: Maw of Malmortius tweaked too strong
It lost 10 armor pen for 20 damage on the passive. Nothing else changed.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
Type of Bug: In Game Description: The passives for Duskblade remain active even after selling the item. "Nightstalker" remains on until used. Picture: http://imgur.com/a/eTGem Steps to Reproduce: Buy Duskblade and sell it.
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: I'm tired of this sort of behaviour.
That type of behavior is expected on the PBE. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. If you want to test out builds then go on live. There aren't enough changes this PBE cycle for you to test things out. PBE is a testing grounds for NEW content, not for you to test out what you can on live.
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: Could twitch's ult 5 second timer not begin until the moment he auto attacks?
Sounds like a good idea. The ultimate of course shouldn't go on cooldown until he shoots though.


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