: Did you read the maximum Q damage? First, it no longer replaces the basic attacks, so these you have to count in as well: 3 attacks + 195 (+260% TOTAL AD)(+260% AP) Yknow how much fking damage that is? If it would be easy to apply his Q it would be just painfully OP. But, of course, if you itemize attack speed, movement speed and slows with a good amount of tankyness, it can work.
Dude, please. Just stop. We understand it does "OP DAMAGES LOLOLOL", but there's too many things to COUNTER a SLOW auto attacker. Mobility will completely counter this. Why are you trying to defend Morde solo, when it's gone.
: Yeah, you are completly stubborn and didn't even do the math that his damge even without W is just insane...
Lolno. Tell me one person that will let you get ALL 3 Q's in. Tell me ONE person that has HALF a brain that will let you pound their face in. Please, been playing this champ for 3 yeas, and then some. This arises more problems then they fix. Stop defending a bad rework, just cuz.
: Actually the recent AP item changes helped him in lane, especially the Rylai buff. It's brought him up from "deadest" to situational pick.
Oh, so people actually pick him now, because he's somewhat viable? Better change EVERYTHING about him.
: Alright since i like ranting. Faced plenty of Mordekaisers today, in mid, top and ''ADC''. Literally all of them did poorly. My mediocre 13/8 score was the single best Mordekaiser i have seen all day long. I had to Support him twice. I kid you not, Mord literally never got a single kill in lane. I was playing Bard first game and Leona second, i legitimately KS'ed him plenty of times without intending to. Whenever we traded in lane, we had to out-play the other team pretty badly and get Mord in range to his Q to just barely cheese a win. Whenever we traded and the enemy wasnt incompetent (And the Support just Exhausted Mord) we got decimated. Saw a Mord going mid against a LeBlanc. E was literally not doing damage to her and he couldnt do a damn thing with his melee range Q. LB just blew him up twice and got him to rage-quit because frankly, there was nothing he could do. Then the top laner Mord i saw traded with a GP at level 1. GP didnt even use his Flask and completely decimated him, winning first blood within the first 10 seconds and barely losing half his health. I literally didnt see a single Mordekaiser, regardless of his position and build, that wasnt complete luggage. Sure, he is new, but when i look at the Darius/Garen/Skarners that i saw, all of them proving themselves to be at least playable, it is impossible to look at the significantly worse Mord. Even the one where i got fed as Mord i was literal luggage getting carried by a Mid Janna (Who also destroyed her Mordekaiser opponent), a Devourer Aatrox and my support Twisted Fate. Out of the Seven games i played today that had a Mordekaiser, the team without a Mord won ** 5 times.** with the other two being the ones that had two Mords. Also you literally dont have an Ultimate if you are controlling Dragon. What the fuck? So i cant even help my team kill Drag if i want to save my Ult for an actual enemy.
Sounds like a good rework, I'm sure everyone loves it. I'm surprised I still have internet, seeing as how I'm on the top of Sarcasm Mountain right now. You should see the view!
: I think CertainlyT is trying to break the meta. He is basically a melee AP tank support ANTI-CARRY champion who takes the ghost of his lane opponent and gives his team an ADC. He also needs a partner to be effective. At least, that's how I observed the changes. I think it's interesting but I'm not sure if it's viable at all, because he needs to actually get the last hit to get solo exp and he naturally pushes the lane so he is incredibly vulnerable to ganks.
CertainlyT will just spew some BS about Morde controlling the dragon, or something stupid. His rework is awful, and I won't be playing Morde EVER if this hits live.
: Just a quick word about Mordekaiser
Bump this. CertainlyT literally has made Morde worse than what he is, 51% winrate since August 1st, WHY CHANGE WHAT ISN'T BROKEN?
: That was a very well articulated post and thank you for making a solid argument for us Mordekaiser players. I myself main Mordekaiser as a mid laner and truly enjoyed being able to carry. If you were behind, all you needed was to focus on yourself and what is happening around you. Get anything at all to get ahead: get wolves, get raptors, roam, take towers following kills with ult, counter jungle, etc. All of those satisfying times I have had turning games around as Mordekaiser because I put in the work will never come to light again. It'll be a thing of the past as much as Sion's super mega dive ultimate ability is now. That is the last thing I want to happen, so please for the love of God icebox this change for now.
All we can do is pray.. Sad times are ahead. Thanks for ruining the champion I love the most CertainlyT, you did a real good job.
