem(i said what i said because i forgot that the 2nd rune gives you raw stats). we need to get Riot's attention on this
Actually the stats are determined by your primary keystone.
: Yeah I agree, I definitely think we need better replacements for fervor and DFT users in the new runes {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I might be a bit biased but Summon Aerie is a good replacement for DFT in my opinion. Okay not on champions based on DoTs like Brand and Malzahar, but on champions like Jhin and Miss Fortune it's a pretty good replacement.
: but you get these stats as the game progresses, just like when you buy items.
Then again, starting off with 79 AD can be a problem for MF. There is a reason why she had the 3rd lowest base AD (46) and the lowest AD Growth
: You lose 6 magic resist and 72 health at level 1 for 8 AD. New season, new balance.
And then there is the 15 AD from sorcery, up to 48 AD from Transcendence, The AD from Gathering Storm, 8% Lifesteal from Legends: Bloodline, Summon Aerie adding burst without a cooldown and Coup De Grace being 10% increased damage. Together it just seems a bit excessive
: I actually thought press the attack was bad for heavy melee auto-attacker, but actually it is quite good for fast attacking dudes (Tryndamere, Jax and AS Nocturne at least) But as for Fiora, Darius, Illaoi, Renekton, etc ... this won't be as good as fervor used to be, cause their abilities scale with AD.
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: I think runepaths automatically selecting basestats is a huge problem for certain champions
In all honesty, you're dead wrong about Miss Fortune. As a diamond Miss Fortune onetrick I am afraid the runes are TOO strong on her. I am currently testing my runepages and honestly, Sorcery + Precision does the job for me. I feel even stronger in lane now and outside of lane as well.
: Isn't it the PBE supposed to be for Honor 3 or more players only?
It's because of the unbalanced mess that's PBE. Bronze and diamond are placed against each other which can cause frustration. even honor level 5 bronze people would afk after they die 5 times in the first 10 minutes. I am currently testing my Miss Fortune runepage since I am a Miss Fortune OTP and I am just stomping them every game.


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