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: Kayn transformation bug
15/09 Bug still. {{item:3151}}
: ARURF Available for Testing!
Remove dragon buff ancient, let the same normal games please... urf are so **Dragon Dragon Dragon!!!! DRAGON DRAAACARYSSSSS Meta Tryhard.**
: [URF] Remove dragon buff ancient --- only 1 elemental drag
: URF ballance suggestions
My chat: " DRAGON GO !!! " Chat their: " GO DRAGON !!! " up
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: PBE Unable to connect to the server
Still 3x5 here Ever 2 ppls never returns on my team zzz gg rito
: Unable to connect bug
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: 5 out of 10 people can't join ARURF game
Tá foda, toda hora 3x5, bora melhorar isso ai ok? ou quem tem Net da Xuxa não joga bls? vlw

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