: Hey Euryk, The question of _thematics _is an interesting one. It came up a lot during Thresh's development as well. Then as now I hold firm that being evil does not mean a champion is a loner. The most dastardly of villains have frequently used those around them to help them achieve their objectives. Challenging players' notions of how their constructed world should work is an important counterpoint in games of fantasy to the more standard act of meeting their expectations. The latter invites them to imagine deeply; the former encourages them to imagine freshly. As to the particulars of Mordekaiser as a champion who enjoys an ally presence: He is the quintessential "heavy" unit, a devastating war machine whose only weakness is how lumbering his own massive weapon makes him. He would either seek to exploit those slower than him or find means of holding faster opponents in place. I think there is a lot of merit to the David and Goliath drama of pitting him against a a more slight but elusive opponent.
So, what you're saying is that you refuse to change anything, also you got a lot of excuses for making these horrid changes to a perfectly fine champion. Almost a 51% winrate since August 1st. You're not the person for this job. Icebox this, and give it to someone else, please.
: Ok just went 13/8/High-Number Through the entire game it felt like i was KSing my team. I literally did nothing but be a Q bot that occasionally managed to reach a relevant target. In team fights, whenever the enemy focused me i died instantly. Q was hurting like hell, but that was literally all i did. I felt useless, weak and just plainly shitty. I didnt give any CC. I didnt give tankyness. I didnt give DPS. I was just there KSing and rarely getting a dragon to auto someone awkwardly for a few seconds. I literally never felt like this in a game i got kills at all, and definetly not as Mordekaiser. What do you even do if you are behind as Mord? The enemy ADC will just sit back, even when behind and get peeled, doing decent DPS. Mages will sit back and throw CC. Bruisers will just go tank and help their team through any CC they have. Meanwhile what does Mord do? He needs to go in melee to do damage, he does nothing if he goes tank, he cant farm anywhere as well as before because he lost his AoE, and he cant sit in the back because his range is mediocre.
Sounds like the rework is working as intended. :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=CertainlyT,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-04T22:32:53.475+0000) An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. That's simply wrong. I play Morde mid a lot on d2/d1 EUW and it's simple : Morde can win every lane, or at least do even, just like he can get outplayed. Why must this be called "counterpicking" and "counterplay" when you want to say a good thing, but when you want to put it in a negative light to justify these changes you call this "determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent." which is a huge exageration of the truth.
> [{quoted}](name=vynzs,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=KhcvQBlG,comment-id=00020000000000000006,timestamp=2015-08-05T06:26:06.340+0000) > > An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. > > That's simply wrong. > > I play Morde mid a lot on d2/d1 EUW and it's simple : Morde can win every lane, or at least do even, just like he can get outplayed. > > Why must this be called "counterpicking" and "counterplay" when you want to say a good thing, but when you want to put it in a negative light to justify these changes you call this "determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent." which is a huge exageration of the truth. CertainlyT refuses to accept that this "rework" isn't what Morde needs. He thinks he created something great, and will not swallow his pride till this garbage hits live. Calling it. He wants to be the "Hero to Break the Meta", when all he's doing is destroying a character people love with all their hearts.
: I honestly think new Morde is dope. The idea of a bruisery, tanky guy with a support bot lane is super creative and this iteration of it works well. Right now on live, Morde is pretty much feast or famine, and generally in either case Morde will still build AP and "tank" with his shield, not actually, you know, being a tank. This new Morde is like " hey, I can play a duality role of being a bottom lane tank/carry who still gives the DPS when he needs to", and yet isnt broken as hell. The Q change for damage amplification and added AD ratio for E adds an increased itemization pool where you can get increased tank/damage stats from items such as Sterak's , Rylais, as well as scale with items that , while do seem a tad bit cost ineffective, can turn you into a monstrous powerhouse who can still hold his own (trinity force). Plus you can get Gunblade. It's dope. Strategic Diversity.
You could always get Gunblade.. Guess you're new to Morde.
