: Runes won't change
Runes will be default set by riot
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
Tested Veigar: AA: I like it, maybe the shot should go more straight and less zig-zag Q: Very big and impactful VFX, and the SFX is great too. It should have a little sfx when it hit something W: The VFX is GREAT. Perfect. But the SFX in the other hand, in my opinion is too much soft. I don't like that electrical sfx, it could fit better a more deep and cosmic sound, considering that it is antimatter. E: Perfect, VFX and SFX R: The idea of a black hole is great, but as W, the electrical sound doesnt fit the damage and theme. Also, it would be great to have a bigger effect on hit, like the original or arcade skin
: how to improve reworked aatrox! - make CDR reduce the cast time of his Q abilities. - [reasoning] is because aatrox is too floaty during each Q given how immobile he is even with his E - make W damage, go through minions or small monsters in a line and if it damages a champion, large or epic monster - and they leave the radius while active, they are slowed instead, if they remain inside the AOE leave the pull/stun. - [reasoning] the concept is cool but the ability feels extremely weak and have no interactions with minions or small monsters - [reasoning] rewards landing a skillshot with low damage, maxed last with a slim hitbox vs. being stuffed by a minion or small monster. - let the E have 3 charges (possibly scaling with level). - [reasoning] adds depth to each Q making him more a duelist vs. being a lackluster dash steroid - let his R time duration increase per enemy champion(s) killed. - [reasoning] 12secs on ability that's secondary function is to prevent him from dying feels too low and makes playing with his ult like a "one off ability" and doesn't add to his identity as a world ender. a copy/pasta from another one of my posts but i'd like to hear if anyone agrees?? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Disagree almost all, But I agree on the W, stopping on minions and small monsters for a long cooldown is just bad. Jungle Aatrox is crying. Yes, an ult duration with kills (like Yi) could be awesome, but it would be a problem cause in a fight with 1-2 kills he would be totally unkillable, and we return to the before-rework problem
: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/324564323118743552/456538890182983701/U7EBe8R0tvlawjRxDCFsZpF6wP6DI00iHu9nuScWbLqnBDAyy8wgmRLYjyvkwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png How to use great swords 101 Better slap it against the tower What i think would be best for aatrox is an overhead vertical strike
He think he is playing baseball, let him dream :P
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: Great skin overall , but could use some improvements: - Q could use some improvement , the spike materialization effect doesn't look too good yet , the rift on the ground should be bigger to match the area perhaps - E could use more details too , maybe spikes - R feels underwhelming , he bites only once , lacks his traditional savagery , where you can see him bite mutiple times , like chewing his prey , taking chunks off , if you want to keep the single bite then add more impact to it , maybe his head should grow bigger just like Trundle's Chomp , the animation should be more savage , more impactful , the sound too - His autoattacks are underwhelming too , they don't pack a punch , feels like he is just gently slapping them , perhaps a clawing attack animation , a more savage one would be better - His new voice is lower than his default one , new voice effect doesn't sound too good too , could use some improvement , perhaps a deeper voice Bugs: - [FIXED] When he has enough feast stacks , his model has some clipping issues with those pebbles orbiting his black hole - Near the end of his recall , after he enters the rift , around 0.1 seconds , he is seem falling , I suppose this falling animation should only play when he has already recalled , currently he is playing this falling animation for 0.1 seconds on his recall place , after he has entered the rift , which looks really weird - When he devours someone their "essence" doesn't enter his black hole , they seem to enter his body , I believe it was intended for these particles to enter the black hole - [FIXED] His Ult's Visual Execution Indicator below his targets is white , I believe this is a placeholder effect , or perhaps it is bugged (By they way you should add a visual indication on the enemy healthbar just like Pyke's ult when the target is going to be executed by it) It is nice to see Riot supporting charity , this one here will probably join my Championship Ashe on the fields , good job.
Agree all, except on "more bites" for the ult. I really love that is only 1 bite, cause it's a space beast that eats you in a black hole, he doesn't need more privitive bites. But i agree for a more impactful effect on it.
: Please give the option to select your cursor
They did it so everyone can use it, test it and give a reasonable feedback after some time
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Cho'Gath
This skin is exactly what i waited for, and there are bunch of reasons to buy it. I love the model and texture change with R stacks Also the new walking and idle animations are awesome. But there's something in that awesomeness that feels a bit clunky: 1) The crappy base autoattacks doesn't fit really well the new animations, it feels now like he is a giant and monstrous creature that can eat you and your planet, but when he attacks he seems like a toy. 2) Q and recall vfx are pretty approximate, but i think this is still a WIP Also i would like a darker voice processing, but this isn't a problem with english version where the voice feels like a monster and it has a great sfx. Probably only in italian he feels like a human or a joke monster. Thanks for reading! {{champion:31}} -- Edit, now that i test him i heard that there is a light voice processing in italian, nvm! --
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: blood moon jhin theme
Its cause he is an artist, painting the ART
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Jhin!
[sorry for my english] First of all, this skin is exactly what i was waiting for my jhin. And i love it. But there are some things that i would consider changing. Auto attacks sound, crit sound and 4th shot sound are a little bit soft and similar to each other, and this is a problem 'cause a non jhin player can't recognise easily what he is shooting. Another thing is that the music of R is a bit confused, i would like to hear more clearly the login screen theme parts, with flute and blood moon instrument in the background. Also, E should have an opera background sound, for making its explosion more epic (that ending "splat" is flat) Hope u answer this! {{champion:202}}
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: So you have to be untargetable then instead of unkillable? Makes enough sense when you look at the list of stuff that the tower ignores and respects.
Yep, like Tryndamere and Kayle, they will die instantly if inside the fountain even with ult
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin!
Kassadin eyes in game not glow like the splash art. I tought that they would glow at level 6 or when E is ready, but they remains dark I hope they will fix it, because blue eyes like the splash art are soooooo beautiful Another thing i can say, that he might have a voice filter like Arclight Vel'Koz!
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: Kindred's "sprinting" animation
I see a lame goblin running
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: Ambient Sona Sounds Still There in DJ Sona
I noticed it too, in Summoner's rift, so i think it isn't a map bug
: Karthus Can't Die
[Final Score with bugged Karthus](http://oi62.tinypic.com/x5yrfb.jpg) Happened to me too! we was losing a game, than karthus bugged and gave us a ridicolous amount of gold and exp! {{champion:30}} Here is the video i made for the Bug Report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFkov4clX7w&feature=youtu.be


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