: High Noon Yasuo
I can confirm this
: Voice sound
I haven't been able to hear any voice sounds for a week now. Just before yesterday, I had one game with sound, but then it updated. After it updated, the voice sounds disappeared again. The in-game music and sfx still play quite clearly. "Welcome to Summoner's Rift", "Double Kill", "Your team has destroyed a turret", champion jokes/standby voice over...none of that will play. It throws me off, since I rely on the voice to let me know when a turret is down or who's feeding whom. :/
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
Music doesn't play through the entire queue. After the votes lock it, there is a full minute of countdown clock.
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: End game stats not showing
I can confirm this. I can't view end game stats in either bots or normal games.
: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Conjuror doesn't work. My Nidalee traps stayed on the map for exactly 4 minutes, as they normally do, instead of the 4 minutes and 24 seconds it should be when using the mastery.
: [Masteries] Conjuror Mastery doesn't work on Shaco boxes
I can confirm this with Nidalee. I played a game with her on Summoner's Rift and laid a trap down at exactly 1 minute in the game. Normal traps last 4 minutes. At 5 minutes in, exactly 4 minutes after I laid the trap, the trap expired. I tested it a couple times before I became certain that the Conjuror Mastery doesn't work.
: I never realized how often I glance at the experience bar to the left of my name during the game until they took it away. I almost feel crippled sometimes.
I have tested several games since the new health bar showed up, and I still can't get used to having to look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to check how much experience I have. As you said, it makes me feel crippled.
: [inhibitor] - Can't attack inhibitors
Confirmed. I was playing in customs and haven't been able to attack either the inhibitors or the nexus.
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
Experience doesn't show up on the new health bars. I'd like to be able to see how close I am to leveling up. ^^"
: New Sivir splash art looks horribly awkward
I don't exactly hate the new splash art, but I don't like it that much either. The pose looks extremely unrealistic. I can probably guarantee that she definitely doesn't bend that way at all in the game.
: Summoner icons dissapear
I can verify this. I own Spirit Guard Udyr still, but the icons that came with the skin disappeared after this last patch. I am also missing my Pulsfire Ezreal icon and my Christmas icon. Both were present before this last patch, but now are missing.
: HI rogalikPBE, Thanks for this report but unfortunately I wasn´t able to repro the issue. Would you be able to provide us with more info? Thanks again!
I'm encountering a similar situation, I believe. I clicked "Watch Replay" of a game I played 3 days prior in the Crystal Scar. It went to load, but came up with this message: "This replay file has been corrupted and cannot be launched. Please delete and retry downloading again." Here is a snapshot of said screen: http://31.media.tumblr.com/2fdb71fd47f7bff5ed5f862e171e1431/tumblr_mvfsl2hezg1rhw0a6o1_1280.png


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