: Played twice with Mord going bot. This shit is terrible. 1) Your early game is worse than every single ADC in the game. You literally can not trade with your lane opponent **at all** 2) You deal no damage outside of Q's second and third proc. Even then, Q's base damage is fucking laughable, so you are even more useless when behind than old Mord could ever be. 3) Ult range nerf, ult Damage nerf, Ghost's AD completely **GUTTED**. Level 1 Ult gives a whooping 10 AD to Ghost (From the old 25) while Level 2 gives 25 instead of the old 50. And even then, the 25/50/100 value is nerfed from the original ''75% of Mord AD goes to Ghost''. 4) You literally do not have a skill if someone on your team isnt nearby. 5) Shield now scales with your HP. This means you are a lot more frail if you arent stacking HP, which is literally the worst defensive stat when it comes to interacting with shields. 6) 325 Movement Speed is fucking abysmal no matter how you slice it 7) Ghost Dragon is clunky, doesnt last long enough, isnt strong enough and is completely eating on his power budget 8) What the fuck do i build on this guy now? He wants AD, AP, Health, Resistances and Movement Speed. 9) There is literally zero reason to use Mordekaiser isntead of an ADC, and theres zero reason to pick him over any other Bruiser or Mage in the game. Theres a lot more i want to cover, but i am too fucking tired right now. This is not a buff in any possible way. There is literally nothing this abomination does that pre-rework Mordekaiser couldnt do /better/ I am legitimately upset at this. I have mained Mordekaiser ever since i started playing this game and now he is getting thrown into fucking bot-lane, where your team is going to scream at you for not picking an ADC instead.
It's okay, CertainlyT won't comment. 100's of others feel the same way you do, including me.
: the biggest problem about this entire change is the fact that you are taking mordekaiser, who has been a solo laner his entire life, and forcing him bot. and yes, he can still top, but then again i can top braum, which with these changes might actually be more effective. thematically he isnt a duo laner, he doesnt work with people, and the fact is that this is just shoehorning him into botlane by nerfing his only ranged ability and making one of his skills useless without someone else constantly there, into a lane where all of mordekaisers counters play in. this is a great idea, but not just on morde, its a change, just not one that is needed on him.
Exactly. I love how CertainlyT is only commenting on questions, or positive feedback. I've been a Morde fan since I got LoL, and this is literally destroying who {{champion:82}} is.
: It doesn't gut him, it changes his role. 50% exp is massive in competitive play! That's why Zilean went from dominating worlds to unplayed when they removed his global passive. You can do so much with the powerspikes you get from this if you have a coordinated team. Granted he'll be less of a soloq stomper than he is now since he will actually require team play and strategy, but if it adds competitive options and depth to the game then I'm all for it.
Sigh. For 99% of the LoL community, Morde has been gutted.
: from the bully to the bullied in solo lanes, his e is now his only form of poke and with the focus to him being a duo laner, the fact that he is immobile as hell is not changed, and since the only duo lane is usually a ranged adc with a support MADE to peel off the adc, i dont see how he will be an effective duo laner without mobility or cc. this didnt address any of the problems that he had, it just gave him a unique kit that wont work vs a well coordinated duo lane, and made him a slower and less dangerous solo laner. i dont see what this is trying to accomplish
: I Like the new Morde changes. It really sets him apart from other champs and with certain lane partners he's pretty OP. Also he's way more interesting to play and actually really fun right now! I hope this works its way through all the hate comments! :D
The good doesn't outweigh the bad here.
: Why the AD scaling on his E?
Because, CertainlyT is known for screwing up good things.
: I like the new changes! Although my only gripe with his changes is his new Vfx for his E. It doesn't look like it has any impact on people you hit. Like his old Vfx is like maces come out of the ground and hit everyone and it looks like it hurts, but the new one I can't tell if I hit anything even if I do. I don't know if this is where I should be commenting this, but that's the only thing I don't like ^^'
You like that W is 90% useless, and might as well not even be a part of his kit?
: While this is a noble goal, I feel it's better accomplished by releasing accommodating item or map changes, rather than reworking a champion, who players might have some attachment to, into an "experiment" to influence the playerbase.
: Well, your task is to find a teammate that can prevent him from being kited. If you can do so, you'll probably win the game. Good luck!
Lmao, what a useless reply.. "Rely on your team mates for my ass of a change." Should've just said, "Deal with it."
