: It also applies to shroom generation, you can watch it occur in-game. The only odd behavior is that extra stacks are being granted based on the old wording of Ultimate Hat rather than the new one, i.e. "When you put your ult on cooldown," so you only actually get stacks if you use up your last mushroom charge.
I did try in game, the CD remained static, the only way to change the white number of seconds per recharge remained the same until i bought cdr :/ and yeah i noticed that behaviour but wasnt that big of a deal as i tried to make the mine field lol
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: I might be a bit biased but Summon Aerie is a good replacement for DFT in my opinion. Okay not on champions based on DoTs like Brand and Malzahar, but on champions like Jhin and Miss Fortune it's a pretty good replacement.
DFT on Jhin and MF was basically never used after warlord bloodlust got that lil buff, Brand Cassio Malzahar doesnt really get anything new from this runes, Aerie takes hes sweet time to go back and its useless on ratios, and arcane comet takes its sweet time to recharge also...
: Please buff Vi base attack speed. She feels so clunky early game without AS Quints...
Do the same as I do with Diana, just go with your main tree and put secondary precision with aclarity, that way you get a lil AS boost at the start and with a few minion you get live values and more eventually. Its kinda a band aid, but I also suggested for Diana to get base AS increased and got no response...


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