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Do levels visually reset at 100 like Overwatch, or do they continue to go up into the hundreds and thousands?
: > [{quoted}](name=Xypherous,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iLMv2kLV,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-10-20T04:31:02.549+0000) > > Power farming junglers are something that we're suppressing as we've never really been happy with the gameplay of continuously power-farming your jungle until you come out fully farmed at 20 minutes. > > This isn't a line we intend to support. > > In general, the full clear will give more gold and xp than before - but not enough to match the continuous power-farming era. If this is the case, are we going to see significant changes to junglers that require heavy farm to contribute to their teams? Master Yi, Xin Zhao, and Shyvana to an extent are all going to be heavily affected by this change because their primary strength is strong jungle clearing at a high pace to make up for their lack of ganking power. While Xin may have some, Shyvana and Yi basically become worthless champions with this change.
Shyv can still abuse her clear speed to counterjungle, luckily. I played her earlier and it wasn't _too_ bad. She has bigger issues, like getting kited into oblivion with every single enemy champ having a slow now (seriously slows are far too abundant atm). That said, Yi gets hit really hard. TBH all of these champs need changes or buffs anyway, so it's not a bad time too look at them.
: Blue / Red are primary starters. Wolves and Raptors can be starts depending on your champion choice or if you're forced into it by an invade. Amumu, for example - basically has infinite Tantrums when doing Razorbeaks because he not only has flat DR from monsters - he also gets tantrum resets. Any single camp will get you to level 2 - so as long as you can do the camp, it should be an okay start. It won't help your pathing much though. You'll also want to think about whether or not you intend to start red side and pick up Talisman for additional AoE help - or start blue side and pick up Machete for the single target camps.
Feedback's here. New post so you get a notification. I'll sort the positives and negatives (TL;DR, much better than I thought, but some improvements to be made): **Improvements** * All of the camp changes, sans two which I'll talk about later, feel fine or even really good. Raptors and Gromp especially are much better. * Shockingly, I ended up having a healthier clear than before. Probably the Smite change. * I played without SotA for testing purposes. No real change here, Shyv with Fervor is already viable. If Fervor gets serious changes though, this may change, because Shyv has no other good keystone. * You know what? Plants.....aren't that bad. Well, at least Blast Cone. That's fun as hell. But they don't feel that gimmicky to me, which I was pleasantly surprised by. * Nice touch on Scuttle's healthbar color. * Changes in camp respawns feel good. No more whack-a-mole, thank god. **Issues** * Smiting is just braindead now. Actually, no: it _feels_ terrible. Part of what made the Smite buffs good is that they had an immediate, tangible impact (aside from Gromp, but it sucked anyway). You really felt the power of your Smites, and that's also why I like Blue Smite over Red. Now Smite feels incredibly weak compared to how it was, even if your clears are actually healthier and it's technically stronger because of this. * Scryer's Bloom and Honeyfruit are kinda lame. There is basically never a reason _not_ to use Scryer's Bloom immediately, and Honeyfruit is hardly a more difficult decision. * Speaking of vision, the Raptor buff being gone hurts. A lot. * The first clear is awkward as hell because of starting on buffs. I actually feel like I have less choice in pathing now because Gromp / Krugs are so out of the way. Later it's fine. * The splitting for Krugs takes far too long. I'm often just sitting there for a second waiting for them to spawn after I kill a bigger one. Actually, just taking that camp in general right now takes too long, even compared to Gromp. EDIT: If I could ask for any one change, it would be reverting the Smite change (back to buffs instead of heals). Maybe change Scryer's Bloom while you're at it so we don't get Raptor + Scryer's Bloom nonsense.
: [PBE - Jungle Notes] Notes on updated Jungle for 6.22
What are the new starting camps? Krugs / Gromp are now out, and only Wolves don't hit like a truck, unless damage was significantly changed
: We're currently testing with just R and not QWE. We want to see how spammy it is (and how much the chat is filled up as a result) with just the high value categories before we add those more "situational" ones.
In Dota (where this feature already exists), it's not bad at all with all abilities enabled. Players tend to know how to use it well Another feature from the same game that's equally great is calling out that you're planning to buy a certain item (so, in the shop you would Alt+Click the item you're planning to buy). Also incredible is letting your team know how much gold you need for an item, but Im not sure how that could be implemented (Dota uses its item planning system to call this out).
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: I like the change, no defense, offense, or Utility tree. Instead they all get split apart and reorganized so there is a balance in all the tree's. one might not have any Offensive characteristics in it, or defensive, etc. but it forces you to look around and examine everything. Which is important considering there is a lot of different stuff now. Don't wanna miss anything and get left in the dust...
It's still clearly split into offense, defense and utility. The main difference is that "utility" is useful offensively now.
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