: To make the hunt a two-way experience between Rengar and his opponents. It's possible he should be able to leap to anyone but only crit the Hunted guy.
There should be a cooldown between switches. I played bot game and it was kind of confusing with all the movement the hunted target switched every second or even more frequently. Maybe make it so that hunted target changes once every 3 seconds?
: q got nerfed lul cant even 1 shot anymore
The closest thing to a oneshot is being super fed and bola jumping with a duskarr, IE, and tiamat then use q on SOMETHING and double w to get out.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Removing the being able to jump for a little bit out of stealth (step out of brush for .2 secs still can jump) really hurt the smoothness of his brush plays especially in top lane. ex, he cant jump to red side blue from the brush near river.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Wait - can't the saber be abused by adcs? It's a strong offensive spell which has a 60 second cd and enhances their autos. They can just pick up smite as one of their sum spells since you can use it offensively. Also, I was playing udyr in the new jungle and had full atk speed runes. I barely killed the raptor camp (had around 100 hp) Granted, I didn't have machete (started dorans and didn't drink health pot) but that still seems ridiculous as udyr is one of the best jungle clearers and I had my runes and masteries set up for clearing.


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