: I hope you understand a lot of people aren't happy with these changes and neither am I, for varying reasons. Perhaps the biggest is the switch to forcing him into a duo lane. Very few champions have kits that force them to need another player, but all that do, to this point, are still viably stronger and do in fact require one, example being Kalista due to her squish but also her raw damage output. Alone she can survive, sometimes, but mostly she requires the aid of another to circumvent any real weaknesses. Mordekaiser, on the other hand, is squishy in some areas and tanky in others, but the fact remains that forcing yourself to depend on someone else, despite this being considered a team game, is not an effective method of playing. It is extremely unhealthy and even more so it is dangerous. Locking him out of an ability is dangerous, especially considering how games are and can be played. If your support dies? If you have a support like Bard who wanders? If you just have toxic teammates? Variables that cannot not be controlled in such a way that make his ability ineffective. I mean, if it was an ult related change, maybe, given it's not a fundamental or integral part of his kit in early phases. But a W? that's a little risky and a little bit too dangerous. An idea perhaps? Change it so it CAN be used on a minion, but heals and damage ratios are significantly reduced. Don't lock him out of that, that puts someone at an extreme disadvantage. The problem is, a champion like Mordekaiser should have remained viable in both, and though you mention he has the potential to do so, you effectively negated his damage output in favour of forcing us to play with other people. That is extremely unhealthy, and should never be used in a manner like this. I can live with lower damage values, though they don't scream to me he's getting a viable change, but changing two of his abilities in a manner the prevents them from use without certain circumstances is bad. Another issue is his limited range in combat. There really isn't any viable method of surviving a fight at long ranges with an adc. He's just going to get poked down before he can get close enough, even with his shield, especially at lower levels. And once again, without a tanky support who can hold and peel, it's very difficult. And that's another issue I have. If someone sees Mordekaiser, cc and long range bot lane it is. I get the idea of counter play, but reality for me is, I hate it. I don't like that fact that picking something means you are just going to have to play something to stop it. Same for playing in favour of. Limiting oneself to a specific set of supports for a single person due to their inabilities is bad. I just find the idea of limiting oneself based on your team is unhealthy to a 'fun' environment. Honestly? I like the ideas but prefer more controlled changes that aren't too drastic in a way that nullifies how Mordekaiser can play. Please consider: Having his W usable on minions to prevent him from not having any access to it. Lower Damage values and heal values and possibly up cooldowns on it to indicate, while usable, it is better in X circumstance. Having his R usable while Dragon is up, but once used on a champ the dragon disappears. Or even just let it be usable as a healing/damaging source, given you don't gain any health from dragon death. Possibly upping his E damage on champions and lowering it on minions, just so he doesn't lose out on keeping up in fights. Change his scaling so his ult has AD scaling or change it so his AP scaling is slightly better. And for real. _**DON'T FORCE HIM TO PLAY WITH OTHERS. THEMATICALLY IT'S DUMB, AND IN GAMEPLAY IT IS SUCH A VARIABLE THAT IT CAN MAKE BREAK A GAME. THAT IS NOT HOW A GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED. IF YOU HAVE ASSHOLE TEAMMATES, OR WANDERING SUPPORTS, OR JUST PLAIN BAD TEAM COMP, YOU'VE EFFECTIVELY NEUTERED YOURSELF. DO NOT MAKE IT SO HE IS REQUIRED TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE IN A SPECIFIC SET OF SKILLS TO ENSURE HE CAN WIN, MAKE IT SO HE CAN SURVIVE AND WIN ON HIS OWN, BUT IT'S MUCH HARDER TO DO. **_
: My problem with this is, no matter what you say, not completely killed solo Morde. Literally losing an entire ability for playing solo is killing solo lane. My other problem with this is that if you want a melee botlaner so bad, why not just make one? Do it with a new champ. Don't ruin one people already love.
: Hello there ! I'm playing Mordekaiser since season 2 : So about the new Mordekaiser : I see this new Mordekaiser like a Nasus one, I mean, you are weak at the beginning and you are being very strong at the end. This is what is Mordekaiser. Now let's continue about the new kit : Passive : No need to talk, having the shield at 25% is very nice ! Q : Now Mordekaiser will use his Q as the main damages, well, he deal bonus magic damage with his AA, like a Jax, so the champ is a bit hybrid. W : Well, this is the thing I dislike the most, I mean, the problem of the "OLD" Mordekaiser was the fact is was a brutal pusher but now he don't push as he did with this new kit, so why we have to use on an allied "champion", why not on a minion ? The idea of using on a minion was cool. E : Very weird to see this spell with an AD ratio, but I like the way it turns and it's like the old one. "I need shield what can I do ? Oh yes I got my E for this !" and in late game it's pretty good. R : The ult is the same, nothing more to say, and the fact to have the dragon ghost is cool but very necessary. So, the problem I see personaly is about the fact to going bot because of the W, now Mordekaiser is like Nasus or the new Darius, a juggernaut, so why je is the only one to have to go bot ?
