: I will comment on what you said about {{item:3083}} though. It wont be useless for the fact that if you are using your W then you are in the middle of a fight so it wont proc anyway. So all you need to do is back off and let Warmogs heal you.
Sure, but in order for the new MR boost from your E to hit max later on, you gotta let W tick for at least 15s. Plus, doing so means that the W will hurt you less while in the fight, which, since you want it to be on if you can help it, means it's probably good to leave it on before getting into a fight until you feel you need to ult. You could turn it off after the fight, but after the fight you typically either won, and don't need to/care about healing back up (not like Mundo won't do that rather fast anyways), or you're probably dead, since Mundo's the definition of a frontliner. Plus, if you're alive after that fight, you'd probably be pushing, and you want your W on for that.
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: I think AD Kassadin might be a thing
Almost 300 views and only 2 commentators? Nobody has any thoughts? Suggestions?
: I see more an hybrid kassa coming, but ad can definitly come too Why hybrid? Definitly because of {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} and {{item:3156}} . Those 3 items fit's too well with this idea and kassa may synergise well too I mean, he's supposed to be a melee anti mage right? Then with those items he have a high survivability to burst and ap ! Now you say that, i really think to try it tonight
Rageblade is interesting. It's super efficient, but generating and keeping the stacks up is awkward. It can do work, but I don't know. If you try it let me know!
: I could see this working. Like you said, would take a lot of time to get going though.
Indeed, though Kassadin always does. He's that type of champion.
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