Exactly. I don't get what made T go: "You know what.. I'm going to completely gut his W, and make it 90% useless, unless they go bot." 8)
: I played as support (was forced to :P) and actually did pretty well, but he has no animation for the first Q-empowered autoattack, which really throws me off when i unconsciously think i'm being CC'd or something. He seems pretty strong, 'Dragon Force' is a cool new passive. Items are still a bit wonky for him (you still need AP, HP, and now AD) but it's not awful. I'll try some more games with him and see how it goes. From the streamers i've seen play, he still seems completely viable as a solo top laner.
Anything is viable vs. people with a potential 300 ping. I don't get why people keep defending his solo potential. It's. Not. There. Stop trying to back up this awful excuse of a rework. Thanks, A {{champion:82}} Main
: Just wanted to say that I really like the direction of this change. This is the kind of rework that actually changes how the game is played, and allows for entirely new types of compositions to emerge. Obviously it's very different from the Morde people are used to, so I understand the more passionate Morde players being upset about the change. As a classic Karma main however I can say from experience that different isn't always bad, even if you do miss the old. If the numbers turn out right, this could be one of the most exciting reworks of the season.
This change has gutted him.. Have you even played Morde on live?
: Man, i hate all these comments with all people not even doing math. Of course, Morde's optimal build will change but you can still play him solo quite easily and benefit from jungle ganks even more. First, people claim his E damage got drastically nerfed. You notice the total AD ratio, means ALL your AD is in it, also the base? You notice the base AD increase? You notice that he really well now scales with AD? Adjust your build to it and it will be fine, especially with Gunblade and the new items. You also generate way more shield again, the reason Morde was OP back in the old days. For his W being nonexistant in a solo lane, his Q and E are very strong in it. You note his Passive got a huge buff as well? And that his R is a buff should be without a question as well.
E, and Q don't make up for him being only 3/4'ths of a champ in solo, sorry. Also, W gave a good amount of wave clear, and dueling potential. This rework sucks, and shouldn't EVER be considered hitting live.
: I shared a similar concern to Skarner's movement speed nerf but I can see why it was done. With Mord though i can not. Why did you nerf his movement speed? If he's supposed to be played more in the bot lane now, as an immobile suit of iron in a very easily gankable lane why go about nerfing that? Unlike the skarner change he has no CC so moving to hurt people or (more often than not) running away should probably stay as is dont you think?
Because, he has no idea what he's doing. W only on champs, gimping his solo lane, and making him literally only viable in bot. If this goes through I will NEVER play Morde again. It was a good 3 years.
: I'm going to echo the sentiment that this is total garbage. I will be refunding my Mordekaiser skin--the new King of Clubs skin that I really enjoyed--if this goes live. You're absolutely right that Mordekaiser could not be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion in his current live state. I imagine that's why you were tasked with working on him. Instead of actually working to fix the issues, however, you decided to 180 the champ. You want to know how you compromise Mordekaiser? **By making him dependent on other champions!** This is THE absolute WORST and I mean WORST abandonment of champion identity I have ever seen, and I've been supporting Riot since before Season 1. You took the metal-clad shade that rips people's souls out and decided he would be healthier if he worked with a buddy. What were you thinking? I don't think anyone can argue that Morde didn't need a lot of work, but honestly, even knowing you were the one responsible I'd never have even conceived of this kind of change. If you want to experiment with variations on the way the game can be played, that's a stellar undertaking and one I wholeheartedly endorse. Having different kinds of team compositions and lane setups is fresh, innovative, and a direction I'm totally willing to explore. You should design some new champs with that in mind. What you should _not _ do is take champions that have established identities and roles and **force** them into your experimental mold---a mold, might I add, that based on your admitted track record with champs like Yasuo, does not sell. The champs that end up being embraced in multiple positions are universally the ones that the community determines can go there--not the ones you assign. Tahm Kench despite being an awesome character design is a mechanical train wreck with no successful role, and Yasuo is a hard and fast solo assassin. No exceptions. He's more successful in a duo lane bot? How often is he in a duo lane bot among all games played? I'm willing to be wrong on that point. After all, if you're designing a champ you can jolly well force it into whatever role you want. Just give it abilities that are absolutely useless without another champ present. But when you shoehorn champs like that you're doing work that's better left undone. You're enforcing a meta contrary to the company's oft-stated intentions, and more importantly, in this instance, you're annihilating the trust of players who have put their faith in the company's willingness to preserve player sentiment towards its assets. Forcing Morde to be played in a duo lane (or else lose 1/5 of his kit) means that I will no longer get to play Morde in a competitive environment--even if I wanted to--because when I play with my friends I play solo top. That's absolutely the first and only time that's ever happened to me. Even with the support reworks and the changes to Lulu that made her much harder to function top (I didn't play her then anyway, so it's a moot point for me personally, but a valid one nonetheless), it was still possible to take her top without making her abilities non-functional--unlike champs like Kalista, who are designed and released from the outset to have ally dependencies in their kits. This is a long post, but this is my feedback. It is 100% unacceptable to use established champions as a way to experiment with the meta. What kind of response would you expect if someday one of your co-workers announced that because of his reliance on abilities Lucian was to be given good AP ratios, have his auto-attack functionality slashed, and expected to be played as a mage mid? --and let's face it, Lucian's a tough champ to balance; maybe that's what he needs to be healthy. or maybe someone realizes Anivia has good auto-attack range, so her damage should be cut down, her attack speed should be buffed, and she can be a marksman? Do either of those sound absurd to you? Well that's exactly what you've done to Mordekaiser. You've taken a champion and bolted mechanics on him to force him into a new role that is thematically antithetical to him and offensive to his fans. Even conceding that his solo lane potential might still exist in a heavily nerfed form, you've by design made it suboptimal. If you decided that you couldn't handle the backlash from making the necessary changes to make Mordekaiser viable to the players who already play him, you should have offered to give the project to someone who could stomach doing what needed to be done instead of taking him from us and giving him to a completely different set of players. Thanks for your time.
AMEN! UPVOTE THIS MAN. {{champion:82}} FOR THE ONE TRUE KING OF METAL.{{champion:82}} Your rework is bad, and you should feel bad.
: I have still yet to see you give us even ONE reason why anybody would pick Morde over a tradition ADC besides the Dragon passive.
Dragon passive isn't even that good, rofl. This rework is garbage, and the more I keep playing the new Morde, the more angry I get.
: Pick two, then, for a solo laner: * No mobility * No CC * Viable Note that for duo-laners, this isn't a factor. Most ADCs have terrible CC, and many have bad mobility. Look at MF, look at Draven. The champions that fit the profile Mordekaiser is laboring to all supplement their weaknesses with a support. And I think Riot's doing the right thing — or at least the interesting thing — in trying to add Mordekaiser to that number.
No CC, and Viable. That's what Morde is atm. He's easy to gank, because of the lack of cc, and I'm sorry, a little movement speed buff isn't going to save you 100% of the time from a gank. W should be casted on at least minions to not kill his solo lane.
: What makes you think _you_ of all people are able to determine what's healthy or not based on your track record of outrageously toxic and unfun designs?
: I'm sorry to have to start out with this, but "What were you thinking?!" This is such a huge change from Mordekaiser that it's kind of insulting for him. Instead of emphasizing the fact that he is meant to be a bulky AP solo fighter, you've decided to force a position on him (even giving him a random passive just to allow him to duo-lane). From what you've been saying in this chat, your testers no longer even think of building him the same way. Wasn't the point to maintain his identity? Sorry for the hyperbolic reaction, but I had to at least illustrate emotional reaction. But things I'm noticing about his changes that are outstanding to me. 1: Mordekaiser has always been a champion meant to excel at one-on-one fights, given his ult. In the current iteration you have he has to at least have a minion nearby to use one of his damage spells, when all he has is damage. 2: Allowing Mordekaiser's Q to affect multiple auto-attacks is a wonderful idea, allowing you to spread out some of his burst damage and giving players more extended potency while playing him. However, his Q was his MOST underwhelming and least engaging spell. I don't feel it should have been focused on, rather it should have been scrapped or redesigned to a more skill oriented spell. 3: The added dragon effect is absolutely COOL! However, I feel you gave him a shiny new toy, because you couldn't figure out how to flesh him out better. Do you want to make him the minion master necromancer champion? Is that the lore you're going for him? Because I feel it's just a second prize for not finishing him and an underhanded attempt to encourage him bot lane further (which again, exactly where he doesn't want to be). 4: Movement speed nerf (others have covered this, but your reaction was "but people build him with MS items!"). 5: Thank you for the HPper5 buff. 6: Is it just me, or does it feel like AP on him is far more underwhelming than it previously was? 7: I keep seeing a focus on making Mord's shield build off of his defensive stats. Is it already an agreed upon stance that he is meant to be a more defensive fighter than an aggressive one? I thought he was meant to be similar to Riven or Jax where he's allowed to get tankier by being aggressive and building offensively. But with the shield now being % max health, he's encouraged to stack more and more defenses than are allowed for a mage.
All of my yes. This is NOT the rework Morde needs.
: Additional info from what I could test : >Attack Frame improved, but no longer scales as well with Attack Speed (Attack Frame should feel more consistent across game time) The attack animation feels way more clunky, if we can even call it animation. It's barely animated at all compared to his live attack. I guess it's a bug. >Q changes The attack is always single target now. It still has its AP and AD ratios and they get multiplied. with a full AP build (one 80 ap item, three 100 ap items and deathcap) the third attack dealt between 1k3 and 2k magic damage. If you use the spell to AA reset the first attack animation doesn't display (the damage is still applied). >W changes Can be cast on Drake/champion ghost, if the ghost disappears it can still be self cast but has no effect. >E changes Still has its AP ratio, nothing else to add. >R changes Drake replaces champion ghost, Drake procs Rylai and probably other spell effects too lmao. Personnal thoughts : * Stunned by the changes on W and really wish I'd be able to cast the skill on a minion or myself (let's say it would remove the MS/heal component to make it not broken). * Morde is even more reliant on Rylai's now that his "burst" relies on being able to land the third hit of his Q. * If built support I fear his damage can't scale into the late game, and since the only things he brings to a team are damage, limited utility and the situational strenght of his ult his worth as a team member will go down dramatically as in game time goes on. This makes me think of support Fiddle in a sense. * If built AP he has the choice between going solo lane and playing with only 3/4 of his skills until a gank or mid game happens, or go bot and take the place of the ADC which means that his team has to put the "safe turret damager" role that ADCs fill somewhere else in the team composition or hope to snowball. All in all I've got mixed feelings about this, I'll test it much more tomorrow but there are both positive and negative points.
The MS on his W has been a thing for awhile now. Remove the ability to heal from it if used on a minion. Other than that, it'd make Morde solo not dead. You know.. The thing he's been doing for 5 years now.. Being in a solo lane. -____-
: Think of him like Kalista. The Shadow Isles are really big on teamwork and friendship, it seems.
Nah, I'd rather just have a working champ that's been solo since release to still have the option to solo.
: LOL! Morde's movespeed was lowered. That's so hilarious. GG Morde's. Enjoy the ganks. Poor Morde fans. "But I can haz dragonz."
Yup, not to mention solo Morde is dead, because "W can only be cast on allied champs" was an amazing change! Ty for gimping my main, and favorite champ Rito. Doing god's work. 8)
: Interesting update. Gave it a quick spin, and he certainly does feel different. A few things that felt strange, though: * For unclear reasons, at the start of the game, I was able to cast W on the allied tower. Later on, I no longer could; possibly I lost the capability when I cast on an ally for the first time. * It feels kinda bad that you can't cast ult while you have a dragon ghost following you. On the other hand, you have a dragon ghost, so eh. * If you have a champion ghost nearby, and you kill a minion with Targon's, you get twice the gold — once for you, and once for the ghost. Actually, that may be the case on live too. I don't know.
W change feels really bad imo. The worst thing about his change, if he's alone he's literally half a champ.
: Some quick comments on the new Morde. 1. The move speed nerf just seems way too much. I think 300/335 would be just fine but right now he just feels really slow early game. 2. "Shield no longer decays below 25%" <--- loving it. 3. The new Q is really interesting , personally I don't know how I feel about it, BUT it does feel weird that Morde can't really E -> Q a wave to push it. 4. I think the W should be able to be self cast ( with reduced damage,heal, move speed ect) as it stands right now solo lane Morde cannot use one of his skills at all in lane. 5. Ghost Dragon ... That is all :)
Yup. Solo Morde is literally dead at the moment. For some reason Riot thinks this is a good change. 8)
: Harvesters of Sorrow (W) is not castable without an ally champion present. If you are alone as Mordekaiser, you'll have to do without it unless an ally ganks/roams for you. As others mentioned, Morde is still able to solo lane/jungle in our testing, but doesn't shine as brightly as he does in a duo lane. I'm comfortable with that mainly because I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion given how stark his strengths and weakness profile is -- An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. As I began to work on his mechanics though, the thing that stood out was how defined Mordekaiser was by those stark strengths and weaknesses. To round out his kit would have been to compromise him as a champion.
Literally a garbage change. Idk what you guys were thinking about this change. Stop forcing a champ that's been played solo since release to go bot. Let the option be there, but don't kill solo Morde, like seriously.. -_-"
: Hey Elijah, Your understanding of the changes is accurate. My goal is not to "use Morde to break the meta" but to find a healthy home for Mordekaiser where he can be successful while still being himself (slow, tough, CC-free overwhelmingly powerful damage dealer). My feeling was that for this sort of profile, the champion could not be both successful and healthy on their own. Morde needs someone to help cover his weaknesses and actualize his strengths. Supports stood out as natural complements. They too are incomplete champions, lacking damage but bringing a lot of CC and ally buffs/hastes. There is no unherent reason why playing Mordekaiser bottom lane will cause teams to lose. Structurally, he has the ability to forcefully push games to a conclusion by using his dragon to smash down the enemy base. In testing, we have had just as many games where he succeeds as fails.
Don't put these changes on live. Bot is not home for Morde. Mid, and Top is. Change W to be castable on minions so we have SOME sort of waveclear solo. Why are you guys destroying Morde solo?
: I do not agree that these changes are what Morde needed, nor do I think they are going to help his current state at all. I DO agree with the notion of making him less of a bursty mage (despite how fun it is) and making him into the juggernaut that you guys perceive. Problem is, he is still going to be kited by everyone and their mother and he has literally no way around that currently. Add in the fact that if he starts building tanky, he won't have the damage to wipe a squishy if he gets to them while providing 0 CC for your team. He becomes a big wall of meat with some dps IF, and ONLY if, he can reach his target and stick to them. Nerfing his MS and shoehorning him into bot to force a bruiser bot lane fantasy just sounds like it's going to kill what few people who played him liked about him. I understand that his strengths and weaknesses were stark and hard to balance around, but making him easier to kite while making him dependent on having a laning partner in the one lane he can be kited the most just doesn't make sense to me. This kills the Mordekaiser.
Exactly. Being forced bot, and making solo useless, because you only have 2 skills is garbage.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Been a {{champion:82}} main since early 2013. Recently played the "new" (awful) Morde on the PBE. Honestly, I feel like he's 10x as worse. First off, no more W to minions? U WOT M8? I'm being FORCED to go duo? Uh, okay.. First off, why does a "juggernaut" have to rely on others? This change is awful. Q change made Morde lose his extra melee range, this also hinders him even more. "Oh bois draguns! 8)" Oh, wait.. An ADC ghost with 3 items hits harder, AND faster than a dragon ghost. This is extremely underwhelming, and another thing: YOU CAN'T ULT AFTER YOU GET A DRAGON. A "cool" change, but pretty much not needed, and useless at the same time. Hinder your abilities for a slow attacking noodle! Wtf do I build? E scales with AD now? Why? Also, wave clear is pretty much down the toilet too, unless the giant metal "juggernaut" has a trusty companion with him. Because having only 2 abilities if you're alone is great. 8) Another nitpick: E's VFX takes away King of Club's visual for special maces in his E.. W's effect looks like glass around a purple ghost fart. TL DR: Morde Solo is dead, and is now being forced into bot lane. Thanks for ruining my favorite champ Riot, glad I bought every skin. I really hate these changes, and would take live Morde over this new, what seems to be, garbage rework.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
I like everything about this skin BUT the looming goggles. I feel like they should either be under her headpiece, and slide down. Or, even just make them permanently on her face, and substitute the animation for her goggles in her ult animation for a hologram type thing to pop up by her head, (near her eyes of course), like in Creator Viktor's back animation. I like everything about this skin but the looming goggles. It makes me straight up not want it. Looks silly to me for a skin that's suppose to be serious.
: * Have her Goggles be a toggle, looks sort of awkward hovering over her head like that * The trap needs to look different, something like the headhunter nidalee trap would do it justice * Particles could use a little touchup * For a headhunter skin she lacks bones? something like a skull or tooth necklace would be nice. Maybe put more teeth on that armband she has


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